McHale’s Brain – Bamboo Ceiling?

I don’t know whether McHale is cognizant of this or not but very few people can handle playing for a coach who says things like these:

Well, McHale was quoted as saying Lin wasn’t #Linsanity, needs to be a singles/doubles hitter… RT

Poor Man Commish

Sometimes he’d rather have 29 points and nine turnovers and I tell him, ‘Jeremy, we’re trying to win.

Daily News

Jeremy played for McHale briefly in 2011 before he was cut by the Rockets during pre-season.  Including this off season, he has played for McHale through three summers though for only one full season.  So, nothing should come as a shock to Jeremy if he’s again forced to play to his weaknesses  this season like he did last year in terms of his reduced usage rate (reduced from 27% the year before to 19% with Houston), being forced into the off ball guard role and being pulled on and off the bench.

A new season is on the horizon.  We should see a lot of good things coming from the Houston Rockets and Jeremy Lin.  Jeremy’s currently in great condition, developing a “smoother” 3 point shot, he’s finally got a bonafide pick and roll partner in Dwight Howard, and Jeremy has experienced the physical and mental demands of playing a full 82 game season as well as in two post season games.

The following is a couple of views from various basketball forums.  Geronimo claims perhaps McHale is affected by latent racial bias (not racism), and that’s why McHale often downplays Lin’s abilities both off and on the court.

Is it possible that McHale doesn’t trust Lin because of his race, not because McHale is racist, but because of what Lin has gone through his entire life, and that is having his abilities being doubted because of his race?


The StandupPhilosopher at Jeremy Lintelligence  believes McHale tries to downplay the Linsanity “hype” but irrationally over does it subconsciously.

StandupPhilosopher actually made an acute video analysis documentary about the McHale and Lin dynamic:

I do believe McHale’s treatment of Jeremy both on and off court does affect Lin’s game negatively and is preventing the Rockets from reaching their full potential.  And, I hope the new season will bring change to the McHale and Lin dynamic for the better.  On that note, I am ending this blog with an on court observations posted on reddit:

I feel like the way McHale runs his offense and substitution patterns he has something against Lin. No idea what it is, but he clearly doesn’t put him in the best position to succeed. Odd considering he’s one of the “Big 3″ cornerstone of the Rockets rebuilding effort. Lin also has a very short leash completely contrary to Linsanity where he was given freedom to create, take midrange shots, set up teammates. He’s way too often a corner spotup shooter or ball swinger.

slyguy183 @ Reddit