Venice to Milan (1)


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These photos were taken about 5 months ago.

Had to take the morning vaporetto to the train station.  Left extra early so we have time to eat breakfast and to do a little souvenir shopping before departure.  Breakfast was gnocchi, sardine in vinegar and vegetable soup.  Just can’t get enough of the sardines in Venice.

  • Kpkafle

    Hey buddy. Why don’t you create a new user id using a different email address and join us this season ? I need some help antagonizing Khuang.

    • etane

      c’mon you gotta pick up your game if you need help to antagonize the perpetually perturbed one!

      howzit going with you and lmu?

      • Kpkafle

        Daughter is doing great at LMU. Since it’s her sophomore year, we are going down there less to give her space. But she stays in touch when she needs money. How old is your daughter ? Time for pre-school yet.

        • etane

          my daughter is 28 months… still a ways from preschool but probably start day care this or next year. want her to start socializing with her “peers”.

          you don’t just instantly transfer money to her via paypal and make her have to call you on a monthly basis instead? = P