San Jacinto Tram


We saw this video on youtube by Working With Lemons and got inspired.  While there were still snow up in the mountains, we wanted to get our butts where there are snow, so we could create our own version.  Somehow, I am very happy with the project but no one else is very impressed with the results.  Even Ellis refuses to even watch the video.  Whereas, I’ve watched it about 100 times already.


elsa-san jacinto


Maybe I am just full of myself.  Come to think of it, during the trip I thought the videos I took were going to be crap.  But, I was able to salvage bits and pieces to put together a usable length of footage.  So, I am elated.  Or, maybe I just enjoy watching Ellis on video more than she does.

Then, Ellis did comment, “How come it’s not my voice?”  So, I rendered a video with the original sound.  Yet, she still wouldn’t watch it.  Maybe, after she grows up, she wouldn’t be interested in this blog either.


elsa os


This is probably the first outing where I was focused on the video rather than the photos.  Wanting to keep things light as our backpacks were already stuffed to the rim with clothing and equipment, I wanted to bring the lightest lens with me.  Something with good enough video quality and a bit of zoom.  So, I took the 16-50mm pancake zoom lens that came with my Sony 3N.




I am pleasantly surprised that the picture and video quality really isn’t that bad as long as you do not pixel peep or, actually, do any type of enlarging.




But, that’s it with the pics.  I honestly didn’t take that many pics as I concentrated more on the video.  And, it was not easy running around in the snow while filming at the same time.  Took me a few tries before I learned to turn the shaky camera to my favor a la Interstellar.  Well, only I think I accomplished this.  Everyone else just said the video is too dark and shaky.


DSC04715 DSC04734


For these past few months, my role as a parent is been teetering more or less towards the mean dad rather than the fun dad.  Ellis had a few episodes where I am not sure she’s pushing the boundaries or is losing control of herself.  She eventually gets it.  But, it’s only after I put on the mean dad act.  And, it sure sucks when I am the only person willing to put on the mean act not just because I have to fill the mean parent role but the inconsistency will make it hard for her to adjust to keeping herself centered.

But, I am not too positive I am centered with the constant fun dad/mean dad switcharoos.