Venice 3


Dorsoduro was my goal today.  It consists of two parts.  One part is connected to the rest of Veneto and another part is an island onto itself.  The island portion used to be an industrial segment but industry has since been abandoned.  Lots of housing there now and some restaurants along the water front but not a lot of touristy stuff going on.  Good for a stroll but not a lot of stuff going on.



Dorsoduro on the Veneto side is a lot more interesting.  A lot of the upper crust Venetians live here.  For the most part, it’s away from the tourists, so there’s lots of shops and restaurants catering more to the locals.  You see more markets, schools, theaters and such.




Above is the entrance to a music academy at Dorsoduro.




A ship yard that looks older than it needs to be.




Different angle of the ship yard.




On top of a bridge somewhere in Dorsoduro.




Be careful of the gypsies.




They are hiding.




They are here and there.




They are every where.. oh crap she saw me.




Gondolas which I didn’t partake on during this trip.  Price is a rip off.








Painter at San Marcos.




San Marcos drizzled.




No one at the outdoor cafe today.




Ughm.. more San Marcos.




That too.




Another angle of… sigh.




Arriving at San Marcos from Dorsoduro while on the vaporetto.. yah the pics are in anachronological order.




Industrial side of Dorsoduro island.




Walking from our bb to vaporetto… in Santa Croce.. (i think)




More walking…




Bad day for a gondola ride.. plus it’s more interesting at night.  It’s also more expensive at night.




View near our bb.

  • Phonow

    have to say that i really love the venice photographs! the overcast sky and bursts of color — beautiful. faves are #1, gypsy w/ chartreuse cup, painter, and heavy sigh pics!

    • etane

      i don’t see the turkish flag… = D

      • Phonow

        lol. “San Marcos drizzled” three red flagpoles. zoom at bottom of first & second poles. and while you’re there, enlarge the lucy in the sky with diamonds pigeons flying above the poles. :)

        and yes, i zoom your pics. :)

        • etane

          oh i see it now… no idea why it’s there. i am actually glad that you zoom in. i was wondering whether anybody was doing that cuz the pics mostly are edited so that more details and colors can be seen when zoomed. so, i actually tossed out a lot of pics that are not clear even when zoomed in. although, the flag pole pic is not all that clear after it’s zoomed in.

          lucy in the sky?

          • Phonow

            song by beatles. some people speculate it was about LSD. the pigeons flying above the flag poles look a bit psychedelic. lol.

            i zoom the pics because i love the little tidbits each one shows. gnomes in the walls, or expressions on people’s faces. the glance of the gypsy w/cup– hopeful & sad (ashamed?) at the same time– and the cup itself–so bright & cheery juxtaposed w/poverty/grey streets –to me, the subject of the photo. best photo of all the great ones in the venice series.

          • etane

            lawn gnomes? you mean gargoyles? = P

            yah i like it when i shoot into a crowd then zoom into pic and can see the faces of each person in the crowd clearly. almost like peeping tom.

            the gypsy with plastic cup pic has already been cropped a bunch. glad the resolution is still high enough that it can still be zoomed in without losing too much clarity. i am such a great photographer hahaha.

          • Phonow

            haha ok. gargoyles. (gnomes is easier to spell. haha).

            yes you are a great photographer. stop fishing for compliments. lol.

            i really love that cup pic. and the first & last pic in Venice 2.

          • etane

            am i really a great photographer?

            man it’s like super hot today. 95 degree, no cloud when i went to lunch and walked into a meeting. an hour later, sky is gray and is raining super hard. crazy weather here… probably normal for hawaii standard..

            i have my accounting hat on right now. i hate accounting…

          • Phonow

            haha. i remember when chris was critiquing your photos. i told him he was a bit harsh. chris said that you had a “great eye.” and with a little tweaking, you could be a Great Photographer. wait, hold it! darn, i bit again. lol.

            hawaii is having the same weather as your area. flash flooding alternating w/ very hot humid weather. hurricane weather.

            haha. this morn, my cpa just sent me a friendly reminder to send in my est. tax, due sept. 15.

          • etane

            he was not harsh. he did give me some good pointers but honestly i don’t spend as much time as he does setting up for a pic which might prevent me from becoming a Great Photographer.. so, i don’t think i am a great photographer.. my pics are just so so.. no one has ever told me that i am a Great Photographer without condition before… never… ever….

            estate tax? you mean for your big ass house?

          • Phonow

            i guess females always try to soften any criticism, whereas men are able to just able to take a more direct route. what is harsh to me is just “pointers” to you. your photograph of the cup was a Great Photograph to me. everybody has their own “thing.” my thing is homelessness/poverty or landscape. if i was a fish, i would be extinct by now. :)

            no, estimated quarterly tax. big ass house tax is semi annual. hahaha.

          • etane

            so in order to get more compliments from you i just have to press your nurturing buttons and exploit some more homeless gypsies?

            who the hell pays quarterly taxes? i just googled.. you freelance?

          • Phonow

            pictures of road kill brings out my nurturing self also. :)

            ?? no i do not freelance. the house is a rental. you mean other people do not pay estimated taxes? i never did this before– usually, i paid once a year, but cpa told me this year, we should do estimated payments.

          • etane

            i guess the nature of freelance’s income flow that it is less structured than someone on salary is more similar to collecting rent which makes it necessary to report quarterly at least that’s how i interpret what i found on google which arguably is kinda bogus unless vacancy is rampant. i’d understand if you were running an airbb but renting generally is pretty consistent but who knows… not a lot of laws actually make sense.

            yay for friday!

          • Phonow

            read an article about calif’s weird weather. you were not exaggerating lol. too bad CA can’t capture all that rain for future use.

            flash flood warning for Oahu today. i almost fell asleep on the lanai this morning– the rain cooled the air –it’s only 80 degrees now. ahhh.

            sorry for bringing up the cpa stuff. you mentioned doing some accounting… and my post skipped into some sort of stream of conscious writing. lol.

            well, by now, chris is on the highway–heading down to aransas. he passed his firefighter 2 physical exam yesterday & has that certificate. nasty exam–45 lb backpack, 3 miles, 45 minutes, uphill–in heat & humidity, not easy. :)

            Friday!!! . you have a great weekend etane! watch out for 100+ degree weather, flooding, and landslides. (reverse jinx!)

          • etane

            argghhh… watch out for allergies! i was wiped out for most of the week.

            damn chris is in shape? and he spends so much time driving around surprised he doesn’t have a trucker’s body = P

            time flies it’s friday again!

          • Phonow

            yeah, i figured you were not feeling well. :( hope you can find a new spray that works. do your allergies get better during fall/winter? or bad year round?

            haha. chris is amazingly healthy, considering the fact that he lives on mt. dew & thinks that pizza contains all the essential food groups. his new job is to use a “floating track drive tractor to revamp a wetland about 1000+ acres.”

            hawaii news: no tsunami from chile earthquake. :) but the eruption advisory level for mauna loa (mountain) has been raised. :( it is just one level over “normal,” but mauna loa’s flows can endanger very populated areas. Mauna loa last erupted in 1984, and stopped just outside of hilo.

            gee i hope you feel better for the weekend, then “cough cough” on monday. ;) have as good of a weekend as you can… take care.

          • etane

            no new spray but stepping up the spraying frequency and using 2 or 3 different types at the same time plus stepping up with the nasal rinse. it’s like douching for the nose. i feel fresh inside and out now.

            so an 8.3 earthquake doesn’t reek havoc to hawaii. maybe epicenter was too inland. from what i remember, hawaii lava are the slow flowing kind. plenty of time for people to get out of the lava’s path. = P

          • Phonow

            lol. i hated those douch commercials.

            As long as your nostrils are “spring fresh”, i guess it is worth it. be careful w/ the nasal rinsing though. a bit back there were warnings about neti pots.

            hubbie told me that the recent chile earthquake occurred in shallow water– water displacement was not big enough for a destructive tsunami. too lazy to verify lol. in 1960, chile had a 9.5 (! not a typo) earthquake that resulted in a tsunami that killed 61 people in hilo. can’t imagine a 9.5. biggest earthquake i have felt was a 7.2.

            yes, there is ample time to get out of the way of a lava flow. but man, it sucks when your house gets burned & buried under lava. and sucks to have major highways cut in two. recently, Pahoa town almost got cut off. a simple 10 min. drive to the supermarket would have turned into a 70 (? guessing at mileage) mile drive.

            wish you were back at jl,net. reagan is driving me nuts. need you to ride him till he decides to move to portal. :)

          • etane

            i am surprised reagan didn’t already go to portal since they are all right wingers there.

            yah do recall the 9 richter quake. off memory i remember lots lots lots of people died in that one.. like a million? i google it later.

            see if lava flows that slowly you have plenty of time to dig a ditch to control the lava flow say directly into your annoying neighbor’s house and claim it was an act of god. you know the one that smokes weed all day long and won’t share none. that will teach him not to share after the lava burns up all his “hemp”.

            speaking of chile, you know about the chiliean seabass is not from chile?

          • Phonow

            Still awake? Nothing like Friday to improve the constitution. :)

            reagan has been popping happy pills. we were talking about the “no more chinese” spray paint hate crime guy. reagan was arguing FOR the poor old guy. preached forgiveness. & now, he is on a positive thinking rampage–love not hate Lin’s new teammates. baaaarrf.

            not sure if i have ever had chilean seabass. looked it up– what a pleasant smile. lol. the mystery fish in dishes here is tilapia lol. local people consider tilapia a “dirty” fish that tastes like mud, so the restaurants just don’t mention what type of fish it is. haha.

            they tried to divert the Kapoho lava flow. did not work. town destroyed. orchid farmer in video was my dad’s good friend. he owns lava rock right now. :(

            the way to stop a lava flow is by offering Pele gin. sometimes she will accept it, sometimes not.

          • etane

            *yawn* no i am not awake. can definitely stay in bed not cuz i am sick but i don’t drink coffee anymore, it’s cloudy outside, and i don’t wanna start working yet… weekend too short.

            legally, is that person who spray painted what he did protected by free speech or is it considered hate speech and thus not protected?

            i watched “divorce corp.” on netflix over the weekend. a guy posted something negative about a judge, and he got thrown in jail for 5 years. he was given a chance to remove the post and had to post an apology but he refused.

            man i am learning so much about such injustices via netflix. .. = /

            joe (of joe versus the volcano) can stop the lava flow. just need a “volunteer”.

          • Phonow

            no coffee? no wonder you feel like cr*p. i live on coffee morning noon and night. like a lot of other addicts, i need coffee just to maintain.

            has the flooding affected your area? read an article about a man found by the bridge to nowhere hike. flash floods are nasty.

            i sort of see the argument w/that statement being “free speech.” but if i am reading the link below correctly, there is a difference between speech and conduct. calif charged the nut case with 6 counts of vandalism and 6 counts of hate crime. to me, the question here is not whether calif is suppressing a person’s free speech, but rather, whether or not the graffiti is a hate crime. then again, what do i know. haha.


            that judge has a God complex. a judge that can’t take criticism should not be on the bench. free speech. lol.

          • etane

            i ate a lot of swedish fish this morning… so got my rush… or drop… whatever sugar does.

            what flooding? maybe out in the boonies haha.. doesn’t affect me. even if it did. flash flood > lava

            there could be some public relation stuff involved since there so many chinese constituents in sf. i haven’t read anything about the graffiti guy. what were people on jl saying? the site seems to be a bit too sensitive.

            i know that asians are down trodden in white america and perhaps i’ve experienced some bamboo ceiling though not sure i am since it could be just “me” and not “them”.

            i feel more strongly about class divide than racial divide these days.

          • Phonow

            swedish fish? oh, googled. candy for breakfast? noooo. sugar is like taking a speedball. you rush & crash at the same time.

            the hike is in the ” mountains above Azusa and Glendora.” looks like an okay hike–nice river. eh, fash flood>lava or vice versa– depends on where you’re at. :)

            a few of us, including myself, was arguing “hate crime.” reagan was arguing forgiveness & floaty hearts. barf.

            I agree that the site is too sensitive–WHEN people start yelling “race-baiting troll.” Give it a rest (esp. KH), it is only basketball.

            BUT in this instance, the graffiti was directed at a neighborhood in the real world. So… it bothers me. the whites in SF are feeling pretty cramped because the asian population is growing fast. Asians are being blamed for high rents & god knows what else in the rich neighborhoods. & the nut case just picked up the ball & ran with it into a poor neighborhood.

            yes, class divide is important–and god knows the middle class is disappearing. i think the problem is that americans are more willing to fight against the poor rather than the filthy rich. crabs in a bucket.

          • etane

            haha kh doesn’t count. he’s race baiting. there are others who complained about bamboo ceiling i forgot who exactly as it’s not an issue i care a whole lot about. you know the usual argument, those in power are holding down jlin and other asians because.. they are asian. maybe it’s true but this complaint doesn’t change much.

            on my ride over to work i heard on radio that a black lady won best emmy for best actress. she said she wouldn’t have won unless the role she played were created and that only difference between female of color and everyone else is they don’t have opportunity.

            asians don’t have as much opportunity? well, that will change in time culturally.

            heard another talk show something about white and black relations have deteriorated during the past few years (not sure how that is measured) and how black upward mobility hasn’t changed much during the past few years which is viewed negatively by blacks and positively by whites.

            lots of those in complain that there’s lack of alpha male asian characters in hollywood. again, this doesn’t bother me at all. it’s somewhat surprising that people perceive this as an issue. i never thought that my life would be easier had there been an asian stallone on the silver screen or maybe i am down playing this. i understand that there should be equal opportunity but movies are businesses and sta-lee-ong probably won’t have as much of an ROI. so it’s not hollywood’s fault rather it’s the ticket buyers’.

          • Phonow

            lol. we agree. kh does not count. but he is sooo irritating.

            re bamboo ceiling. in some ways, we azns are holding ourselves back from leadership positions. we were always trained not to stand out (the nail analogy), not to brag, not to rock the boat. are we being held down, or are we holding ourselves down? … i feel it is a combination of both, & we are partially to blame.

            eh, in the big scheme of things, i think that azns are doing just fine. for goodness sake, we are more educated, and earn more than average americans. we are applying tiger mom standards to ourselves.

            BUT, unlike you, i feel that the way that american media portrays asians (esp asian men) is very important. big media shapes the attitudes we have towards everything– race or fashion, or whatever. how are asians portrayed in media? A socially awkward geek, who is asexual but oh so smaaaart. or, a two-faced sneaky villain who personifies evil. Attitudes toward asians can change, and media can play a big part in it.

          • etane

            you know i have very mixed feeling about some of the touch points here and it has a lot to do with quality of life.

            do asians WANT to be ceo? most asians i know don’t at least not here in the US. it’s not that big of a deal compared to say in China or other Asian countries. Plus, there’s so much opportunity costs. outside of korea and japan and perhaps Apple Computer sweat shops in China, US has some of the longest work hours especially for upper management. do we want to give up our time with our kids? most higher ranking asians i know are not that willing.

            once the asian guy gets to be at senior engineer for example, they don’t want to go up higher to say director or vp of engineer cuz that means he has less time obsessing over their kids’ grades and extracurricular activities. i am basing these off of anecdotal evidences. however, i think this is prevalent where asians living in the US still have traditional values of family and education.

            and then there’s the penchant by asian americans as ones more willing to play by the rules. you won’t find an asian in the board room at enron or country wide. but, that doesn’t mean asians are less “nasty” since we got people selling talcum powder as milk powder in china, right? so, i see it more as “successful” asian americans are just comfrotable and secure where they are at.

            and, i think the ones who demand hollywood pay homage to asian actors are fewer and farther in between and mostly are those who are yet comfortable and secure with where they are at and the cognative dissoance starts their blame game.

            this is not to say that bamboo ceiling doesn’t exist. i think less that it’s because asians are considered awkward and geeky. aren’t we all at certain stages in life? perhaps some asians never grew out of it. and, i think this is because some asian families prioritize education but less so for socialization and other things that help facilitate environment for more well roundedness. and, it’s really how one is comfortable with one’s self. i think the y generation feels more empowered with their awkwardness.

            “A socially awkward geek, who is asexual but oh so smaaaart.” reminds me of revenge of the nerds haha…

          • Phonow

            no one i know wants to be a CEO, but they would really love to have the money that comes along with it. but does having THAT much money really make a person happier or more satisfied with life? maybe not:

            I take that benchmark with a grain of salt. I know people who earn way less than that, and they are happy and satisfied with life. But i also realize that if there is one unexpected expense, they will be in trouble.

            i totally agree with your friends that trading off time with your children for higher pay is not worth it. It warms my heart to see you gallivanting around with ellis (yes, I see your new blog post lol). Your time together is worth much more than $$.

            well… thank goodness for billionaire geeks. haha.

            i am hoping that each new generation of azns will be proud of our culture, but let go of tiger mom expectations. To me, good is good enough. i still remember being lectured for hours (really, hours) each time i came home with a few B’s. I was allowed no socializing, life was chores, and studying. thank goodness for college. lol!

          • etane

            hmmm let’s move to mississippi…

            ceos are usually control freaks or sociopaths?

            so how did you turn out not so awkward and geeky? oh wait… maybe i don’t want to know.

          • Phonow

            lol! i thought the same thing. mississippi, scratch chin… hmm

            yep, to be a ceo, you need a certain personality. if you do not believe you are god, you won’t be successful. old testament god, not the oh-too-socialistic jesus.

            haha. not geeky because not smaaaart. & who says i am not awkward. lol!

          • etane

            see we could be comfortable with our awkwardness = P

            my sister was born left handed. but, she was forced to become right handed by her teachers at school. so her left handedness was beaten out of her.

            it’s as if left handedness is the devil and the teachers had to perform exorcism. i am joking but i don’t think i am far off. leftys are bad ju ju or something.

          • Phonow

            hubbie is left handed. only prob with being left handed is certain tools (eg scissors) are made for right handed folks.

            isn’t it crazy how teachers (and parents) try to change left handedness into right? it’s like if there is no logical reason for changing a behavior, people blame it on the devil. how convenient.

            thump! sorry. just tripped over my awkwardness.

          • etane

            your husband is the fencing devil incarnate.

            some teachers act like g o d much like those at psalm666′s site.

            friday again???

          • Phonow

            It’s Friday!!!! You are not hallucinating.

            Well… you might be hallucinating…. but not about it being Friday.

            some teachers good, some 666.

            Have a great weekend etane! to close, here is hubbie’s favorite fencing scene

          • etane

            yay for wednesday! caught a cold from coworker on monday and crashed on tuesday… yay!

            it was hard for me to admit that princess bride is one of my fave movies but i’ve watched it countless times. everytime i catch it on tv i will watch it to the end. such a well made movie, great story telling. movies nowadays are not re-watchable.

          • Phonow

            a sick workmate is sometimes a curse, sometimes a blessing. :)

            hubbie was laughing so much in the movie theater– i felt like jabbing him in the ribs. cultural difference. in public, asians, we laugh on the inside. haha. yeah, princess bride was a guy flick & a chick flick & a comedy–very rare. nowadays comedies depend way too much on slap stick, snot, sex & chit for a laugh.

            did you ever watch joy luck club? i remember crying the first time i watched it. the second time, i had a wise crack for every scene. lol.

          • etane

            i am better now. friday again!

            i saw jlc. crying was not something i did when watching the movie. was really thinking how unbelievably strong women raised unbelievably weak daughters. which brings me to my next blog topic which i haven’t had the time to start.. hopefully later today.

          • Phonow

            hahaha. i related to the daughters much more than the tiger moms. i think that in times of great duress (the war), you have no choice but to be “unbelievably strong.” the “weak” daughters were just facing 1st world problems.

            glad you’re feeling better. have a great weekend!