Pomona Asian Expo


Ellis has not really spent any time with grandma before.  So, used to Pomona expo thing to give them some time together although it’s probably not the greatest thing in the world.  My mom isn’t exactly a sociopath but certainly lacks a certain level of empathy development.  Probably good for Ellis to have some familial ties but that’s probably as far as it should go.


DSC04450 DSC04449


It’s not so much that my mother intends to hurt people.  But, she has a penchant of doing so without realizing it or perhaps she realizes it but pretends it’s not her fault.  Perhaps just a level of misplaced priorities or a bit of “it’s not my problem, you deal with it” when she really is the one causing the problem.


DSC04452 DSC04456


But, whatever the case, it’s a day.  And, we just have to make the most it.  Ellis took an instant liking to her grandmother.  A normal phenomenon for a grandchild to favor her grandmother.  And, I am glad the “normal” part is there.  I am very, very grateful that it’s there.


DSC04468 DSC04479


For, at least a few times, Ellis has internalized broken bonds which has stunted her development somewhat in the past.  And, perhaps, it still persists a bit.  Her interpersonal bonds could be stronger.  She could trust others more.  After going to school for so long, she is still experiences a few stints of uncertainty whether someone will pick her up.  After living with me on a week on and week off bases, she still juggles but maintains her emotions during exchange day and only shows her true side when the time of exchange coincides with her sleepiness.




Otherwise, she’s strong and coping.  She smiles to greet her parent, whoever is picking her up.  Whether at home or at school.


Chinese Expo


The food was just alright.  The exhibits were a bit sporadic.  Some good deals found at vendor booths.  Mia bought a pot at a very good price.  Ellis got some books.  Overall, we left without much more to be desired.

Note:  This happened on January 14th, about two months ago.