Salton Sea Excursion Day 2 – Salton Beach


Salton Sea was a result of an engineering disaster where a water line that was siphoning water from Colorado river to some other development bursted and flooded what was a Salton town and perhaps a reservation about a hundred years ago.  Crap from nearby farms seeped into the sea and started killing off the fish as well as the incrementally increasing salinity that creeps up due to evaporation.




A lovely shade of pink is the result of waking up at 4am to arrive at the beach just in time for the far off myst to mix in with the new born rays?




What’s more amusing than a dying sea and a died off beach at sunrise?




A feathered friend for a feathered scenery.




White pelican is a Salton Sea specialty.




That’s why I took so many pics of it.




I don’t know what else to say…




I think someone came here before me to take pics and threw the chairs into the sea to give the sea some character.




Maybe I should join in.




Another debilitated house tagged with graffiti.




Beach front property, anyone?




45 minutes south of Salton Beach is Red Hill Marina.




They used to launch boats into the sea from here when the water level was somewhat higher.




Dried up sea bed like the skin on some old lady who tanned too much as a youth.




A geo thermal plant in the distance.




Just a few minutes away, on the other side of Red Hill road, is a bird estuary.




Dry on one side, wet on the other.




With another geo thermal plant in the distance.

  • Phonow

    Wow. Love the first, third, bleeding heart graffiti girl, pier reflections, and golden fields with pelicans. Chris said the first was cool, and loved the graffiti girl shot–said that you are a really good photographer. He said there is some software you can run to sharpen some areas, and minimizing blown out areas–important if you are thinking of producing larger prints.

    I never knew Calif had geothermal wells. For some reason, I thought it was just Hawaii and Iceland that had those. duh.

    Love your stuff etane.

    • etane

      How did you like the california cool jazz? haha

      I am happy that you and Chris enjoyed my photos. I sent Chris a short message via his site and hope to get some more feedback on how to improve my photography skill.

      I didn’t know about the geothermals there until I passed by those plants. No clue as to how much power they actually generate. They looked very anonymous with no placards, signage or anything telling us what they are or who they belonged to. Desert Hotsprings is only a few miles away where there is some minor geyser like activity.

      • Phonow

        haha- within a few seconds, Chris said “I love that song.” Jazz is something I do not seek out, but when it is there, I love it– dark bar background music w/margarita in hand.

        Did you smell hydrogen sulfide around the geothermal plant? The rotten egg smell was (is?) a problem near the plant on Hawaii Island. When trop storm Iselle hit there, the plant had an “uncontrolled release” of hydrogen sulfide. Evacuate if there is respiratory distress, and watch out for falling trees and power lines. Niiice.

        Anyway… am awaiting DAY III. fingers drumming.

        • etane

          i didn’t even know i had the power and privilege of removing disqus posts.

          glad chris liked the chet baker diddly. something i picked up in highschool but still listen to now and then. i hate what we call jazz today. but, the old stuff is good.

          I don’t recall smelling anything but i was in the car when i was closer to the plants. haha storm in hawaii. if i recall correctly, i think that’s how we started talking… about some big storm hitting hawaii last year.

          day 3 might take a few more days… haven’t started on that yet…

          • Phonow

            Through the years, we have made comments to one another, but never “conversed.” i remember the hurricane/tropical storm interaction. You made a wise crack, and I lovingly told you to go to hell– or something like that. hahahha.

            Thanks for deleting. You are a MOD, you have god-like powers

          • etane

            with great power comes great responsibilities… i don’t think i can handle the pressure. *takes off the spiderman underoos*

          • Phonow

            oh my.

          • etane

            chris gave me some great tips btw.

          • Phonow

            he tries to explain camera stuff to me and all I hear is blah blah blah aperature… blah blah blah 90 degree angle blah blah. So… I am happy he has someone to talk “camera” with.

          • etane

            lol you’re using me to get him to stop talking about camera stuff to you

          • Phonow
      • Phonow

        hahaha. hey mod– can you delete this post? it is totally inappropriate here. lol