Another Solstice Tree


Yes it’s another solstice tree.  Slight upgrade from previous year’s sorry excuse of a tree.



Video above was taken about two weeks before xmas and it is now a month and a half after xmas.  Yah I’ve been busy.  Changed jobs twice.  Got over two colds.  And, actually went on a few treks but had no time to get them posted.


DSC03773 DSC03774


Ellis’ personality keeps developing.  She still has her spontaneous nature.  For the most part, I am happy that she says what she wants to say and does what she thinks to do.  But, she’s starting to feel a bit of confusion and perhaps frustration when things don’t go her way.  Perhaps she hasn’t realized that we don’t live in her world rather we all share the same world together.


DSC03761 DSC03763


Although she is experiencing some boundary issues, she’s facing them head on.  Each day, she is becoming braver and more honest.  But, her caretakers have to remain vigilant.  As much as we love her and want to cater to her whims, we need her to focus on developing skills for self control, for managing her own emotions.  And, there’s no reason to believe she isn’t on her way to becoming a balanced, empathetic individual.




I just hope you remember that we will always be here for you.