An Open Letter to the Rockets: Second Try

Dear Rockets Organization: I had posted my open letter to you earlier in the month warning you of pending blow back resulting from your organization’s undermining of Jeremy Lin in order to prop up James Harden precisely for the reason that James Harden is very unlikeable both on and off court.

I hope this latest incidence that is now revealed to the world to see will cause top management to seek ways to improve how the organization evaluates merit and correct wrongful conduct accordingly and NOT just view this as an isolated “public relations” incidence.

This problem is systemic from the top down where problem solving is by finger pointing and passing the buck. This will never solve any issues but only delay the consequences.

Please realize you have a couple of toxic assets on your hands, and the earlier you mark them to market rather than try to hide them behind finger pointing, the quicker your organization can focus on the rebuilding from the bottom up.

And, there’s no incentive for you to hide them as the world as well as Les Alexander is already cognizant of your organization’s culture and agency issues.

Your organization is now under the microscope of public scrutiny. Please tread carefully, and I wish for an amicable resolution between your organization, Jeremy Lin and his fans world wide.


Just one of many LOFs

(Delivered to Houston Rockets via FB)