Venice 2


Second day turns out to be semi dry for the most part.  Would say the rain we did experience only added to the ambiance.




burano is known for their glass




murano is known for their lace




both are known for being industrious islands that weren’t so much touristy until .. i don’t know…




i certainly didn’t know about this place until i saw this restaurant




visited by anthony bourdain in his venice episode




where he introduced us to the world’s best risotto




sardines and polenta




shrimp is good but.. rather have gotten more sardines instead.


  • Phonow

    Ahhhhh. space, endless space. yeah the last section was lagging. lol.

    Oh hi. Yo! Godzilla, must you.

    mmm, the nat king cole song– i could listen to him all day. :) the “eye of the beholder” movie looks a bit creepy. like that stalker song by Sting “every breath you take.”

    • etane

      give me land lots of land under the starry skies above.. don’t fence me in….

      probably sounds like chris’ anthem.

      do you speak japanese? did you say you were born in hawaii? ever go to japan and get scrutinized by your distant japanese relatives?

      • Phonow

        i only know a few phrases in japanese. hmm, i know numbers 1 to 10. good morning! thank you! how is your health; my health is good! ehh, you get the message. sad to say, i took two semesters in college. forgot it all. hahaha.

        I am fourth generation in Hawaii. Never been to Japan. Mom went to japan on a tour. dad never went there. neither parent spoke japanese to me, but they spoke broken japanese to each other when they were upset. lol.

        • etane

          let’s see… ichi ni san si go lio qi bah jo shi.. haha i cheated. i only know up to 5…

          ohayo… arrigato, genki des, genki genki, … right? hahahha

          broken japanese when they were upset? like urusai bakayaro?

          usually movies i see regarding flying to small island in alaska has something to do with serial murder or vampires.

          what is pervy ranger? is it south park related?

          • Phonow

            lol! there was a taiwanese lady at work who tried to teach me chinese numbers– for years. it became a running joke. i could only count up to five. (and i only remembered 3 and four because it sounded like sun tzu). oh, and i know thank you in chinese — because of film. the villagers always said “shay shay” when someone rescued them.

            gads, you know more japanese than i do. haha. had to look up urusai. parents would say “blah blah blah Phonow blah blah bobora head.” pumpkin head. lots & lots of gutteral sounds of disgust.

            we were trying to come up with a handle for chris– either a youtube channel or blog. coined pervy ranger.

            Man, chris loves horror movies. he’ll love your thought on turning the Alaskan stint into a horror show.

          • etane

            what film with the villagers?

            i watch a lot of anime so know a few words of japanese here and there.

            your parents actually call you phonow? so when you were born the nurse asked whether your parents named you… your mom said.. not for now.. so nurse wrote down phonow.?

            pervy ranger sounds catchy. pervy ranger in alaska…. ever seen this movie?


            lots of scary movie plot lines in thos secluded alaska islands.

          • Phonow

            i can’t remember which movie. lol. i am referring to scenes where the hero saves a villager from thugs & the villager bows while saying thank-you. usually, it’s a scene early in the movie where the protagonist is established as a good guy.

            hahahahahaha. i always wondered how i was named. lol. It FINALLY makes sense!

            i never watch spooky movies. once hubbie & i made a mistake– went to a spooky movie (the Roomate?). We walked out real early.

            Yeah. a lot of those Alaska movies are pretty dark. not too many light-hearted comedies about a nervous young lad offering his love a piece of freshly killed walrus liver.

          • etane

            taking a break from editing pictures which is coming along slowly as i had some probably bad poke on friday. feeling tired since then which is not a good way to spend a 3 day weekend but i guess none the better time to get sick.

            actually, not sure whether it’s the poke or something else. because the symptoms is just fatigue which is what i experienced before for an entire 8 months before i started using this nose spray to combat allergy symptoms. i’ve also since started immuno therapy (allergy shots) and the latest increased dosage might have done a number on me.

            is it the poke or the shot or something else? errgggg… but get to stay home and update the blog a bit.

            hope your weekend is better than mine haha… well mine is not bad i guess just worried that this whatever you call it is as persistent as my previous episode with whatever this is called.

          • Phonow

            weekend is going fine… hubbie has the day off, so i am happy. :) we have been venturing out, but quickly returning home–way too hot & humid outside. oh well. better than the other week–it was in the 90′s, but “real feel” was about 100.

            i hope your fatigue is short lived. heaven forbid another 8 months. hope the allergy shots work– have you finished the course of shots? did you mention your fatigue to your doctor? a blood test may show something. it is spooky not knowing what the cause of this fatigue is. am worried about you– keep me posted.

            did not know poke was available on the mainland. i thought it was just a hawaii thing.

            btw, saw beautiful little ellis on vimeo. what a sweetie! she seems just fine in water– as long as daddy is near by. she’ll be swimming in no time. :)

          • etane

            yes it’s wayyy too hot out side. hate to be back in the office espeically after a long weekend but really appreciate the AC.

            so the shots generally have a build up phase and a maintenance phase. I am still in the build up phase which takes about a year… then maintenance phase takes a few years.

            doctors about fatigue is… useless been complaining about that for years to them. usually it ends up to be something allergy related.

            well poke shouldn’t be available at whole foods and umami burger. they are not fresh.

            ellis is temperamental. she didn’t let daddy kiss her = (

          • Phonow

            having AC at work is a perk. one of the few. lol.

            i knew allergy shots were done over a long period of time, but did not know it was *that* long. after all of that, i damn hope it works.

            yeah, i can relate to complaining to doctors about fatigue. hubbie had a sore back for years. like fatigue, a sore back is “common”. his sister’s friend was a technician at kaiser. she snuck him in, and took a ultra sound. kidney cancer, almost stage 3. at stage 3, the doctors would have sewn him up & sent him home to take care of business. …… the point of telling you this is–don’t let up. complain to the doctors until they dig deeper. being fatigued for 8 months is not normal, especially for a young, active guy like you. piss off your doctor by bringing in a list of things it may be– from the internet.

            trouble with poke is that people think they can cover up the taste of old fish with soy sauce & spices. nope.

            lol. in pidgin: daddy is sukebe (dirty old man) and uji (dirty/ creepy). sukebe is japanese, uji– sounds japanese– might originally be from: silkworm disease caused by the parasitic larva of the uji fly. besides, daddy was all wet– ellis did not want to spoil her pretty hair. :)

          • etane

            one of my coworkers been doing it for years and didn’t seem to work and just switched doctors and.. started taking shots all over again. so yah shots sometimes work sometimes don’t. i never got hit so hard by allergies as i did last year. i was coughing in the office everyday. my boss even told me to work from home if i weren’t feeling well since others in the office had made complaints especially with who knows what virus floating around.

            i was perfectly fine after i started with this new nose spray back in may. couldn’t have made it through europe without it. the spray came to me just in time. dunno whether the spray’s effectiveness is wearing off on me.. maybe i am building up immunity to the spray. but yah i saw many many doctors during the last year .. didn’t let up until i felt better. most doctors were truly useless though. most just said i have a viral cold…. which shouldn’t last more then 2 weeks. one said i have asthma… i don’t have asthma.

            i know sukebe. been there done that. never heard of uji.. did hear of muji… lots of muji stores in asia.

          • Phonow

            hmm, urban dictionary: muji is a$$hole in nepalese. must be other definition: generic label stores.

            well tell your germophobe workmates that if your coughing bothers them, THEY can work from home. i bet those same people come in when they are sick. mujis.

            each year, we have a coughing virus that lasts for months (although longest i heard of was 3 months). cough so bad, you can’t inhale. and, terrible, terrible fatigue. the cough syrup that helped me (and others) was Delsym (over the counter). oh yeah, the weird thing about this virus was that only a few people came down with it. other people seem immune. i catch it every year, but the severity lessens each time.

          • etane


            shhhhh… i prefer to work from home haha. i often call in “i am working from home today cough cough”.

            so you’re one of those that catch every virus hahaha… i went to ent and thought maybe i needed a septoplasty as even a slightly crooked one causes germs to be trapped in nasal airway. in my case, at least the current theory is, my allergy caused polyps in my nose to flare and this caused germs to be trapped in my nasal airway. the spray i am using now relieves the polyps from flaring up.

          • Phonow

            LOL. “cough cough.” hahaha hope you can find a similar spray that helps. & stop using the spray when you need a day off. “cough cough.” :)

            i would have not retired if i could work from home. admin kept on saying “one day” but when that lasted for 15 years or so… i left.