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    Can’t sleep.

    For some reasons, every one of her song reminds me of some other song but can’t quite figure out exactly which song.

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    Hey, this is awaiting moderation at the other site, but here you go, too:

    No more he said she said. Here are examples of the incendiary commentary BambooForest used to write about Jeremylin.net posters before his heart-felt goodbye:



    - Solidz75, Harden is a top shooting guard in the league. I just try to be objective. I’m a Lin fan. A huge Lin fan: But that doesn’t mean I’m blind, either.

    - If I’m annoying to you then I have news for you: You get annoyed way too easily.


    - I just don’t like tunnel vision. I’m pointing out reality.

    - Harden is far more proven than Lin in all fairness. Do you really expect Mchale to treat Harden in the exact way he treats Lin? Also, Harden is much more consistent. I’m cool with criticizing the coach, but the argument that the coach should respond to Harden the way he does to Lin isn’t convincing.

    - Mchale has also sat out two other players, not just Lin. Let’s keep it in perspective. At least, doing so is important for me.


    - @ Bob, agreed. This forum is absolutely obsessed with Mchale and nit-picks at every damn thing (even after a game like this evenings). I know I can go on my way, but I like this forum even if I often find the focus and to me over reactions here not my cup of tea.


    - (Great example of Bamboo being a “Jeremy Lin Fan”) Parsons is playing solid this year and may become a star in the future. He’s anything but a disappointing player. Jeremy Lin is also not a star this year. He, like Parsons, may be one in the future.


    - @Robertlin: Here is your fatal mistake: You are assessing their conversation by taking score of how much they say positive about Lin vs. how much they say positive about Lillard. But, they, the commentators, are just, you know, commentating. They are not obsessed with “Gee, am I saying as many good things about Lin as everyone else?” Do you really expect that what commentators talk about is going to be even handed? It’s not going to be even handed for any player. It’s a flow. It just comes naturally. You’re N.I.T. P.I.C.K.I.N.G. They were absolutely complimenting to Lin and giving him serious respect. Who cares if they were focused on Lillard for a good portion of the game.


    - People here focus on the negative; it’s like an addiction. When things are going well, they’ll start nitpcking everything and anything. For example, Clyde Drexler is hard on *every player*. Right in the first play, he had something negative to say about Patrick Patterson. Further, all the commentators have been HIGHLY complimenting to Lin this game, but people will ignore that and cherry pick the negative comments (that other players also receive).


    - I think you’re grasping at straws. You’re really hunting for something to complain about. If you look hard enough you can find something. But the bottom line is, I think Drexler and the other commentators have been absolutely fair and highly coplimenting of Lin. What you demand or expect is ridiculious. Seriously.

    “Douglas is a much better, faster defender.”

    I don’t remember Drexler saying it like this, honestly. He said that what keeps Douglas in the NBA is his 3 point shooting and his defense. AND when he was commenting on Douglas’s quickness he said, VERY specifically, “On the defensive end.” Actually, Douglas may have more lateral quickness on the defensive end and is known as a very solid one on one defensive player. He’s also a smaller guard than Lin.

    Your nit-picking is bias. Yep. I believe so.

    - (there’s too much nonsense here in defense of the malignant Clyde Drexler – for those truly interested in this, go rewatch this game, and go to the link I provided above to get a sense of his bias, all of which, once again revolves around the notion that if you praise Lin just once, all the other times of non praise can be forgiven, and if you disagree, you nit pick and are biased)


    - Coaches just care about winning. They live and die on winning. Their jobs are dependent on how much the team they coach win. Any other theory is completely manufactured.


    - Uh… Yes, wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the stars lined up perfectly, all ducks were in a row, everything was there to give Jeremy Lin the best shot?

    Back to the real world…

    JLin is getting PT. It’s up to him….. he’s in the game, he’s getting the time…. I think the focus should be on Jeremy Lin and not the fact that everything isn’t perfect for him to shine.


    - (not hating on players, but showing us how he feels about Lin) OK, I totally disagree here. If Lin gets voted into the all-star game and he opts out… that’s just stupid. That’s like taking a present and throwing it back to the giver saying you don’t deserve it. That said, I agree that he is not, so far, having a stellar year and should not be on the all-star game. But in my opinion, the way to deal with it, isn’t by rejecting it. After all: He has NO control over whether he gets elected or not.


    - (Best recap of BambooForest’s views on Lin) In my opinion Douglas is a superior defensive player, at least in stopping an offensive player (yes, he’s really good at this). Douglas is also a better ball handler. Jeremy Lin’s game is flawed. There’s no question about it. And I call it like I see it.

    That said, I think Jeremy Lin has much more potential than Toney Douglas. And Jeremy sees the floor way better than Douglas. I’d say Lin is a great passer.

    Right now I think Lin’s two biggest weaknesses are his ball handling and his shooting. Though, I’m optimistic his shooting will get in order. The ball handling skills will probably necessitate much training during the off season.

    I really hope Lin continues to start and gets 30 to 35 minutes a game. Of course I desire this, but I won’t lose any sleep if Douglas begins to start. I just don’t think it’s the end of the world. Lin is young in his career and he’s in a league with the most athletic and talented players in the world.

    The ultimate question becomes, when you consider both player’s weaknesses and strengths, who helps the team win more? Well, I think Lin does, but I also don’t think it’s necessarily so obvious and it’s easy to be subjective here. Harden also has very serious point guard skills and this needs to be considered.

    Lastly, Lin hasn’t been playing all that great. Yes, he’s had a few strong games, but overall, he has not been playing at as high a level as he can. And when that happens over a stretch of time, things like this can happen.

    - C Dub, I agree. Let’s face it: TD is a good NBA defender. Jeremy Lin isn’t a defensive liability, but I think TD is a better stopper. Way above average in this regard.

    - If JL gets traded to Lakers or anywhere else, I have a feeling you guys will still complain, complain complain.

    - You’re a one dimensional basketball fan. Many here seem to be. Nothing wrong with that… but I’m going to call it for what it is. I realize that Jeremy will have future opportunities to prove himself. And this game doesn’t necessarily paint a picture of how JL will be used in future games.


    - (How he feels about Harden) I’m just going to flat out disagree: Harden isn’t a ball hog. He’s also one of the most dominant players in the NBA without question.


    - (How he feels about Sampson, while hating on JLin) This isn’t about Sampson. Let’s stop the excuses. Even if Sampson takes Lin out when he shouldn’t (and that’s subjective), Lin has plenty of time to prove himself in all the minutes he’s given. Man, I’m really tired of the excuses.

    - Tired of the shooting coach excuse. It’s a players responsibility to shoot well. It’s not anyone’s fault but the one shooting the rock.


    His favourite words towards a large portion of people here: Blind, nit picking, biase, grasping at straws, hunting to complain, ridiculous, cherry pick, addiction, obsessed, tunnel vision, out of perspective, manufactured, real world

    Did you notice a common trend aimed at “most people on this forum”??? And dismissive criticisms about our sense of reality? Is it not clear how he generalizes people on this forum as being delusional, ignorant, blind, and biased? The only times I generalize about people on this forum is when they’re over-forgiving, which if I recall correctly, is still a virtue to most of you. I doubt the former adjectives are… How can we treat him with respect, when prior to all this pity-mongering, there was none coming towards us?

    There was also a lot more material around how he thinks Harden is the best player on the team, how McHale is often right in taking Lin out, how Drexler is a great commentator, how no one here knows what JLin thinks or feels about his situation, about how Harden got the win for the team is the MVP of those games. I didn’t copy and paste them here, because we’re only trying to prove Bamboo’s malintent, not his opinions. However, I would argue that his expressed opinions provide context to frame his malintent. i.e. if you guys are raving about Lin, and I comment about how much better everyone else is, I’m effectively setting up a comment in the line of “Lin isn’t so great”…

    Insulted: Redking, Ztrta, Etane, Via, Me, Cara, Solidz, Roberlin, TVN, k.smith etc…

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      lol didn’t see you post here until now. welcome.

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    Wow! I tested the power of upvoting over that site. However, I haven’t done any downvoting yet. It was fun…like giving away candies on Halloween. And I was very happy upvoting for Brent and JK….no more votes…..i mean candies…i mean votes…or candies or whatever for awhile.

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    I put Bamboo on my ignored list a long time ago and didn’t bother to read his posts at all..

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    How about this? Great band.

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      wo ting bo dong.

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        hahahah. Ta you chang ying wen de.

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          wo bu ting. wo kan sao nu shi dai.

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            ni guo ren bu dong.

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    I’m sharing the great song. Kassie you are doing a good job!