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    The title “age of consent” and the lyric makes it a very interesting song, for it generates many different interpretations. http://songmeanings.com/songs/view/15771/

    Like the “New Order”‘s original version, especially the guitar part, but also found this Grant Lee Phillips version and like it as well.

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      lol i didn’t intend this section to turn into a discussion regarding the meaning of the song but actually think the site you linked is very interesting as well as the cover in the youtube. just thought the part i quoted above says enough about how i want to “patrol” this site which is 1) i won’t tell you what to do and 2) i don’t expect you to tell me what you think i want to hear.

      regarding the meaning of this song, in terms of direction, I am torn between 10,000 maniac’s “what’s the matter here” about child abuse and everything but the girl’s “cross my heart” about seeking closure.