Morey/Asik and the Rockets Drama

By not trading Asik this past summer, Morey made one of his biggest blunders. Sometimes greed does pay and in this case it backfired on Morey big time.  Like I’ve mentioned before Morey always wins in every single trade, and I am sure GMs around the league hate him very much for it. Morey knew of Asik’s value, but GMs didn’t give him what he was asking for because they knew he had to trade Asik (because $8.3m against the cap is too much for a backup center). And the longer he experimented with the twin towers, Asik getting less minutes and looking unhappy, the less leverage he has over other GMs.


He should have take the best deal available, but he wanted to wait it out and didn’t anticipate that Asik would retaliate this way.  Basically Asik is forcing Morey to trade him and GMs have a reason to lowball Morey even more. But in the end, I think he will get a reasonable deal because there is still a demand for what Asik brings.  In other words, Morey will get multi-offers and he will pick the best deal so GMs can’t really lowball Morey too much if they really want Asik.


The question I have is, are the twin towers Morey or Mc idea?  Every experts/coaches know that it won’t work, but why Morey allow this in the first place and to continue for 8 games? Maybe the answer is really simple…Morey doesn’t speak basketball…?

As I mentioned in the salary cap rules, Morey doesn’t have to wait until Dec 15th to trade him (because his contract is an existing one and not a newly signed ones like Howard/Garcia/Casspi), however GMs tend to wait until Dec 15th and on because it gives them flexibility to include almost all the players.  In other words, they are not restricted to just dealing with existing ones, but can include those who are just signed this past free agency (see excerpts below).

“Asik can’t publicly demand a trade without risking a fine by the NBA. Those discussions have taken place in private. It is unlikely a deal will happen before Dec. 15, when many players in the NBA, who signed as free agents in the offseason, become eligible to be traded.” —aka flexibility aka creativity–rockets-have-talked-to-multiple-teams-about-trading-disgruntled-center-omer-asik-230322619.html

“The new challenge for the Rockets, then, is getting Asik’s mind right and getting him back on the floor as soon as possible, given the very real chance that a workable trade won’t materialize until after Dec. 15, when dozens of players who signed new contracts in July become eligible to be moved”—aka flexibility aka creativity

How does this tie to speculation?

Morey will have to think twice about marginalizing Lin now and in the future. Lin might not retaliate the way Asik did, but Morey might not want to take chances. He will make sure that Lin is content by not cutting his minutes. If there is a veteran PG who is a decent playmaker, then Morey will make the trade unless Harden has a change of heart. But the damage is done already.

Rule of thumb in the NBA

if you know the player won’t resign with you, then you trade him(unless he is a proven all-star/superstar, and you bend forward and backward to please to and hopefully he will resign with you) to get pick(s)/assets back unless you are planning to win a championship title that year and Lin can help you do that. You don’t let $8.3 salary cap sitting on the bench.  This doesn’t make sense at all and continue to marginalize him by making him come off the bench. Lin is a very proud person.  This is something he will never forget and will use this act of disrespect as a fuel to continue to prove to them wrong. He is getting minutes, but the title as a starter is the most important thing to any player in this league.

With the way Lin has been playing and will continue to play at a high level, then Morey should take the best offer if he is going to build around Harden.  This will eliminate any bad chemistry or locker room problem.  Unless Morey’s underestimated Lin and think a championship title (in his dream) will be the reason Lin will resign with the Rox.  On top of that the Rox will not be able to afford Lin in a couple of years.

I don’t understand the logic if Morey doesn’t trade Lin by the deadline. Maybe Morey is waiting until next year, but they are in a win now mode.  They must trade for an all star PF and a veteran PG to gel asap.  If Lin is not part of the future plan (which he never was), then you move out him asap and get back the right pieces and let them develop chemistry. Championship teams are not built over night, they take time to build chemistry even after they get all the right pieces (see the Heat).

The following was not in original post:

If the Rockets are not in a win now mode, then I can even see Morey keeping him and see how he develops, but when you are in a win now mode, you want to build chemistry asap.

With the way Lin is playing, it doesn’t hurt to keep him even if Morey knows that Lin won’t resign with them, because he will help them get closer to winning a title.  Also, Morey can do a sign and trade with another team that really want to sign Lin, but unable to because that team is over the cap and Lin happens to want to play for that particular team.  That chance is very slim because he will be unrestricted and can pick and choose where he wants to go.  The only way that will happen, is if that particular team is the only team that Lin wants to play for and they don’t have the cap room to sign him other than a sign and trade. Morey will probably ask for the moon.

Originally posted on forum 11/17/2013