Paris 1


Took a short jaunt around the city after checking into the hotel.



















sum stupid bread expo parked in front of our lady






even with a .4x nd filter, i over exposed most shots.  so, not a lot of useful files to share.  went bonkers wtih my new f1.2 lens i suppose.  pics looked ok on camera’s screen…

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  • Phonow

    PARIS!!!!! Some people just have the life. :-)

    • etane

      pssshhh.. not like i am the one living on an island paradise.

      • Phonow

        But you have Paris and Calif.

        and, we don’t have a In n Out Burger or even a Trader Joes.

        our Mexican food sucks.

        You have Paris, great Mexican food, and In n Out Burgers. :-(

        Great pictures by the way. I love the first pic. Unreal colors.

        • etane

          i only have paris for another week and i have the longest traffic jam on earth along with the smog and impending death that comes with it. you have spam sushi.

          • Phonow

            Honolulu ranks at #2 worst traffic in nation. :-) Plus we have a higher percentage of little old oriental ladies like me who are not able to parallel park. But we try, and try, and try…. ad infinitum.

            I sense you are disrespecting SPAM. Don’t go there brah. My religious feelings are running high because we just had our 13th Annual Spam Jam in Waikiki. It’s one of the few times you can see locals swarming in Waikiki. :)

            Hey! Is SPAM available in Paris? Forget the regular tourist traps. Find SPAM. Be a Hawaii hero.

            Looking forward to more posts of your travels! JEALOUS!

          • etane

            2nd worst traffic jam because all the drivers stop to look at the rainbow whenever it rains which is like twice every hour.

            spam is great when i have nothing but rice in the cupboard. i heard when the allies ran out of bullets, they threw cans of spam at zee germans. that’s how we reallly won the war cuz they were scared of canned meat.

          • Phonow

            oahu has this misty rain, so… lots of rainbows. :) the most beautiful one i saw–the mountains were covered with a sheet like rainbow. this is the closest pic I could find on google images: Only, imagine those colors on the misty Koolaus.

            btw, have you been to hawaii before? we have a live volcano, rainbows, and really really good lychee. (had to mention lychee–it is in season now. lol.)

            hmmn, no wonder the 442nd broke through enemy lines. they were trying to get the spam back.

            you must be stuffing yourself silly with the wonderful breads in Paris. mmm. one day… would love to visit france. i notice from your blog, you have been there before. what made you fall in love with the area?

          • etane

            i’ve been to hawaii once when i was 7. it was a cruise and tour thing so probably doesn’t count. i grew to hate tours as i went to so many as a kid. didn’t know lychee grew there. didn’t know the soil and climate in hawaii matched where lychee is grown in china.

            i was gluten free until i got to europe. you can escape bread in paris. and, and you can’t escape pasta depending on which part of europe you’re at.

            being able to get around by foot is a big plus. finding new nooks and crannies when exploring the streets is exciting. that’s something you could hardly do here in los angeles.

          • Phonow

            Only a few types of lychee thrive in Hawaii, and in a rather limited area. The Big Island of Hawaii has 8 out of 13 climate zones. So… there usually is a “sweet spot” for a diversity of crops. Hilo, on the Big Island, is famous for it’s lychees. No pears or apples though–no arable land in the higher altitudes.

            I remember you mentioning being gluten free on you’ve been on it for a while. good for you! iirc, you lost a lot of weight on the g-f diet, and feel more energetic.

            mmm, i love exploring nooks & crannies also–finding a little ma and pa diner with outrageously good food, finding a great farmers market, or meandering around in an ethnic part of town. it’s all good. i’ve been on one mini cruise–just within the Hawaiian Islands. didn’t care for it. felt trapped & bored– too artificial–like a mini floating las vegas.

          • etane

            i didn’t know there’s so many varieties of lychee. how about long an (dragon eyes)?
            i was gluten free for 5 months i think back in ’12. i’ve gained the weight back and then some as i was sick for a long time and am just getting over it.
            cruises and tour groups scare me. both being part of it or just merely seeing them roaming around. lack of freedom, identity, relaxation, enjoyment… why pay someone to herd you around? don’t we get enough of that from work and other banalities of life?

          • Phonow

            Yes, we do have longan. I have never been a fan of it… so I am not sure if Hawaii’s longan is good or bad. lol.

            On the topic of fruit… maybe you can help me. Last time I was in Calif., I bought fresh dates (still on the branch) from a market. i tasted it, but it was hard and insipid. Should I have ripened it till it was soft? Dried it? We ended up throwing it away at the end of the trip. Hawaii has what looks like date palms, but I don’t know if they are edible.

            Gosh, sorry to hear you’re still getting over that illness. Take time to rest during your travels. Ehhh, second thought. Push yourself hard during your vacation. Take it easy when you get back to work. :-)

            “Why pay someone to herd you around.” lol. You are such a free spirit. :) I am okay touring independently in a English-speaking city, but would prefer a tour group if not. But, I must admit I roll my eyes when food tours hit Chinatown. Fifteen of them sharing one char su bao AND blocking the sidewalk. $59/person, and the tour guy cuts up the bao, look fun, etc, so everyone can have a bite–served w/toothpicks. lol.

            Hmmmm. Then again, maybe that market guy who sold me the fresh dates laughed at me too. He said yep, they’re ripe. :-0 Sucker born every minute.

          • etane

            i don’t know anything bout dates other than going on them = P

            i got hit by tons of tours at les halles and san marco. felt like my life was threatened when the hordes were roaming through like ghengis khan’s hordes roamed through europe about a thousand years ago. there were battalions of tourists from every direction there. and, just when you think they stopped coming, another squardon starts coming at you mercilessly. they do not care where you stand or where you aim your camera. they will run at you and through you. they are ruthless.