Taking Off


We’ve been prepping Ellis for her first plane ride for awhile.




We were never worried that she would cry or yell.




Somehow we took that as a given.




I hope it’s because the bond between us is strong enough that she trusts we would never do anything to hurt her.




And, she was excited for weeks before her first flight.




But, she was always patient in her waiting as well as when she was on the plane.




I loaded up my old tablet with Qiao Hu Island and Doraemon cartoons.  She lost interest in about an hour.  Didn’t really need’em.




Perhaps, our prepping paid off.  Or, she never needed’em.


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  • Phonow

    Aww. What a joy– little ellis’ first flight. where did you fly to?

    my flight had a girl a little older than ellis, who cried all the way from la airport to hawaii. i did not think she could last that loooonnnnggg. haha

    • dd

      i already hinted to you where i was going to go.. see whether you could catch the hint.

      ellis is so good on the plane. she’s a painfully good child.

      • Phonow

        baltimore? (tried reading the sign behind the check in lady- haha). have pity on me. i had a rough journey with a crying child. i almost joined in.

        sweet ellis. she looked so happy on the airplane. no fear– just absorbing the entire experience. :)

        • dd


          she wasn’t really that impressed with plane considering it’s her first time… she was more excited before she got on the plane.. maybe a bit underwhelmed.

          • Phonow

            cheater? lol. more than one way to skin a cat. :)

            okay. why did you chose to visit baltimore?

          • dd

            i told u to talk to obama right after my private meeting with loretta lynch

          • Phonow

            you’re bill clinton? omg. why do you pretend to be asian?

          • dd

            why do people think i am black?

          • Phonow

            you’re black? dayum. never would have guessed.

          • dd

            obama said i am the real first black president

          • Phonow

            clinton checked out ancestory.com, and found out we are all black.

          • dd

          • Phonow

            what is your name?
            kunta kinte.
            no, your name is bill. what is your name?
            kunta kinte

          • dd

            my name is amistad and i like to incarcerate blacks

          • Phonow

            you’re a swooner, not a schooner.