Venice 1


Uneventful day spent on the train, catching up on photo editing and dragging our luggages from train station to bb.





leaving la spezia






apparently, the right day for a train ride

























not my train






but looks nice











room with a view



  • Phonow

    you really look italian in pic #1. ;)

    • etane

      yes they call me the stallion.

      • Phonow

        Sylvester, is that you?

        • etane

          she was scary in conan the barbarian and a view to a kill too..

          • Phonow


          • etane

          • Phonow

            love grace jones. ever watch boomrang?

          • etane

            no i didn’t. is that a black man’s version of what women want? not that i saw that movie either

          • Phonow

            comedy about celebrity advertising.

            don’t like mel glibson, but liked what women want.

          • etane

            i do wonder about gibby. he made a movie in which it blamed jesus’ death on the ju, right?

          • Phonow

            that man hates everyone/everything– blacks, gays, jews, mexicans…. I feel sorry for him (sort of).

          • etane

            it all started with that movie tho… just too much of a coincidence

          • Phonow

            gibson was probably a jerk from way back when. but the media never reported on it because he was a superstar. i won’t go into whether or not the media is run by Jews. lol. Similar to JL or even tebow– media’s darling, then thunk.

          • etane

            celebrity advertising?

          • Phonow

            lol. sorry– i was on the phone & typing at the same time.

            Boomrang is a romantic comedy. eddie murphy owned? an advertising agency. grace jones played his diva model. halle berry (before the nose job) played the good hearted girl.

            wanted to comment about psalm666 being a religious right wing conservative. wait. i just did.

          • etane

            I meant gibby is a product and victim of “celebrity advertising” haha or media spin more precisely.

            I see what you did there with the sixes.

          • Phonow

            when does yo boss come back? he has been a good luck charm over here. first, hurricane guillermo dissipated, now (cross fingers) hurricane hilda is breaking up. maybe i should lock him up in some lava tube–until hurricane season is over. :)

          • etane

            i don’t know when he leaves hawaii but he’s back in the office on monday. he’s got the gift of gab and luck of a leprechaun. watch once he leaves the tornado hitting taiwan will reach landfall in hawaii the next day.

          • Phonow

            i am glad that i can count on you to allay my fears when disaster threatens. haha.

            haha. so your boss is a talker. people like that drives me up the wall. they are so busy talking that they don’t realize i am rhythmically banging my head against the wall.

            chris is a talker also. but never talks about fluff. so… he has a thumbs up from me.

          • etane

            you know i could try to find where you posted this information previously but am too lazy to go look…. but where is chris now and what job did he just take up? can’t recall what you told me last time. my memory hasn’t been very good lately. i bought a rubics cube to help get my mind to work quicker. i was able to get two layers solved within an hour but then ruined it as my brain got overloaded. so think the cube is actually making my memory worse.

            my boss is a vp and makes a lot of money. people at his level talk… a lot.

          • Phonow

            chris is currently working at the Marais des Cygnes National Wildlife Refuge. in three weeks(?) or so, he will be heading down to Aransas, TX he’s juggling a lot right now-an oak tree fell on his truck–totaled. so–is desperately trying to get $ from feds, to buy a new car.

            have you been sleeping better? i remember you mentioning having polyphasic (spelling?) sleep. lack of sleep plays havoc on memory. me, my excuse is being old. haha.

          • etane

            tanks for the 411 on chris. he didn’t have insurance on his truck?

            i’ve been sleeping a lot but still not enough. working out more now and recovery is taking a toll. stopped working out for a year so it’s harder to get back into shape now but it’s coming along. taking a day off today to sleep in haha.

            actually bonked yesterday. that means my body ran low in electrolytes from sweating too much. so felt a bit sick yesterday.

          • Phonow

            silly you. take a day off when boss is NOT on vacation. :)

            re: truck: truck was totaled on fed property; he also warned big boss a number of times that the tree was a hazard. (he had no where else to park). so… he is fighting the fight.

            kudos to you for getting back into working out! darn. it is so hard to get back into it. is the temperature better over there now? HI is still hitting 90 degrees. Be careful working out in the heat. (signed, mama pho).

          • etane

            i will do that too!

            oh it was THAT kind of damage… then yah the property owner should pay for the damage caused to the truck by the property. i thought u meant getting fed funding to replace the truck… well it is fed funding but in this case it’s more of a liability issue haha.

            the temp is not as hot here but probably because i am taking allergy shots that my body is not responding too well atm. last time i felt this “sick” was when biking 40 miles in 90 degree heat and bonked out. still feel awkward atm. stiff muscles, tired, air headed and a bit nauseous.. maybe go home early today. not much to do in the office.

          • Phonow

            thanks for defining your usage of the word “bonk.” :) my understanding of the word is, um, err, different from yours.

            Seriously, take it slower on the workouts, especially since you’re getting allergy shots. heat stroke is out n out dangerous. when the air gets cooler, go for it.

            wow! 40 miles in 90 degrees? i simultaneously want to give you kudos and slap the side of your head. “I am really impressed!” Wham!

          • etane

            how else could you define bonk?

            it wasn’t 90 degrees when i first started biking. it was probably 80 degrees near my house. i biked 30 miles to the beach where it was cooler, so i dressed warmer. and then planned to bike another 30 miles thru the hills. the hills is more inland and is 90 degrees. so after 10 miles of hills, i was done.

            i recall some old guy biking pass me as we were going up a steep section of the hill. he said to me “yah this part of the kill is a killer haha” he was proud that he was passing me i guess haha… yah i got passed by a 60 yr old grand pa… that was a 8% grade i think.

          • Phonow

            re read your post with definition #1 :)

            oh gosh, your goal was 60 miles on a grade? talk about setting tiger mom standards. well, maybe that can be your goal– when the temperature is cool & crisp.

            old people live for days that we can pass by you young people. i loved hiking solo. i climbed the highest peak on Oahu [edit: 2nd highest peak--lol] –doing some trail clearing. some young guys (probably military) topped out w/macho screaming. they looked pretty sheepish when a short, fat, s&p haired lady gave them the peak.

          • etane

            i didn’t know bonk could be used that way. it sounded like my ran low on bodily fluids for other reasons. but, my usage is certainly the third meaning not the first.

            second highest peak on oahu? how long does it take you to get up and down? do you need special equipment or is it a normal long distance hike? maybe the military boys thought you were some ninja lady.

          • Phonow

            no special equipment needed for Konahuanui. some nice people put up ropes in certain spots–but ropes are not needed. can’t remember my exact timing– but will guess six hours round trip. and that is with rest periods (i mean, i mean, looking at the scenery. haha). elevation 3,150, my starting point about 438. most people drive up to another trailhead– and knock off a bunch of elevation gain.

            loved that hike–beautiful views all the way–going and returning. google konahuanui trail and take a peek.

            ninja. lol. well, i was trail clearing– carried folding bow saw, pruning sears, and heavy duty sickle. (& invisibility cloak.)

            this guy exaggerates how “difficult” the hike is, but his photos are nice. the air in hawaii is pretty “voggy” (volcanic fumes) right now, but on a clear day–the views would be even better. :)

          • etane

            6 hours? i am sure u had a backpack with food and water? i am sure you can get back on top of that mountain with some glucosamine and maybe cheat a bit by driving up to a higher trailhead. the hike does seem very tempting.

            how was your weekend? took my kid to see some dinosaur bones at the LA natural history museum. she didn’t seem too amused. maybe the commute and heat got to her. on our way home she asked to go to legoland where i took her to last month…

          • Phonow

            i’m not the type to eat while hiking, but will carry fruit or energy bar “just in case”. for konahuanui, will carry about a liter of water. back then, (when i was in shape), konahuanui was a piece of cake. never dangerous–so you don’t lose calories being scared out of your mind. haha. i’ve been on hikes where i was convinced i would fall n die.

            little LS is still too young to be interested in dinosaur bones. :) maybe in a couple of years?? legoland rocks!

            i have to run for an appointment. :(

          • etane

            well i want her to see as much as possible. can’t take her to ride carousels all the time which is what she really likes. that and trains. malls are evil for having those trains running around the store tempting my child each and every time we’re at the stores.

          • Phonow

            yes, it is good for you to expose LS to as many things as possible. but at her age, the most important thing (to me) is for you to play with her. your proximity and engagement shows her how much you love her.

            i think at that age, repetition (carousel, train rides, and probably, story-time) is comforting. just keep on introducing new things & she’ll absorb what she can when she can.

            those trains used to be a x-mas thing. now they run all year long. capitalist pigs. :)

          • etane

            well it’s not like i drop her off at the museum and leave her there on her own. of course daddy is holding her or her hand while telling her “that is teeth… that is nose…”

            yes those trains rides are $3 per person for a short circle around part of the mall… maybe 300 meters? she has learned how to sing the train song in chinese… she sings it quite often. now i need a train song in english. she often asks me to play thomas train on bluray for her but she loses interest quickly probably because she doesn’t know english.

          • Phonow

            i did not mean to imply that you were not engaging with LS at the museum. what i meant was that you *being there* is the most important thing. you’re a great daddy :)

            and besides, if you left LS in the museum by herself, how long would it take her to dissemble a t-rex display? 30 seconds? less? explain that to the cops.

            you mentioned once you spoke only chinese at home. good. LS will pick up english soon enough.

            here’s a good train song.

          • etane

            when i said train song i didn’t mean a song by train but a song about trains!

            grandma and grandpa are chinese only and LS spends most of her time with them so… no engrish for now.

            she won’t disassemble a t rex but she might draw little circles on its femurs with whatever writing utensil is on hand.

          • Phonow

            lol. i know. i was being aunty wiseass. :)

            lucky you have grandma & grandpa to take care of her. hard to trust strangers out there.

            haha. artistic expressions should not be discouraged.

          • etane

            i actually prefer daycare for her.

            but yes any expression and activity should not be discouraged!

            what’s for breakfast? i am starvin marvin.

            i saw the lin sans hair gel pic on interesting discussion.

          • Phonow

            have been up since 4.30 this morn. lol. actually had time to make hubbie breakfast. corned beef hash w/scrambled eggs & half a papaya. for me: vitamin C. coffee.

            why do you prefer daycare? do grandparents spoil LS too much? :)

            lol. you saw the heavily edited version. Llips (the artist formerly known as Laetitia), is a really wild lady. hahahaha

          • etane

            i actually read it yesterday morning… lipcs inc. funky town version. was it edited already then? if what i read was the edited version, then mod is too heavy handed. i recall reading references to sex and god…. can’t recall exactly what i read.. but yah he does have a very bad haircut even with hair gel. but it goes well with this dwayne wade earrings.

          • Phonow

            Llips edited her own version/s shortly after posting it. hahahah. errr… very wild lady. she would probably be banned on the portal w/in 5 posts. mod at would have let it stay.

            those horrible earrings. my pet peeve.

          • etane

            yah i don’t think she would get along with psalm. i can use some of that scrambled eggs and papaya.. woke up late this morning so didn’t eat breakfast… actually really wanna stay in bed today…

            is hawaii effected by el nino?

          • Phonow

            they were trying really hard to get her to join early on. but she really really does not like the holier than thou attitude there. i always thought you n llips were perfect for each other. (before i found out you were happily married)

            you could always sneak a sandwich from a vending machine, come down with food poisoning, and stay home tomorrow. :)

            i hate el nino years. too many close calls recently. so far, we haven’t been hit–but next month is supposed to be the most active. i have a house on the big island–am worried about it holding together. lol.

          • etane

            haha perfect for me… yah welcome to etane’s harem. i am recruiting girls from jlin’s forum haha.

            that’s what psalm said i was trying to do anyways -= P

            i can hold out til lunch i suppose. can’t go to lunch early.. got meetings til 12pm arghhh

            so el nino does hit hawaii. you have more than one house? rich lady! yah big el nino coming up. in the same article i read it said last july was the hottest july on record. might have to go to hawaii before the next big typhoon… oh wait.. nvm.. = X

          • Phonow

            haha. psalm did not like you. godless white man, trying to steal hiz wimmen.

            no, we rent here on Oahu. house was inheritance. i am not rich (really).

            i should look up the diff between hurricane & typhoon. the media here always refer to them as “hurricanes.”

          • etane

            it’s ok not many like me. but those who do… barely like me hahahaha

            it’s difficult to say “i am not rich” convincingly if you own a big house in hawaii i suppose.. at least to someone who’s not familiar with hawaii.. there’s not that many slums in hawaii is there? i mean i know not every house is next to white sandy beaches….

            “They’re all the same, officially tropical cyclones. But they just use distinctive terms for a storm in different parts of the world. Hurricane is used in the Atlantic, Caribbean Sea, central and northeast Pacific. They are typhoons in the northwest Pacific.”

            seems like they are typhoons because hawaii is on the pacific.

          • Phonow

            chris says the same thing: hawaii has typhoons. i looked it up– and noaa’s website confused me. says that hawaii is in the central pacific basin, where tropical cyclones are called hurricanes. shrug.

            yes, after i posted my message, i felt pangs of guilt. i am very rich compared to others here; i have medical & a pension & so will my husband when he retires. rich is relative. i have a house now only because i inherited it. on my pay (when i single), i was not able to afford a car, and lived in shared situations. the house is on a poor island, in a poor county, but not a “slum” lol.

            hawaii is either #1 or # 2 in the nation for homelessness. low pay, high rents, high cost of living. the city is passing so many anti homeless laws right now. No sit, no lie, no camping. it is horrible–what ever the poor cannot grab & carry– all their belongings are thrown into a dump truck. We even made national news when our great legislator Tom Brower walked around with a sledge hammer– to smash shopping carts so the poor could not use them. assh*le.

          • etane

            well they are the same thing no difference. in chinese we call it tai fone which is probably how typhoon is translated either from chinese or some other similar asian language. and western people use hurricane because… they are not in asia.

            i don’t have pension!!! after i retire i am f*cked. didn’t know hawaii is a poor island in a poor country. it’s like los angeles i guess. LAX is surrounded by slums but you can never tell cuz the freeways have walls preventing you from seeing it. lots of housing shortage particularly for poor people in LA as well. part of the problem is that it’s very difficult to build anything in LA cuz of red tape. so, only buildings built are usually expensive ones.

            never heard of tom brower. he sounds like a right wing fascist. how in the world did he get elected in the rainbow state?

            Chris got his truck?

          • Phonow

            typhoon or hurricane– you’re right no difference. all i know is I do not want them around. haha

            hawaii (state) consists of eight main islands. Hawaii island, Oahu, maui, etc. I was raised on Hawaii Island — to avoid confusion, we refer to it as the “Big Island”. The Big Island is poor–and the county i am from (Puna) is considered the poorest on the Big Island. The “regular” guy could get higher paying jobs in big Ag (sugar & pineapple), but they are gone now. We depend on the military (who is downsizing), and tourism (low paying job).

            I feel so sorry for younger people like you and Chris. Nowadays jobs do not offer pensions/good benefits, and treat you like easily replaceable cogs in a wheel. I hate it. hate it. And, i hate that Americans vote against their best interest. NOT that voting democrat necessarily means they will look out for the little guy.

            tom brower is a Democrat (grew up in New Jersey)– who serves Waikiki/Ala Moana/Kakaako. Hawaii has it’s fair share of nut-cases; he won because Waikiki has a transient population, and are the type of people who would support Trump.

            chris got his truck money; will be flying out to New Jersey to get a replacement. He’ll be driving back to KS and then in a couple of weeks, down to Texas. that is some mileage lol.

          • etane

            actually there is a difference between typhoon and hurricane. winds on the right of the greenwich meridian line is called hurricane and spins in a clockwise direction and winds on left of greenwich meridian spins counter clockwise.

            yes, younger generation are suffering. where was my $15 per hour pay when i was college age?


            gosh these are very mature 14yr olds. i would be cussing tom out on tv…

            glad chris got his truck but.. he has to buy one in nj?

          • Phonow

            if a hurricane is spinning in a clockwise direction before the meridian, what happens after it passes it? does the hurricane turn back into unstable air, then start up again turning counter clockwise? I have never really paid attention.

            when i first started working, my pay was $1.60/hr (equivalent 2015 $9.13). typical teenager job. trouble is nowadays, head of households are working for minimum wage. in hawaii, you need $31.61/hr to rent a “decent” two bedroom (in Ca., $26.65). recently some affordable housing opened up here: $940/mo studio, $1400 3BR. not much left to live on.

            i despise brower. showboating, heartless, piece of skum. he deserved worst. after milking the incident, he goes back there with news crews to “ponder” pressing charges against the kids. Of course he is. Assh*le. You can push people only so far before they break.

            chris is chris. the world is his stomping ground. lol. it was either a truck in NJ or one in Florida. he looked up trucks online to find what he wanted, within his price range. said that KS’s used cars were expensive or junkers.

            he did a volunteer photography stint for Aloha United Way. thirty of hawaii’s top photographers were invited to take part in documenting the non-profits supported by AUW. recently published as an addendum to Honolulu Magazine. he’s stoked. :)

          • etane

            when’s the last time a typhoon/hurricane ever passed the greenwich meridian line? it never happens right? the line is supposed to be a vacuum free of high/low pressure fronts hence prevents super strength winds from forming. but, suppose a hurricane traveling east does cross the meridian line, the hurriance will die then reborn hundreds of miles later into a typhoon with opposite spining direction.

            good to hear things are up and up for chris! so he must have gotten a really good deal on his truck to make it worth while to fly to nj to drive the truck back either that or he found some rare model that is seldomly available.

            so, bower s a one termer? i mean does he have a favorable rating? he sounds like a geraldo.

          • Phonow

            i badly misused the term. lol. i just visualized the greenwich meridian circling the planet– so 0 degrees on one side, 180 degrees on the other. i meant 180 degree lat.

            chris will climb everest & back for a pizza. no, not a rare truck, but from what he can tell, the mileage is good, and it’s within his price range.

            brower has served since 2006. you see, people here hate the homeless. don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of good people in hawaii. but especially in waikiki/ala moana (where he represents), tourism is king. homeless people sullies the scenery. so yeah, he has his supporters.

          • etane

            yah i remember i used to drive from pasadena to santa monica to have breakfast with a friend then drive back immediately. back then driving doesn’t mean a thing. now you can’t get me to do that kind of drive unless i have at least 3 things to do in santa monica.. just for a breakfast? no way. well traffic wasn’t nearly as bad then as it is now and gas was like $15 a tank rather than $50. plus, old age i get tired easier now haha.

            or maybe i am not so much a social being as i used to be. driving up and down so cal during the dead of night for a snack just so i could chat with friends was … such a long time ago. now zzz by 11pm. chris though he is around my age seems to have as much energy as i from 20 years ago haha… memory bad too.. wut did i do on saturday? oh i stayed home and sleep.

          • Phonow

            looked up the distance betw san mon & pas. 25 miles/50 miles rt. that is quite a ways. hope the breakfast/friend was worth the drive. :) Gosh wouldn’t it be nice to have that kind of energy again?

            i’m envious of chris because he is so high energy and always positive/enthusiastic. i think he must be one of those bipolar people who never gets out of the manic stage (hypomanic). the steve jobs syndrome. (that is, unless he is a pessimist like me, he must have a mental disorder lol)

            whenever i flew home from college w/friends, driving around the big island was a piece of cake (200 miles RT). Now, i would have to nap half way around.

            hubbie was sick, so no playing this weekend. :(

          • etane

            poor hubbie and you. you didn’t mention that he took the hike with you up that mountain. he’s not as active as you?

            is driving around the big island something recommended? can it be done with scooter? road cycling?

          • Phonow

            hubbie is just about the worst hiker i have ever been with. lol. i had to choose between hiking and being with him.
            he would have died or been seriously injured if he continued, so i gave it up. i gave up bar hopping too, but that’s another story. haha.

            he is (was?) an excellent fencer; & dabbles in aikido & escrima. nowadays he mostly sticks to politics & union activities.

            I’m not a biker, so i am not a good source. but i can tell you the roads on the big island are safer than oahu –fewer drivers on the road. our newer roads are wide w/shoulders, but can suddenly turn narrow and winding w/no shoulders at all.

            An interesting route would be Saddle Road, which stretches from Hilo to Waimea (50 miles), highest elevation 6632′. you’ll be riding between two mountains– Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. Mostly stark lava landscapes, but sometimes other worldly in it’s beauty. this fellow took saddle road & decided to bike up Mauna Kea.

            Chain of craters road (Hawaii Volcanoes National Park) would be interesting too. Narrow road w/NO shoulders, but you’ll ride down from about 4000′ elevation to sea level in 14 miles: rain forest to barren lava. Ask your wife to drive you back up the hill. lol.

            To me, the best way to get around the big island is by car. If you want to go up to the top of mauna kea, or if you want to see Green Sand Beach (green with olivine crystals), you need a 4-wheel.

            if by scooter you mean a moped–ehhhh. the poor baby will struggle with the elevation gains. (big island has 5 mountains).

          • etane

            i fenced for two quarters in jc and always wanted to dabble in aikido. never heard of escrima but just googled. man you hubbie is into combat. is/was he really buffed and strong too? i am assuming your politics agree with each other.

            so, less tourists on the big island relative to oahu? Saddle road sounds like a very interesting ride. i just started biking again after a year of hiatus.

            i ask about biking because i always wanted a biking vacation but that never fruitioned. been eyeing those biking vacation in europe or south america on those REI travel brochures. they aren’t cheap. but would like to do one of those one day.

          • Phonow

            hubbie & i have always been pudgy. but now, we look like the picture that a newspaper would use w/the heading: “American obesity: a growing epidemic.” lol. he is strong, but not buff. :) I used to be politically active, but now i just let him represent me. haha

            hubbie was in quarter final quals (??) for Olympic team: sabre (he did not make the team). he said that opponents always underestimated him because he was heavy. much quicker than he looked. another advantage–he is a lefty, and could fence with either hand. sooo… if you ever fence him be careful–he may switch hands on you. haha ;)

            yeah, much much fewer tourists on the big island. but, because the volcano/s are erupting (20+ years), the east side has been drawing more tourists. the west side (drier, & w/beaches) is the popular tourist destination. Oahu & Maui has the lion’s share of tourists.

            I think that hawaii (state) is trying to play “catch-up” with being bike friendly. Oahu is trying to put in real bike lanes– but man, still very dangerous. traffic is awful here. Oahu does have a century bike ride (20, 25, 50 or 75 mile options)– much safer– the route is moderated.

            Maui had a great bike tour: they drive you up to the top of Haleakala (beautiful sunrise) 10,023 feet elevation– and you ride down to sea level. Unfortunately people kept on dying, so the park service put a stop to that. now, you have to start at the 6000 ft level. um, you can still bike to the top, but you need really really good brakes on your bike. really. :)

            holy crp. did a quickie look at the REI bike tours. $$$$. lol. i squeaked a little. hahaha.

          • etane

            what you said about what people said about your hubbie sounds like the same stuff people are now saying about jeremy lin such as jeremy is “much quicker than he looks” which is actually a knock against him/his race.

            i went to hawaii once but i was 7 and don’t remember much. funny i remember my 4 yr old vacation but not my 7 yr old one. maybe cuz it was a cruise and cruises are boring. all i remember was everyone went snorkeling and i played in the sand since i didn’t know how to swim. oh and i threw up for 3 days straight when on the boat.

            well you gave me a lot of information regarding biking in hawaii. i remember watching on tv/internet somewhere about that mountain bike riding down hill thing. didn’t know it was so dangerous that lotsa people died. maybe too many dumb tourists without much biking experience signed up for it, died, and ruined the fun for everyone else.

            i guess rei is the whole foods of adventure travel. you guys have whole foods in hawaii, right?

          • Phonow

            lol. no, it was hubbie who said he was quicker than he looks. :) not racism from others. he was fat compared to the long, wiry competition, and used their misperception to his advantage. speaking of race, just so you know, my hubbie is white, i am japanese.

            re: JLin, yes, i feel that statement was a knock on his race. but the comment i disliked more in that same game, was “he looks totally exhausted.” in other words, his slanty eyes made him look tired. for the other for the other racist media comments, we know what they were–and they do not deserve being repeated.

            do you swim now? i don’t. lol. lived by the ocean all of my life, and never learned to swim. & yes, i do get ribbed for it a lot.

            haha. i hate cruises also. my hub brought me out on an interisland cruise & all i did was walk the deck–back & forth like a trapped animal. i don’t like playing dress up or weaving back n forth back to my cabin (esp when i am not drunk). :)

            hawaii is closing trails right & left. the internet is showing hikes to every tom, dick, & harry. they get lost, hurt, & call for rescue. those idiots are being rescued right now– when we have been flooding for days. people die on the trail–& hawaii gets sued. it is crazy. i mean, why close trails & keep waikiki open? people drown there too.

            And yes, Hawaii has Whole foods too. :) No REI, no In n Out burger, no good mexican food, no trader joes, none of that good stuff Calif has. :) Gosh, how i wish we had a Sweet Tomato (salad bar restaurant) here.

          • etane

            speaking of dumb tourists who die, konnichiwa. so it was not other people who were stereotyping your hubbie but he was stereotyping “big” people in general.. so you are a short round woman who likes to get drunk and go for long walks up mountains oh and can’t swim… do you also live on the shire?

            i do swim now… do a few laps after work during the past week since it’s too hot to go running… it’s actually been pretty productive. took ellis to swimming during the weekend. still trying to get her to be less afraid of the water. she made good progress. might be awhile before i can dunk her head under the water though. she just recently got over putting on shirts/sweaters with tight neckline.

            we have sweet tomato but it’s called souplantation. whenever i hear this name i am reminded of plantation farming back in dixie land. i think i had a copy of song of the south on lp when i was a kid. might be worth some money now if i still have it. zippadeedoodah….

            speaking of stupid tourists so do people you know have issue with paddle boarders?

          • Phonow

            xiawu hao (google translate).

            very accurate description, but i don’t have a shire YET. chris jokes about living with us on big island. told him if he builds me a tiny house on the property, he can live with hubbie in big house. who knows? may happen.

            btw, chris has a jeep grand Cherokee. made it safely back down to Kansas, and will be driving down to aransas, tx, on the 11th. drove through a tornado on the way. haha. said other cars were thrown off the road, but his made it with small crack on windshield.

            good that you are slowly teaching ellis not to fear water. sooner or later, her curiosity will make her dunk her own head under water. gosh, i can relate to not wanting anything tight around my neck. choking feeling. bleh.

            oh great. now i have a ear bug … my oh my what a wonderful day. thanks a lot. really.

            well, hurricane ignacio just missed the islands. wish i was young again. when iwa struck the island, we were drunk & partying. haha. now, i worry too much.

            paddle boarding is getting more popular here. don’t know if swimmers dislike paddle boarders, but i assume so. I think they are trying to create paddle boarding lanes at popular swim spots. but, i pay more attention to hiking trails rather than surf/swim spots. haha

            we do have problems w/surfer vs outsider surfers vs body boarders vs body surfers. limited waves & lots of interest.

          • etane

            hhaha did you use google translate? that is the literal translation of “afternoon good” and sounds like it in chinese haha. come to think of it… i don’t think there is common usage of “good afternoon” in chinese… just “ni hao”.

            why would he live with hubbie in the big house and you in the small house that he built you? is there somethign going on between chris and hubbie noth that there is anything wrong with that….

            there seems to be a rivalry brewing between paddle and surf boarders at california beaches. i heard this on npr. the interviewed surfers say paddle board doesn’t require skill and some other personal insults.. they seem to hate paddlers… paddlers are like… hey i do whatever is more fun and (according to a few that were interviewed) some paddlers used to be surfers.

            big ears? i think what’s most scary about hobbits are their feet. why do hobbits talk like and drink like irish people?

            chris put on a lot of miles on his car. how does he put on so many miles without falling asleep at the wheel. must be the 5 hour energy. just curious, does chris have a “home base”?

          • Phonow

            hahha. thank goodness our world leaders do not use google translate. Ni hao etane!

            Oh gosh no, there is nothing going on between hubbie & chris (not that there is anything wrong with that). If I lived with hubbie & chris under same roof, I would be cooking & cleaning for both. I would rather live in tiny house– and let them fend for themselves. lol.

            An “ear bug” is when you have a song repeating in your mind. so i am hearing the zipa de doo dah song over & over again. :) Or, are you asking me if i have big ears? hahaha. My ears are smaller than Jeremy Lin’s. lol. re hobbits:

            chris has family scattered– mom & dad, two brothers. divorced. he definitely has friends all over the states. he told me once that he considers Indiana “home” because it is where he lived the longest. re: not sleeping– he drinks gallons of Mt. Dew. no coffee, no drugs, no water. i nag him a lot about the evils of soda. :)

            I never did care for surfer culture. too macho. too much drugs, booze, and testosterone. let them fight over the ocean, i’ll take the mountains. :) if the surfers think paddleboarders are bad, wait until this guy comes to town.

          • etane

            columbus ohayo.

            ok that is too much info on hobbits. hahahaha

            zipadeedooodahhhhhhhhh there’s a blue bird on my shoulder…..

            which reminds me of the song…

            i learned of this song from the movie…

            this page is getting very heavy.. lagging haha