Schabarum Regional Park


I’ve driven past this park about a million times during the past 20 years.  It’s fronted by a wall of strip malls, restaurants, shops and super markets.  Who knew once I drive past the seemingly suburban entrance I would be transported to a different world.




After entering the park with parking ticket purchased, we drove all the way down to the end of the park where there are some horse stables where horse rides are available.  And, here, it leads to two separate trails.  One trail leads back to the park’s entrance.  The other leads to the top of the park’s hill where we supposedly get to see some extravagant view.




Our “tour guide” wasn’t sure which trail was the correct one to take us to the top of the hill.  So, we chose the one to our left.  And, at first, it seemed promising as the slope was moderately steeping upwards.




Here, we saw grassy fields that doesn’t seem to belong in the middle of a LA suburb.  When the wind comes, the grass moves in symphonic tranquil waves.  The photogenic level was through the roof.


DSC05449 DSC05458 DSC05462


We were happy until we started suspecting we took the wrong hiking trail as it started sloping downwards.  Happen to meet another hiker, we asked for direction, found we took the wrong trail, and turned back the way we came.


DSC05492 DSC05498


Through out most of the trek, Ellis refused to walk on the hiking trail.  Some parts of the trail might’ve been too difficult for her to walk on.


DSC05514 DSC05523


Though, it seems she’s reverted back to being afraid of touching things not cleaned by human hands.  Maybe not loving the great outdoors as much as she used to.  And, it got tiring carrying her through the entire hiking trail.  So, we decided to head home without reaching our intended destination.




But, we did find a gem in middle of a sea of hot pot restaurants and boba milk tea stores.