Salvation Mountain


Just some tourist photos of the infamous salvation mountain that is a skip and hop away from salton sea.  yes, i was here the night before.  but, i was traveling around salton sea clockwise last night.  today, i traveled anti clock wise.  so, it’s all circular hence i am back but during the day this time.




Suppose these are some burning man campers.

So, i read this mountain was founded by some guy who lost his meaning in life and found in a bible while he was traveling west from virginia or something.  and, like so many others, he discovered the “true” meaning that christ = love.




i just don’t understand how anyone can say this or that is love.  honestly, i have no idea what his or his types’ definition of love even means.  (baby don’t hurt me, no more)




Is a christian’s love the same as a non-christian’s love?




I mean some christians would argue that christian and non christian morality is different with some even think the latter doesn’t exist.




Seems to me christian love lacks a certain level of free will, predestined.




Ironically, somehow they think loving someone of same gender seems to be a choice rather than dictated by natural law.




Whatever the case, the guy who built this mountain kept it alive even when the city tried to shut it down.




Thanks to donations, salvation mountain could afford to test the paint chemicals and prove what’s used to color it is actually safe hence proving the city’s “scientists” to be wrong.




Well, win one for the little guy for once.  do you see him?




Some more “burning man” campers surrounding this place.




lalala means i love you.  apparently so does a torture device like the crucifix.




Perhaps this is what the vatican should look like if there really were a jesus.




Yes, the vatican should look like totoro’s home.  a gathering place for burning men.




Well, everything has their start.  humble beginnings.




What was a city on top of a hill now owns the largest gdp in the world.. ok time for bed.


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