Viva… Las..


It was my nephew Ryan’s graduation.  We were invited so we spent the long weekend in Vegas though didn’t get to go to graduation due to some communication mishap.  And, spent some free time to visit stuff around Vegas.  First, stopped off at Hoover Dam.


DSC05198 DSC05210 DSC05213 DSC05221


You have to be over 12 years old or something to take the long tour.  I guess it’s because there’s some steep stairs.  Since Ellis is still 3 years old, we had to take the short tour where took an elevator down 5,000 feet to see the base of the dam where the generator and water routers are.


DSC05239 DSC05255 DSC05278 DSC05280


Hoover Dam is.. just something to do since there’s not much else to do in around Vegas.  It was about 95 degrees which I thought might be too hot for Ellis to handle.  But, I was convinced by locals that we’d get used to it quickly which turns out to be true.  Still, we got exhausted a bit quicker than usual.  It wasn’t just the heat but the car ride.


DSC05282 DSC05302 DSC05309


We already spent close to 4 hours in the car the day before, and it took use about 2 hours to get to the dam plus the drive back home.  So, it was pretty physically demanding.  Mia and Ellis got to sleep during the car ride, but I was pretty much wiped out for a few days after the entire Vegas trip.

After Hoover Dam, we attempted to rent a boat at Willow Beach Marina to explore Lake Mead and possibly see Hoover Dam from a different perspective.  However, the we got to the Marina at 2:00 and they told us the last boat to be rented that day was 1:30.  So, we bought some gas station food and ate lunch at the marina.


DSC05322 DSC05329 DSC05333


After we returned to Vegas, we took a nap, and then went to dinner with family.  Afterwards, we took a stroll to see the “largest water fountain” in the world since Ellis is very much a fan of water fountains.

Ellis got to see her cousin Ryan for the first time during the trip and relatives she hasn’t seen since she turned one years old.  She also got to play with 3 dogs while at my sister’s house.  At first, the dogs chase her around.  But, afterwards, she starts chasing them around.  I can’t wait to get her a dog.  She really is engaged whenever there is a dog around.  Speaking of which, she’s really engaged when Ryan is around too.