Weekend Excursion @ Battery + De Young


Not exactly an excursion but here on personal business.  A transaction if you will.  But, do have time to do some fun things in between.  And, here we are at the batteries that used to hold canons that protected the bay from invaders.  These were built in the 1900′s.  I am not sure who we were defending the bay against.  Z Germans?  Of course, the canons have long been removed.


DSC06050 DSC06055 DSC06080 DSC06086


It wasn’t too long ago when I was taking pics of the Golden Gate.  But, the view here is very much a different POV especially with the pending sunset with the sun seemingly refusing to set.  And, I can’t help thinking how useless this bunker is in terms of modern day military technology.  One drone, and this bunker is gone.


DSC06106 DSC06115 DSC06120


The wind was blowing hard.  Very difficult to keep the camera still.  And, we were led to believe the sun was setting.  So, we rushed from on vista point to the next braving the strong cold ocean breezes.


DSC06130 DSC06151 DSC06162 DSC06173 DSC06187 DSC06206 DSC06210 DSC06211 DSC06231 DSC06236


Should we get closer to the ocean?  What if we are too cold and tired to make it back up after we’ve reached the bottom?


DSC06243 DSC06246 DSC06260 DSC06262 DSC06269 DSC06278 DSC06299 DSC06309 DSC06310


Long march back to our car.  The sun is STILL setting?  We’ve been here for two hours already.  We’re cold and starving.


DSC06320 DSC06321


Finally, the sun has set.  After the battery, we took dinner in and slept well.  The next morning, we visited de Young.  We had brunch next to the big safety pin.


DSC06342 DSC06343


Then, we pretended to care about anthropological art.


DSC06351 DSC06356 DSC06358


I was more interested in the paintings especially the bottom picture.  Great composition.


DSC06360 DSC06361


We then flew to Japan.


DSC06379 DSC06388 DSC06395 DSC06412 DSC06421


Why is this strange girl in so many of my pictures?




“Who are you calling weird, and when are you going to feed me?”


DSC06435 DSC06443 DSC06450


Hope the breakfast sandwich satiates your appetite.


  • Phonow

    on our way to napa, we stopped at the same lookout. we did not go down to the beach, or explore the bunker, so it is nice seeing photos of what we missed.

    oahu has more fortifications than it knows what to do with. some are leased out as storage lockers, one was used for growing mushrooms, one is currently an animal shelter/archival storage facility… oh yeah… and the nsa facilities, but you already know about that.

    i see the same lady in so many of your pictures. were you stalking her?

    • dd

      i didn’t see anyone leaving the name “honguril” there. and, no, she’s haunting me.

      how would i know about nsa…

      • Phonow

        the park service must have painted over my tag. you are not nsa/cia/kgb/fbi?

        such a pretty haunting. :_(

        • dd

          you mean the skull?

          • Phonow

            the lady that is haunting you.

          • dd

            yes that gurl in the japanese painting is very haunting.

          • Phonow


          • dd



            asian jezzebel

          • Phonow

            instagram acct.http://www.theverge.com/2016/5/3/11585408/japan-grudge-ghost-instagram-account-sadako-kayako

            the onryo is alive n well in honolulu. haunts a theater (now torn down) here. she hung out in the women’s restroom– faceless lady w/long hair.

            omg. are you bigman fatman?

            bigman fatman sws94 an hour ago
            Nobody ask but now you answered are you boy or girl? Are you Wesley Etheridge??

            bigman fatman sws94 an hour ago
            Wesley Etheridge you?? Dd right??

          • dd

            bigman is also a paid troll working with wes. going to zzz

          • Phonow


          • dd

            turns out via’s idol is a bit of a dick

          • Phonow

            he is a rabid ted cruz fan

          • dd

            attention whore surprised he’s not here sooner tho.

          • Phonow

            jeremiah was banned at portal a number of times. don’t know if was given a time out or if it was a complete ban.

            he can be a dick. but fun when he attacks sws. lol. i like his style of writing… something like bbmt. (don’t hit me)

          • dd

            hmm i think i read something good you guys pasted a few weeks back but he was really riding on my coat tail after outting wes on portal.

            he’s seems so much softer on jl. especially that one post

            7Jeremiah17 • 3 hours ago

            The problem with sws94 (and some other fans of little faith) is not that they think Lin may be better off as a bench player. Their main problem is that they don’t realize any team Lin starts on will be playoff bound.

            soft on trolls (crime)

          • Phonow

            i think this was the quote

            “The case against sws94

            Every Lin fan would like to see JLin become a starting
            PG. But will the Nets or the Sixers or any NBA team take
            a chance on Lin if they doubt he’s up to the task and
            may be exposed?

            To the vast majority in the NBA world, JLin has become
            a servicable, backup PG, nothing more. This is true even
            among Hornets’ fans who had a first hand view of what
            Lin is capable of.

            So why would JLinPortal want to be filled with posts
            making the argument that Lin’s handles, shooting,
            decisioin making, etc. are not adequete for him to be a
            starter in the league?

            And yet the attacks on JLin’s capabilities are only
            part of the sws94 anti-Lin propaganda.

            The truth is that the NBA has discriminated against Lin
            at many criitical levels. Players like Melo, Harden,
            Kobe, and Kemba have taken the ball out of his hands so
            that he is unable to play to his potential. Coaches like
            Smart, Woodson, McHale and BS have tried to destroy his
            confidence by benching him for every mistake, taking
            away his starter role, limiting his minutes, making him
            become a 3 and D player instead of PG, etc. And just to
            add injury to insult, this past season, with a 3-month
            time frame, Kobe, Melo, & Harden each took homicidal
            swings at Lin’s head with hardly a common foul being

            Throughout the season as these types of events were
            taking place, sws94, Without fail, would persistently
            argue that Lin was being treated fairly: “They didn’t
            purposely go for his head, they were trying to hit the
            ball. Kemba and Batum aren’t purposely icing Lin out,
            they just believe they are able to win the game by
            themselves. Clifford has his basketball reasons for not
            starting Lin or closing the game with him, Lin isn’t the
            only player who deserves more minutes.” etc, etc. etc.
            ad nauseam.

          • dd

            damn u had it on hand?

          • Phonow

            yeah. i kept a couple of his quotes– just because it was a pain to find them in the first place. lol.

            jeremiah likes portal because they try to keep it positive. lol, barf. i *think* he left jl.net during the great portal migration.

            he probably was upset that you outed a person, rather than argue with sws on bb. just guessing.

          • dd

            so he goes and argues with wes on bb…

            well you were a librarian.

          • Phonow

            he told o-joe that he started coming over to jl.net because he felt stifled on portal. strangely enough… he has not really laid into sws on jl.net yet.

            jerimiah: 2 days ago “Yes. Here when you encounter a tiger fan/troll (your copyright) you can
            fully “express” yourself. There they can annoy with impunity. Lol.”

          • dd

            sorry but don is much better poster than jer is haha

          • Phonow

            lol! when dons plays it straight– he is an excellent poster. but when he starts laying into people about nathan… i cringe.

          • dd

            that’s just to annoy colin. it’s hard to take colin seriously otherwise

          • Phonow

            colin & steveprost… i do not remember who else dons has called nathan… maybe have faith.

          • dd

            i am kinda annoyed at how many people talking bb with colin.

          • Phonow

            you mean, the ones that try to cheer colin up? was he always this depressed? haha.

            i am pretty sure that observer## was colin. he made the mistake of adding the “period” at the end of some posts… like colin.


          • dd

            that they actually take his fga act seriously. not even colin does.

            have faith: “Not sure MDA knows what he’s getting into.”

          • Phonow

            i guess the people responding to colin does not really know bb. they treat fga as important because someone/anyone thinks that it is impt.

          • dd

            no they actually try to convince colin over and over again that fga is over rated.

          • Phonow

            after a few millennia, they will wear away colin’s obsession.

          • dd

            that’s the point it’s fake from the beginning.

          • Phonow

            poor colin. he is a one trick pony.

            hubbie home soon…. have to start being busy. lol

          • dd

            sounds like when my manager is back in town… actually i don’t even bother to act busy… have jlin.et on brwoser for all to see

          • Phonow

            hubbie is fed. lol. he brought home a ms surface for wiffie. as if i know how to set it up lol. so far, i can’t even
            connect to our wifi. haha. another paper weight.

            mr. Jere. is making waves over at portal.

            True vs. treacherous Lin fans:
            True Lin fans see the Nets and
            Sixers as great opportunities for Lin to regain his starter status and
            show what a game-changer he is.

            Treacherous Lin fans call the Nets and Sixers horrible teams with a losing culture.

            True Lin fans are horrified by teams with ball hogs like Kobe, Melo, Harden, or Kemba.

            Treacherous Lin fans see those teams as an opportunity to join a winning team.

            See the difference? ;-)

            maknusia: fans are fans…lets not start labeling them as treacherous or any other things

            jere: Do you want me to delete it anyway? Despite it’s great comedic value?

            jere: That was a totally over the top, tongue-in-cheek, humorous post. This site needs to lighten up a bit. :-)

          • dd

            which surface? i had one for a few yrs but sold it earlier this year… the first surface pro with i5 processor. i only used it for playing music.

          • Phonow

            it is a surface 3. hubbie prob wants it for Philly trip next month– so he buys it for “me.”

            i slept for 2 hrs last night. lol. trying to set up my “microsoft acct.” haha. i get to a certain point… then it asks me for my Windows password. i don’t know no stinking windows password.

            so– of course, i spend all night (and today) reading articles on the evils of microsoft privacy issues, and install issues w/Windows 10 blah blah blah.

            life is hard sometimes. haha. we had chris to install everything for us… and now he is gone. :(

          • dd

            my entertainment computer just updated from win8 to win10 all by itself lastnight after i’ve refused to do so for the past year.

            when you first start up your windows for the first time, just select “custom set up” and select “no” for every option to opt out of marketing programs. of course, that’s not fail safe but your private data is not worth as much as we think it does anyways at least not in terms of the amount of effort it takes to keep it safe.

            i am going to buy my ellis a new car.

          • Phonow

            other people went through the same thing– they did not “ok” the upgrade– and now are experiencing the joys of reading multiple MS help screens. http://www.infoworld.com/article/2989972/microsoft-windows/windows-10-installation-problems-and-what-to-do-about-them.html i have not updated mine– & will be happy w/ms8 until it dies.

            lol. too late– i used the express option– i will have to undo the marketing stuff later.

            What kind of car is ellis thinking of getting?

          • dd

            who care what kind. i will be driving it

          • Phonow

            ellis is old enough to choose daddy’s wheels.

          • dd

            she likes’em round

          • Phonow
          • dd

            future mary kay sales rep

          • Phonow

            i was one. i used cheapo makeup & went to their rep meetings. the main rep brought me up to the front of the room– to compliment me on my makeup. hahaha

          • dd

            see i can tell by the taste you have in cars! the rep was trying to butter you up? and it worked?

          • Phonow

            lol. dumb, but not *that* dumb.

            i signed up out of pity for my friend. she was trying soo hard… & she did not sell much. so… i bought the smallest package– & gave it all away.

          • dd

            an ex coworker tried to recruit me for arbonne lately. i was like, really?

          • Phonow

            metro. :)

  • Phonow

    got the tablet working. bwwwwaaah.

    happier than all heck. i deleted itunes from my desktop (long story) a couple of years ago. but got everything back after downloading itunes on the tablet. i even have $$ in my store account. amazing. i wonder where i have my ipod.