Peverley’s Defense is Dangerous

Some comments I made over at JeremyLintel about Patrick’s defensive methodology:

Personally, I fear bev’s defensive style. I tore a few knee ligaments playing ball years back, so I am especially sensitive to Bev’s type of defense where he lunges his body, legs and arms into at the ball carriers pivot points including ankles, hips and knees. Fisher and Tyrone Lue are some others that did the same thing, and it really gave me chills when they are knee hunting.

In the preseason Pelican’s game, Austin Rivers was smart enough to stay away from Bev by keeping in constant motion and quickly passing the ball unlike Jrue who was trying to show Bev up by trying to get pass Bev off the dribble. Jrue is lucky he didn’t get injured, but Tyreke wasn’t so lucky.

Notice the knee hunting by Bev’s left leg that caused Tyreke to land on Bev’s foot hence causing ankle injury.

Here’s another example of Bev’s knee hunting.

Starts @1:10. Bev was knee hunting but ended up with an elbow in his nose. Not sure how Houston ended up with the ball though.

Westbook did the right thing by defending his space when encroached by Bev who actually committed a blocking foul. Think ref took pity on him for taking a face shot thus rewarded him the ball. (Oh, Delfino got called for illegal defense.)

Certainly I am not saying Bev is intentionally trying to injure someone. He’s just making up his lack of skill by utilizing rough play by ramming his body into the ball carriers’ pivot areas where injury is most likely to occur.

If he’s fast enough to fool the ref into thinking he didn’t commit a charge, then he’s an elite. And, frankly, he earned the second of two steals off Jrue in that preseason game. However, he definitely charged in the first two steals just didn’t get called for it. In fact, the first steal looked clean until you see the replay from the other angle that showed he leaned his shoulder into Jrue’s hip to push him away from the ball. To me, it’s more football than basketball. But, as long as he doesn’t get called for it, I guess he can be considered an elite defender.


  • Kwok Wai Lai

    He’s in the spotlight, and the ref either allows both teams doing this or they have to make the call. Yeah, injury will rise because while you’re hurting others, people once recognize it will go after you with full force. His style of play encourages on the court violence and if it isn’t stopped, your star players will get the same treatment.

    • etane

      What’s worse is I am sure Pev is aware that his style of defense leads to injury as well as blow back because Pev did not guard Brooks and Lin in this dangerous manner during the scrimmages. And, both Brooks and Lin blew by Pev at will.

  • Dan Lee

    uh oh… has a rival site. haha.

    nice work.

    • etane


  • alcsd

    You wrote Peverley and not Beverley…intentionally? knowing you anything is possible….

    It’s so hard to be objective about the players on Rockets roster because lets face it….some of them are just plain not good people. Now if Lin were on the Spurs and Pacers, then it would be easy to talk about them in a good way.

    I liked PB because he WAS an underdog and had always wanted him to do well…..I’ve withheld my comments about PB, except for my ranting/venting out a few weeks ago, but I back it up with my eye test evidence. I’ve tried to be fair to Howard and PB (except Ken Doll) and gave them benefit of the doubt because I don’t want to sound like a petty Lin fan by putting other players down to make Lin look good. But sometimes the truth has to be told whether people like it or not. One thing I hate is being pressured to say nice things when it isn’t true. If some people don’t like me or like it…that is okay…you have to be comfortable with being who you are.

    Here is the thing with PB, he is sneaky little dude on and off the floor. He is hungry and wants a place in the NBA which is understandable and the right thing to do because he has to support himself and his family. However, he is good at playing the politics with everyone from Lin to Harden to the coaching staff. He has to sound respectful about Lin because after all (if you didn’t know), he is still picking Lin’s brain about how to play PG. When you know the starting job is yours, it’s easier to be nice and to show respect to Lin because (in his own way) he feels sorry for Lin too.

    Call me paranoid or cynical, but I don’t take people’s actions or what they say as face value. There are people who are very good at acting whether the camera is on or off. PB is good at acting. Now Sneaky doesn’t mean high IQ.

    • etane

      To me he’s pev not bev. And, he’s doing everything right to get himself to be where he wants to be. He’s lucky that he’s in the right organization that caters to his type of off court politicking and mentality.

      • alcsd

        If and when Mc is gone, back to the bench he goes. Like I said before, he won’t even make it as a backup PG for a lot of teams. He would be lucky if another team offers him anything more than $2M. I say it objectively without bias here. There is no way in hell anyone is willing to pay Beverley more than $2M per year. And the most he can get is probably a 2year/$3.5M.

        The way Parsons is being treated, I can’t help but think that Morey is boosting his value up for a trade next season. He will be an unrestricted at the end of next season. He can choose to sign with any team he wants.

        When you can’t create for yourself, you are not a hot commodity in the league. If he can hit 3s at around 40% (elite) range, then I can see teams offering him around $8m. At this point, any GM who is willing to over him $10M, then he should be fired. SF like him is a dime dozen and with more experience than him and can be signed for around $3M-$5M,

        Honestly he isn’t worth more than $5M. Unless Morey’s daughter threatens to run away if he doesn’t sign Parsons, then I see him gone if another team offers him more $6M.

        • alcsd

          I meant to say elite perimeter shooting and not elite player regarding Parsons.