Oh Small Solstice Tree



Took Ellis to Discovery Center in OC about a year ago exactly.  There was a Thomas Train exhibit there.  She got to climb onto train replicas and play with trains on wooden track.  Since then, she’s been enamored by trains.  So, for *holidays*, I got her a Brio train track set and a couple of Thomas Trains.  I think these type of toys would be good for her since she already has interest in trains and designing and building out tracks should be good for her fine motor and cognitive development.  But, so far, the train is a bust.  She plays with them for a few minutes then loses interest.  Perhaps it’s because the den we’re in has soft carpet and is difficult to get the wooden rails set up right.  Or, I just have to set them up the first few times before she gets into them.

The first train I got is radio controlled.  But, she seems disinterested in the radio control feature.  Instead, she tried to push the train by hand, and, since the wheel is motorized, the wheel wouldn’t roll by pushing them.  So, she gave up trying to push the train.  However, the Hape Geometric House (bauhaus) is a big hit.  Go figure.

Onto other notes, her food pickiness seems to be getting worse.  The variety of food she’s willing to intake is diminishing and starting to target foods that have a single thing in common: sugar.  Daddy is very unhappy about this.  Daddy already keeps her food choices down to pasta, rice, and try to get her to intake a few bites of protein and vegies.  Snacking on bread particularly the kind you find in Taiwanese bakeries is hit or miss.

Lately, it seems like a battle of wills.  Getting her to eat food she used to eat without nudging is now a chore to get her to consume.  But, daddy refuses budge.  Eventually, she does give in and say “I will not be a picky eater”, picks up her utensil and starts stuffing her mouth.  She knows what she is doing is wrong but need to know where her threshold is.  People who are taking care of her needs to really love her by showing her where her boundaries are.

  • Phonow

    “solstice tree” and *holidays*. we’re alike in *that* way. hahaha.

    i’m sure you googled how to deal with picky eaters.

    i do not remember being two, but i do remember (6 or 7 yrs old?) hating too bitter (semi raw onions), too rich (milk, mayo), too sweet (frosting), weird textures (marshmellows). also remember being on the point of tears when mom bought the wrong brand of hot dogs or dried saimin. the taste and texture were different. Ahhh. childhood. :)

    Good luck. this may take a while.

    • http://etane.net/ etane

      Damn you were a picky eater! I remember things since I was 1. I recall everything I was picky about and why I was picky about them. So, I think I am good at ameliorating her pickiness. But, SO is not. So, there’s a bit of confusion. But, overall, I was very very picky. But, I think it’s because of the environment in which I was in. Adults who took care of me were more concerned about what they were eating than they were of what I was. Until this day my mom and sisters still say I was a picky eater. No, I will not eat fried pork chops at 1 year old.

      • Phonow

        Jeeez. you remember being one? You’re an old soul reborn, or a genius, or both. :) Fried pork chops for a one year old? Not good–too greasy, too chewy (choking hazard).

        Do you still shy away from foods you disliked during childhood? Did little LS inherit your likes and dislikes?

        • http://etane.net/ etane

          no i just have a lot of repressed memory that was kept fresh until the day they were opened up again haha.

          no i am not picky with food i eat just about anything. i think what LS dislikes is not uncommon for kids her age. and, as i later learned, it’s more behavior rather than taste. once they learn something doesn’t taste good, it’s hard to unlearn that. so, at least during that first impression moment, don’t give her that overcooked flavorless piece of broccoli that you cooked for grandma.

          also, what i remember about being picky is just the whole eating experience that it wasn’t fun. it was just sitting around listening to adults talk. so, there’s that unappetizing atmosphere factor.

          • Phonow

            did you go to a hypnotist to reopen memories? or, do you have flashbacks to your earliest memories? tried a hypnotist once, but nadda.

            i like to *think* of myself as not being a picky eater. haha. if i have no choice, i will eat mayo, strong vinegary foods, or cooked carrots in a social situation. but at home… i prefer to leave those things out. oh yeah, plain milk repulses me.

            little LS is normal in her eating habits. i guess at two, she is discovering what she can and can’t control. just keep on introducing new foods to her–sooner or later, she will give it a go. (and keep the overcooked broccoli for grandma lol).

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            nope never went to therapy although maybe i should haha. some stuff i just never forgot. some stuff is remembered by dream or reminded by something.

            apple milk in taiwan in yummmm… why don’t they make fruity milk in the states or anywhere else?

            yah you’re right about the picky eating with LS is a control issue. she’s pushing the boundary of what she can or cannot do and dictating for herself what she wants to eat is one way of doing it. and, according to what i read, you have to be authoritative but not permissive or authoritarian whatever those mean.

          • Phonow

            you’d probably end up psychoanalyzing your therapist. :) dreams are a trip. mine are always intensely colorful/beautiful with elements of danger. my fave was a “mad max” dream– flying in a decrepit fighter jet over a post apocalyptic carnival ground. lol. what it means, i have no idea. but it was fun.

            apple milk? looked up a recipe. think i will make a batch & see if hubbie gives it a thumbs up. will report later.

            The closest fruit milk i can think of are those asian fruit flavored yogurt drinks. i’m not sure if those drinks are popular with non asians. oh yeah, health food markets has kaffir — way too thick and sweet yogurt drink.

            Authoritative, but not permissive or authoritarian? lol. Depends on the perspective of the reader. Oh gosh, i would have made such a horrible mother. Way way too paranoid about things that *may* go wrong. haha

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            well i certainly won’t work well with a therapist who says “that’s the way it is” without supporting why he says I am crazy.

            so i learned about sleep and dreams in college and supposedly dream is not meant to be remembered and if you do remember it then you probably experienced a disrupted sleep cycle. your brain will eventually fix that hence you forget your dreams after awhile. i used to write down my dreams when this happened. my hypothesis was this forced my brain to use more of its gray matter but also could cause early arrival of senility.

            i had a flight related dream lately. when i have the time, i will turn it into a short story.

            i grew up with yakult and there’s no way those yogurt drinks will help you normalize your shitting process. too much sugar in those drinks for the bacteria to stay alive.

          • Phonow

            hope you post your fight dream short story. would love to read it.

            my friend told me that if you want to remember your dreams, just set your alarm to wake up early. then, go back to sleep– you will remember your dreams in your second sleep.

            how would remembering dreams force your brain to use more gray matter or cause early senility? any studies done on this?

            lol. re black panther salute. the meeting last night (224th anniversary of bill of rights) was on three topics. 1) freedom of info act & also how to get info out of state & c&c). 2) civil asset forfeiture & 3) homelessness.

            Always uplifting to hear good people fighting for worthwhile causes. :) the atheist’s sunday worship.

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            i think after u go back to sleep after the early alarm, you would forget 90% of your dreams.

            and, think your brain isn’t supposed to remember dreams. it’s latent information that is supposed to be expunged during REM as your brain makes room for more information to be stored. i hypothesize senility has to do with a person’s inability to complete their sleep cycle hence unable to “scrub and organize” data in your their heads optimally. so far, I have terrible time putting names to faces or recalling certain vocabulary words but have no problem remembering their meanings. basically, my memory is bad but i am good with processes. my memory used to be pretty good.

            i thought civil forfeiture has become illegal or at least there is a bill that prevents it from being committed by cops in the works? my coworker linked me this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHcTKWiZ8sI

            i imagine your husband’s social credit must be very low… oh and can he do something about this?


          • Phonow

            by linking that video, i am sorry to announce that your credit score has been lowered. you have been unfriended by all. Jlfan#1 has received retrospective bonus points for banning you.

            no, i don’t think hubbie’s score is very low– but not very high either. haha. i guess he loses points for caring about working people, caring about equal rights, caring about the homeless. He is good peoples. :)

            Hope national outrage will defeat that anti Syrian legislation in Denmark. Damn, i should talk. our gov. (Ige) made a statement about Syrians being welcomed in Hawaii. the uproar was so bad, he had to backpedal. even “liberal” hawaii does not want them.

            i do not remember my dreams anymore. but i think my brain is not scrubbing very well. i have become so foggy headed, it is concerning. i was never the brightest bulb in the bunch, but it has gotten much worst. haha.

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            caring for people is not conducive to corporate profit driven mentality. score deducted.

            oh what i said about my memory probably also has to do with using google too much.


            basically, the symptoms i described above is common with people who uses google and i use it very often. i think my sleep cycle has a lot to do with my memory (lack of) but the article does describe my symptoms such as memory recall bad but memory research is good. which means, i don’t remember what it is but i remember how to find that information.

            currently, we have a 2 year background vetting process for letting syrians into our border and i think our quota is like 9k but supposedly obama is upping that to 20k. i think our background check is plenty. but, like the san bern shooters, they were radicalized in saudi arabia. perhaps we should only put saudi arabia on our alert list. but, no way that will happen. even mitch mcconnel is against banning mulsims probably because half his constituency is saudi arabia.

          • Phonow

            ah, but by giving workers raises, winning equal rights, and feeding the homeless, he delays the revolution. (jk! jk!)

            i remember another article that covers the same ground as yours. http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2008/07/is-google-making-us-stupid/306868/ hmm, i wonder if students are able to graduate nowadays without ever cracking open a book.

            saudi arabia will never be touched. don’t you watch fox news? the problem is iran.

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            why delay the revolution when bankers and weapons manufacturers make bank off instability hahahahaha.

            yes saudi will never be touched hence we can’t ban saudis from entering the US. trump’s worst enemy is… the republican party when it comes to foreign policy.

          • Phonow

            isn’t the situation so sad? somehow, someway, the regular joe always loses.

            weapons become obsolete. we have a No Waste policy.

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            i blame it on fundamentalist here in the west haha.

          • Phonow

            lol. you blame *everything* on the fundamentalists.

            in the bible, it says not to tempt the lord your god. but fundamentalists feel like they can hurry the apocalypse by creating havoc in the middle east. isn’t that meddling in the affairs of god?

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            i only know of satan tempting jesus and, of course, satan failed. didn’t satan know jesus is son of god? of course, you know the argument 2000 yrs ago that jesus is human not god? well jews think he’s a prophet. not sure what muslim’s believe regarding jesus cept he’s not god.

            and fundies are annoying. why can’t i blame everything on them?

          • Phonow

            muslims believe that jesus was a prophet, as was mohammad. so was joseph smith, and, KH is the bb prophet.

            well, satan pulled a quick one by tempting god to jerk Job around.

            nice to sit down. i was squirting blood and tomato sauce all over my kitchen. i pulled a jimmy chu (wok the f*ck) — the rare beef scene– chop chop.

            oh-tay. if you want to blame fundies for everything, that is fine with me. go for broke brah. :)

            have a great weekend etane. i notice your new posts. DL & museum pics are awesome. Ellis will treasure them when she grows up. :)

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            well still muslims didn’t believe jesus is god but just another messenger who is of lesser importance than mohammed for some reasons.

            is your typing finger ok? did you lose an appendage?

            i wouldn’t blame fundies so much if they didn’t have such victim mentality. bullies love to bully those that have victim mentality.

            did you have a good weekend? ellis went to another museum this weekend.

          • Phonow

            i think that only christians and catholics think that jesus is god. the other religions think jesus is just a cool dude.

            slashed left index finger. i exaggerated a little bit (hang head). less than jimmy chu but greater than paper cut. remember the scene from joy luck club where the prostitute daughter went home & fed mom a piece of her arm? same concept, less flesh. umami.

            Everyone wants to believe and belong. I think that fundies were rejected from society, so they formed their own group. Just another lunatic fringe group.

            yeah, had nice weekend. invited over a couple of friends for a turkey dinner. nice and mellow considering the two i invited are right wingers. lol.

            Little Ellis is growing up to be quite the cultured lady. :) love those psychedelic pics of Ellis at LACMA.

            notice that you are going through a transitional situation. Hope that the situation resolves itself soon and that all will be well.

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            too bad you exaggerated or i thought you were perfecting your beef pho with star anus.

            fundies formed their own group and it’s called amurika?

            nice to be able to share a turkey dinner together while wishing the other choke on a wish bone under your breaths.

            Ellis enjoys museums. I did too but only natural history museums when i was her age and a bit older.

            Thx! = D

          • Phonow

            was trying to reply re: star anus, but …. haha… will stop here.

            haha. actually i really like them. it’s strange. some of the nicest people i know are repugs. but we can’t talk politics– or else. one repug lives in one of the richest neighborhoods on the island, the other lives in a cave in a hillside. both are very intelligent & interesting. too bad they’re repugs. lol.

            i have always been an outdoors person. no real museums in the area i grew up in. family outings were mostly to the beach, seeing latest eruption, or going to the circus when it was in town. catch n release crayfish or tilapia. very country. haha.

            btw, racial meltdown on jl.net. lol

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            yah so i hear repubs are some of the nicest people. but, i think it’s really misconstrued as the you’re either with me or against me syndrome. they are very tight with you as long as you don’t cross them. and, if you do, they are your worst nightmare.

            of course you’re an outdoorsy person. you’re in hawaii. if you don’t go out often, your grass skirt will wilt from suffocation and dry out. you still have tilapia? i thought 99% of them are farmed.

            ellis has made great strides during the past year regarding the “outdoor” stuff. before she wouldn’t touch grass, sand, soil etc. now she loves playing in the grass and with fallen leaves. she literally played with fallen leaves for a whole hour yesterday. i had to pull her away or we’d be there the whole day.

            fallen leaves and water fountains. she loves those. i’d love to build a koi pond with a fountain one of these days. my gramps had one. memories…

            oh and i guess you’re referring to colin. but the racist cake should go to jon lee.

          • Phonow

            grass skirts are so yesterday. we use astroturf nowadays.

            Locals think of tilapia as a dirty fish–tastes like mud, grows in polluted, stagnant waters. I tried tilapia ceviche recently. it took a lot of will power to overcome my prejudice against that fish. We have tilapia farms here, and they are trying to overcome local reluctance to try that fish. I remember a conversation i had with Chris. He thinks of ocean fish as dirty, and lake/river fish as tasty and clean. Here, it is the opposite. I guess it depends on what you grew up eating.

            we had a koi mud pond in the back yard. the fish were so tame– they would eat out of your hand. yes, nice memories. did your gramps live in Taiwan?

            mmm, fallen leaves and fountains. what can be better than that? lucky little girl — out n about — seeing the world. :)

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            astroturf? you’ve gone full crazy and joined the tea party? = D

            yah i am still part of the brainwashed group that think farmed fish are for the most part disgusting. honestly, i can’t tell the difference between farmed tilapia and halibut once they are put into a fish taco.

            i had freshly caught crab and lobster at redondo a few years ago. something is wrong with them lobsters. no meat. i read somewhere it’s because the water is too warm in the area and… i forgot how this lead to larger shell but smaller meat. see, i am brainwashed by global warming people too.

            i have a couple of betta in my tank now after keeping only amazonian fish in my tank. they eat out of my hands too. typlically, most fish that are bred by humans for eons will eat out of your hands and this includes koi and betta. captivity behavior.

            wut can be better than fallen leaves and fountains is it’s somewhere else other than at dad’s house so he doesn’t have to clean the sh*t up.

          • Phonow

            when painting the town, i wear nothing but the finest white tipped taiwanese green tea skirts.

            there is supposed to be some nasty stuff going around calif right now. http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2015/11/california-has-toxic-crabs

            gosh, i love bettas. do you have a separator for your fish tank? what do you feed them? i used to feeed mine live brine shrimp, but i always get attached to anything living. cute little sea monkeys. :( My next betta wil be named Max. get it? betta Max? har har har. groan.

            Next: teaching Ellis how to bake a cake: at grandma’s house. ;)

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            do you paint the town faint green? didn’t know about the toxic seafood. no seafood anymore. only chipotle and costco chicken for me from now on.

            i bought two baby female bettas. they grew up together and don’t fight at all. they swim freely in their 10 gallon tanks with 10 other amazonian fishes. i feed them mainly new life spectrum pellets and hikari catfish pellets (for the many catfishes and otocinclus.

            so i should call my two beta fishes alpha and betta females?

            it will be awhile before ellis can cook… but yes it’s my dream for her to run a pastisterie, so daddy can have his fill and grow round.

          • Phonow

            i love seafood, but i go through long periods of time when i refuse to eat anything with a exoskeleton–crab, shrimp, etc. And heck, that was before fukushima nuclear power plant was hit; now i am also creeped out by fish (tuna, salmon, marlin) and seaweed. i still eat seafood, but not as much as before. i can’t quit sushi lol.

            did you decide to get female bettas because they are better tank-mates? haha Alpha and Beta are great names. You just have to figure out which is which.

            mmm. patisserie. i can smell the bread baking now…. yuuummmmm….

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            well crabs are really spiders and lobsters are really scorpions aren’t they?

            bettas at least in my experience are not as fierce as they used to be. they used to be trained for fights but now they are just used for displays. perhaps after a few generations their fighting spirit has gone. even in stores, they used to separate each fish bowl with a piece of paper so the bettas don’t get to see each other. fish stores i’ve been to no longer do that. and, even the few male bettas i had previously coexisted with other fishes just fine.

            i still wouldn’t try having two male bettas in the same tanks tho but wanted a pair so went with female bettas. actually i wanted males but couldn’t find any ones i like in local stores i went to. and, saw the baby females for cheap. they were $3.50 for the pair i think. so more reason to go for females.

          • Phonow

            omg. they’re breeding beta bettas . jennylin bettas. we need colin to coach on fierceness.

            lol. hubbie said that a few people he works with won’t eat lobsters because they look like insects. if i think about it… i can see their point. in my early twenties, i lived with a couple of oceanographers. one of them described shrimp as the cockroaches of the sea. i’ve had a problem ever since.

            argh. i promised to bake hubbie some pumpkin pies. i hate making pie crusts. wish me luck.

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            did someone hack rose’s account?

            yah lobsters are the true roaches of the sea. imagine people paying $12 for a roach roll. i paid $12 for lobster rolls at least a couple of times before.

            your hubby cracking the whip again? hahahahaha…

          • Phonow

            nah, rose has always been a jennylin type, but nicer. are you confusing her with rosebud? rosebud is the white lady w/red hair–lin always goes up to say hi to her & her kids.

            hubbie has diabetes. i feel bad because i limit his sweets. i allow him one piece, but nothing else. So… i make him sugar free stuff at home to compensate. i hate being the sugar nazi, but… he has so many health problems. i have to step in somehow.

            anyway,,,, that being said– i did not make him pies. hahahhaha. i substituted blueberries topped w/sour cream mixed w/brown sugar substitute. :)

            does your family celebrate christmas?

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            oh yah rosebud… not rose… and i find jennylin more agreeable opinion wise and find “his” meanness actually funny.

            your hubby is active, so his diabetes is more genetic than environment?

            hmmm we celebrate it just like any other asian family. we eat, buy stuff no one wants for each other.. watch some nba on tv as my mom loves basketball… she used to be a playa. does your family?

          • Phonow

            jennylin does not upset me as much as portal people. lol. “he” is very judicial in “his” posts.”

            no, hubbie is not active anymore. hasn’t fenced for years. diabetes runs in his family, as it does mine. hubbie has had kidney cancer, melanoma (twice), is obese, diabetes and high blood pressure. gosh, he has been through so much, and still remains as sweet and optimistic as ever.

            hubbie n i are very similar. we hate christmas (and other holidays where society “forces” you to celebrate)– and try to run away as much as possible. i think we dodged a bullet this year– and will be able to “celebrate” w/out family obligations– for christmas AND new years. :)

            you mom played bb? that’s neat! did she teach you how to play when you were growing up?

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            i see khuang ran out of people to argue with so he invented someone to argue with.

            did obesity come first or the sickness? my weight has been fluctuating due to sickness. it’s now under control but i gained a lot last year from all the colds i had last year.

            so what you mean to say is you don’t dislike xmas but you dislike being forced to see the mom who makes your heart rate goes up by merely saying “hello”? hahaha.

            yah mom used to be a national player but after college she never played again. i am proud to say she’s not taught me a single thing in my life hahah.. my mom is tall so i thought she was only good at using her size… until one day we were at this gym and she took the ball from me and shot 3 straight 3-pters… all net. she was round/obese with long finger nails at this point. i can still remember her ugly jump and the disgusting sound the her nails made as it scratches the leather of the ball during the shot release… but the ball just go straight through the hoop. i didn’t start developing a 3 pter til.. 2 months ago haha.

          • Phonow

            lol. i LOVE the KH vs KH battle.

            hubbie was always portly. i guess obesity came before the illness, but the illness increased the obesity.

            yes, i remember you were stricken a number of times last year. bad allergies. i hope the allergy treatments are working. i don’t think most people realize how much allergies make life miserable.

            no, i get along w/mother in law, i just dislike christmas. i hate being manipulated by society to believe that you MUST celebrate someone’s supposed birthday. i dislike the fakeness of it all. it is like you said, you buy stuff that no one wants for each other. christmas is a manufactured holiday to get people to spend money. same with valentine’s day, mother’s day, father’s day, secretary’s day, grandparents day, etc etc. brought to you by hallmark.

            haha. nails against a chalkboard. gosh, your mom really is good at bb! i don’t think i could throw the ball far enough to make a free throw. gosh, it is too bad you n mom weren’t closer. i remember you saying how hard your life was as a child. but somehow, someway, you grew up to be a good man, and a wonderful father. that is saying a lot about your character.

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            no christmas wasn’t invented to sell things… that came much after like within the last 80 years! christmas was .. :

            “Although some evidence suggests that his birth may have occurred in the spring (why would shepherds be herding in the middle of winter?), Pope Julius I chose December 25. It is commonly believed that the church
            chose this date in an effort to adopt and absorb the traditions of the pagan Saturnalia festival.”


            here’s another interesting doc about the power of making shit up to get you to spend money.

            oh yeah more recently we had an american president who said the most patriotic thing you could do as an american citizen during war time is to go shopping.

          • Phonow

            christmas as a “commercial phenomenon.” exactly.

            the video is pretty long. i will play it later, but am pretty sure it will articulate my feelings about materialism and manipulation better than i ever can. :)

            if i had children, i would not be as hard. i would celebrate christmas because that is how society is over here. nothing extreme though. lol

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            well did you ever go to catholic school? i did during grade school and lemme tell you about “forced celebration” hahahahah… you had NO say in the matter. even if you have professed that you’re not christian you will STILL celebrate! and, if you did profess to be christian, YOU WILL CELEBRATE EVEN MORE but also required to do more work such as decorating and other chores.

            i decided to make whatever fun for LS. as you see in this blog post, she’s having fun with the tree and train and gifts and all.. and the true meaning of christmas is whatever you make it out to be… as long as you don’t go to a catholic school or have church goers in your immediate family!

            in the doc, skip to 14:20 for a quick description.

          • Phonow

            no, my parents were cool in that they were not very religious. we were “buddhists” in a loose way. never went to church, except for funerals. lol. we did have a buddhist altar in the house, where we would burn incense, and put out rice nightly. my folks put up a christmas tree every year until i was about 8, then dad said you’re old enough to understand that buddhists do not celebrate christmas. i don’t remember if i made a fuss. lol

            man oh man, you in catholic school? i can just imagine all the ulcers you caused for the nuns (and vice versa). i can tell you are still scarred, because you started typing like KH.

            yes, i agree, christmas is whatever you make it out to be. it is special because of little Ellis. :) my hubbie and i we are adults–and spending christmas together just means rejoicing that we have one another.

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            wasn’t it scary as a kid to walk in the house late at night with those red electric candle lights and incense? did you have a portrait or statue of whatever deity? do you remember which one it was? we saw various buddhist deities during our museum trip last weekend from kuanshiying to those elephant gods.

            my fave religious contradiction is they celebrate guan yu as a god…


            catholic school was a trip. everything is expensive and we’re taught jesus is poor… and the nuns spoke broken english and i get punished for pronouncing words correctly. basically, it’s a for profit school like most catholic schools are. and i DO NOT type like kh….

          • Phonow

            no, not scary. lol. kind of looked like this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FNBuddhist-Altar/3469945?id=3469945&slug=FNBuddhist-Altar we used real candles–so after burning the incense, we blew out the candles. the center of the alter had a image of buddha. whenever a relative died, we would get a wooden plank with their names burnt on it, and it was placed on the altar. we felt that our ancestors were protective. never was afraid of it as a child.

            i remember very small statue figurines on the altar, but can’t remember who they represented. probably Bodhisattvas. i’m not a “religious” person, but was a jesus freak in HS, and to this day, i will go up to buddhist altars to light incense. am still scarred from the jesus era, lol

            LOL. punished for speaking english correctly. that is where your sense of humor stems from.

            Sorry for freaking saying you type like KH, you RACE BASED TROLL.

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            you went through a jesus phase? it seems my cousin was too for a guy who went to church and when that didn’t work out she started becoming hard core atheist. i don’t like the reason as to why she’s become an atheist but it makes her easier to get along with hahaha… despite how dogmatic she is about… atheism.

            who said i have a sense of humore? catholic school time was trying time. i didn’t do well in school haha. i did enjoy reading those picture bibles… so i end up knowing a lot about the bible more so than the ones who tried to convert me to christianity later in life… maybe THAT’s where my humor comes from…

            damn you guys had the wooden planks? you guys were hard core! you heard about those widows who had to keep the wooden plank with them at all times to show filiaty to her dead husband? i haven’t either other than seeing them in movies and not sure whether it’s real.

          • Phonow

            haha. yep, as much as i hate to admit it, i did go through a jesus phase. very preachy, very devout. i left it because i read the bible, and saw the hypocrisy of the church-church members. my last prayer to “god” was sort of “sorry, i know i am going to hell, but i just can’t take it anymore.” lol. i am not a hard core atheist, but not a bible thumper either. god knows i pray to him when hubbie is sick. hypocrite that i am. lol

            i like your sense of humor– very quick witted, with an acerbic edge. the nuns taught you irony. lol. i have never met a person who liked catholic school. haha they are all to happy to recount the horror.

            never heard of carrying the wooden plank after husband dies. what happens if wife dies first? lol. how big is the plank in movies? the ones on our altar is about 7″ x 3″ x 1/3″

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            so you used to belong with the portal. it’s ok i am preachy too… about not preaching hahahhaa.

            if wife dies first then husband gets another wife.. probably the dead wife’s younger sister. it’s like buying something at a store. if the product was defective, you get a replacement.

            the wood plank is about the same size as one in your altar. probably the same thing.

          • Phonow

            the bible has a bunch of rules for who gets to marry whom in case of hubbie croaking off. probably to ensure property rights. don’t know what bible says about wifie croaking off first. (probably all her property goes to nearest male relative of hubbie. lol.)

            lol. in my defense, i was a jesus freak in high school. thank goodness i got out.

            i lurk at portal– hoping to watch an execution. i am the bystander who yells “KILL HIM” from the audience. too bad joyce (caligula) watson is not a mod anymore. :)

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            it actually says in the bible who can marry who?

            if i was also at the portal you’d be yelling “burn etane!” cuz it will be me on the stake especially if joyce still were a mod haha.

          • Phonow

            BURN HIM BURN HIM. lol.

            of course the bible tells you who you can marry.

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            if you were a good christian you’d have 92 virgin whores? sounds like this other religion.

          • Phonow

            Christianity, Islam, Judaism etc. are all related. They just have a KH way of looking at the world. Hinduism and buddhism are more easy breezy. lol.

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            There is no way they are the same god! jews worship abraham’s god. islam worship mohammads god and christians worship money!

          • Phonow

            i always thought that all three gods were the same. lol.

            one of the reasons i left christianity is because they do worship money. totally contrary to what i read in the bible.

            then again, later scholars of the bible are saying that some biblical passages (eg. sermon on the mount) were written by transcribers having a poetic moment.

          • http://etane.net/ etane
          • Phonow

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            mel would know from oral stories passed down his family what those 5 other commandments were such as you must marry your sister…

          • Phonow

            i love mel brooks. one of my favorite comedians.

            troll fest on jl.net today. fake Khuang is back. lol.

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            “Ten Ten sws9 • 3 hours ago

            LIN IS a point guard — an attacking point guard. That is what he played when he was a youth, in high school, as a senior in college. It is his NATURAL POSITION. Can he play shooting guard? YES. but its like having taken John Wall and made him shooting guard. Would you do that? NO.

            Most attacking NBA point guards… which LIN is… thrive in a pick heavy system. John Wall, Kemba Walker, Chris Paul, Tony Parker… and stats show that these guys get TONS of picks and its HUGE reason why they are successful — and a huge reason he was successful in a giant way during LINSANITY. For some reason, reasons GOODLA and I know, the NBA spins its that LIN “needs” picks to be successful… as if this was a negative or a limitation. While that same necessity… PnR… is so important to so many other successful guards in this league and never seen as a negative. You wouldn’t say negatively… ‘Yeah but Wall need PnR to be successful… in fact THAT… PnR… and the open floor are the formula for his success.”

            people who say LIN is a combo guard more than a point guard don’t know LIN well enough. … and thats 99% of
            NBA pundits and The Establishment. Why… for whatever reasons… may that I know… they don’t want Jeremy Lin to be a starting NBA point guard, a role for which he is entirely capable and best suited.

            givehim the outlets, the open floor, give him PnR, give him the ball returns that all these guys get and tell him his your leader and you want him aggressive all the time… and you will see a top notch ATTACKING PG.”

            He deserves a gold star. And, this page is sticking.

          • Phonow

            oh, btw, the aclu played parts of john oliver re civil forfeiture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kEpZWGgJks

            said hawaii has one of the weakest laws against civil forfeiture. New mexico has the best score–because they banned it.

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            on a side note, did metalogic hack colin128′s account and did i hack loc vu’s account?

          • Phonow

            Dayuum. whatever luc vu is taking, i want some of that chit. hahaha. jeeze that guy has been banned a couple of times recently. Now… he is the kool dude on the site.

            iirc colin128 was pretty cool a couple of years ago. haha. turning too whiny.

            Haha. okay fess up. you’re loc vu, yes?

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            no i is not him.

          • Phonow

            lol. just checking. :)

            can’t yak today– hubbie home & going on errands.

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            daddy cracked the whip haha! go get me food woman!

          • Phonow

            lol. waiting for him to come home from doctors. shh. lobbying legislators, then aclu bill of rights discussion meeting this evening. shh. don’t tell trump. then, yes, also pick up groceries. lol

            btw, the Apple Milk Project has been canceled. Mentioned it to him, and he actually shuddered at the thought. hahahaha. should have made it, and given it to him w/o warning.

          • http://etane.net/ etane

            woo sounds like an interesting evening in the pho household! *black panther fist salute*