California Science Center


It’s in the same park that held the 1984 Olympics as well as the LA History Museum where we went a year ago.  This place is larger and has more things to do than we imagined.  Didn’t help that we arrived later than planned.  So, other than seeing the main attractions, the shuttle Discovery and the IMAX theater, we really missed out on a lot of other attractions.  So, this is a place is worth coming back to.


DSC03782 DSC03775Posing with space toilet


The shuttle exhibit is split into two.  First, you’re brought through a corridor filled with memorabilia such as the toilet above as well as photos and movies of how the shuttle was brought from Marina Del Rey to the LA Expo.


DSC03784 DSC03799


As we arrived late, we rushed through the shuttle corridor exhibit and to the shuttle’s hanger.


DSC03808 DSC03813



There, I realized, I brought the wrong lens with me.  I took a 50mm lens and definitely should have brought a wider one with me instead.  It was difficult getting the entire shuttle into frame, so I this was the best I could do.




We then rushed to the other side of the Science Center to catch an IMAX movie.  If I remember correctly, it was about the Discovery’s last mission.  And, Ellis seemed to relish movies that is space related?  She really enjoyed this movie just like the Mars mission movie we saw at the SD Science center.




For dinner, we went to Feng Mao, a Korean / Chinese lamb kabob restaurant where you cook the lamb at the table.  At first, we were worried that Ellis might not like the food there and might be spooked by the fire at the table.  Ellis enjoyed the food.  Her taste bud is becoming more and more adventurous.  Perhaps, she’s just thrilled that it’s the weekend, so that she’s happy to try anything?  She certainly does count down to the weekend on a daily basis now.


Note: This occurred on 12/18/16