Salton Sea Excursion Day 1


Embarking on another photo excursion and this time to Salton Sea where used to be a place for vacationing boaters and what is now a “post apocalyptic” trailer park.




Somewhere in Hemet.  Parked on the side of the highway on way to 74 to capture the clouds before they eat us up.




They are gaining on us.




Bombay Beach, one of the many beaches at Salton Sea.




And, one of the many abandoned houses.




Serene sea with one of the highest salinity body of water on earth.




As the sun was setting…




The beach asked us to leave.




Quick stop …


DSC_5880 copy


in 1952.




Salvation Mountain, about 15 miles away from Bombay Beach…




And, back to Bombay Beach on our way back to our hotel.



  • Phonow

    Great pictures etane! My favorite is the 5th picture down– beautiful pastels. And you are still king of the sunset/night shots. :-)

    Does the area still have people living there?

    • etane

      oh i got lots of “pastels” for day 2 and 3 haha

      according to wiki there’s like 300-400 people at Bombay. i’d say there’s about 40-50 houses there that are inhabited and about 20-30 that are abandoned and weathered.

      • Phonow

        Photographer & I are listening to your music– he approves. Misses hearing “california indie music” on the radio. lol.

        Takes a special sort of person to tough it out in a dying town. Missing the good old days, and hoping for better. After big sugar left Hawaii– a lot of our plantation towns died a slow death. Some of the towns survived by switching to coffee or catering to tourism. I assume the Salton Sea area ekes out a living by depending on adventurous souls (like you) visiting.

        I love pictures of abandoned buildings–things past. Love graffiti–young people with amazing talent. Although I am strangely sad that graffiti is becoming mainstream. lol.

        Thanks for posting– and I am looking forward to more. I will have more “pastels” please sir.

        • etane

          haha california indie music from manchester england 1983.

          not sure why people stay there but don’t think they want to be there rather not leaving perhaps lacking motivation or resources. or, just people who prefer to be hermits, out of site from “normal”.

          are there abandoned huts and tiki furniture blasted with spray paint after big sugar died?

          • Phonow

            Lol. manchester, eng? To be fair, he meant the kind of music you hear over the radio in the west.

            hermits, and independent souls– unable to cope with the rules of society. I wonder if meta has a shack there? you might have passed right by him. haha

            lol. no graffiti huts. I’m sure there must be graffiti tiki furniture out there. Remember Coco Palms (Blue Hawaii/Elvis) — it was destroyed by Hurricane Iniki in 1992, but still standing. I never explored there, but it must be a gold mine.

            Hmm, wish i had a picture of the first hydroelectric power plant in hawaii (Iolani Palace had electric lights before the White House)– the ruins of the power plant has Hindu graffiti. haha. blue Krishnas and all.

            For the graffiti hunter Hawaii has tons of WWII bunkers/batteries. I don’t know how those kids find them, but they do. lol. One of the neatest place we explored was the Waialee Boys Industrial School (a bad boy prison). Here’s a picture:

            Anyway.. waiting patiently for parts 2 & 3 of Salton Sea.

          • etane

            who is your photographer friend again? you linked me once before. is that christopher? i recall that name but that site doesn’t look familiar but really good pics particularly the one you linked me. like the truck one a lot too:

            new order is a band i picked up when i was in taiwan around 1985. oldie but goodie.

            meta lives under a rock in sacramento. he’s probably originally from some east coast town where he was an extreme minority.

          • Phonow

            Christopher is my photographer friend. If you look at the top of his page, you’ll find different thematic folders. He sells his photographs online. He is unable to sell most of his graffiti pics because of copyright (yep– graffiti artists have the copyright to their works).

            One day, I hope you’ll set up a site to sell your photos. Tons of regulations, and lots of competition, but maybe one day?

          • etane

            that’s certainly something to aspire to.

            not sure whether anyone would be interested to buy my “tourist” photos though. maybe if i print them onto iphone cases like they do here…

            found chris’ blog. enjoying him developing the story behind his making of how he’s capturing his travel experience. i’ve got lots to learn = D

          • Phonow

            Well, the perfect “bait” for a tourist is… a tourist photo. :-) I love the GGB/Museum of Art/harbor photos you posted a bit back. Beautiful. Brought back nice memories of visiting SF. Don’t sell yourself short. Iphone cases, coffee mugs, etc are okay, but it’s hard to break even. One thing good about the eg. smugmug websites is that nothing gets printed until someone buys your photo.

            chris is a fascinating guy: union activist, occupy “leader,” political activist, environmentalist, skateboarder and photographer. he is leaving us -moving out to Kansas soon. :-(

          • etane

            why oh why is he leaving you for.. kansas?

            i didn’t know there were any occupy leaders left. thought they were all hit in the head with rubber bullets… wish i can be a fly on the wall when he’s working.

          • Phonow

            he got a job out there– with Marais des Cygnes National Wildlife Refuge. I feel sorry for the young people out there (he is about your age)–they move from job to job. Hopefully in 6 months, he will be back.

            haha occupy is still alive, but not making headlines anymore. (de)occupy hawaii was one of the longest encampments nationwide. occupy changed their name for Hawaii because native hawaiians feel that the US is occupying their lands.

            I think you two would either really get along– or hate each other. LOL. You are both cursed/blessed with high intelligence, sharp sense of humor and with an artistic side.

          • etane

            certainly not heard a lot about occupy. at least here in california they seem to be all dispersed by pepper spray and rubber bullets and villified by media what little of it that actually gets out.

            yes chris and i seem to have a lot in common cept where i am the jack of all trades he’s at least a queen haha ( i mean that in a good way).

            wishing chris well. what will he be doing at the refuge?

          • Phonow

            queen? okaaaaay…. lol.

            it’s a pretty low level job– taking out non native flora. Ultimately, his dream job is being a park ranger. The perk of this job will be all of the certificates he will earn (firefighting, heavy equipment, etc)– important when you’re applying for a fed ranger job. Getting these certificates in the real world would cost hundreds of $$.

            from what i can tell they want him for his photography/video/website skills. Their website sucks, and they were especially excited when they found out he does all three.

          • etane

            no “california” music in the day 2 post haha.

            chris is amazing with his endeavors. it’s good that his skills are taking him places. so, his photography is more of a hobby than his day job or the other way around?

          • Phonow

            Chris n I are looking at your new pics. Chris says that if you contact him via he would be happy to give you hints and advice on photography “stuff.” :-)

          • etane

            Just sent him a short message…

          • Phonow

            his photography is on the side; all you can do is put it out there and hope for bites. He just did a volunteer photography gig w/ Honolulu Magazine for a “Day in the life of Aloha United Way” (a major charity org in HI). So… hopefully his name will be out there more and more.