Xmas Weekend 2016


The pictures and videos posted on this blog were from about two and a half months.  I had just started a contract assignment with an e-commerce company and really enjoyed the xmas long weekend by spending it in San Diego of all places since it’s the closest place I could go that is still considered “out of town”.

We took off on xmas morning and had Ellis open up her gifts before we left.  Ellis had inadvertently opened half her x’mas presents two weeks early.  And, she opened the second half in the video below.




Our first destination was San Diego Safari which is actually in Escondido.


safari park


It was a great experience at Safari Park.  First, we were blessed with the (subjectively) warm and sunny weather as we were sandwiched between very cold and damp wintery days.  We were all recovering from some bug, and the fresh country side air completely cleared up our phlegmy respiratory.


DSC04036 DSC04038 DSC04059


We felt like the more we walked the more energy we gained which is rare especially with a child tagging along.  I really am considering moving to the country side one day.


DSC04120 DSC04191 DSC04226 DSC04230


After we checked out of the hotel next morning, the weather really felt cooler than the day before.  We’re glad we did most of the outdoor stuff done.  We first picked up brunch at Little Italy.


DSC04243 DSC04261


We then hit Cabrillo Park.  We parked a ways from the park as traffic getting into the park was heavy.  The wind was gusty but not quite chilly.  Perhaps the scenery kept us warm.


DSC04282DSC04281 DSC04280 DSC04343 DSC04371


Mia wanted to hit Old Town before driving back north.


DSC04392 DSC04408 DSC04431 DSC04433


It was a long drive for such a short trip.  But, somehow, it was a relaxing trip.  We packed a lot of fun in such a short time.  And, a lot of relaxation despite constantly moving about.

Camera note:  Found my voigtlander 35mm’s aperture blade busted and sent it off for repair.  Most of the zoo pics were taken with the Kiron zoom lens.  I wanted to use a zoom lens outdoor and found it to have a greater analog effect on the pictures, but they do get a bit dirty after enlarging.  Second day was mostly Nikon 55mm 1.4 Kogaku.


new year elsa