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  • Phonow

    Loved the pyramid pictures–esp the google pic that you did not rip off. But, so many “Do Not Walk on Water” labels. What do the french have against jesus? ;)

    Eiffel Tower pic from below is awesome. It’s like looking into the mouth of a mechanical sea urchin.

    I thought that they were going to remove the locks from the bridge. Or, am I thinking of another bridge? Was there some sort of outcry to keep the locks there?

    My goodness. You’re keeping Chris-like-hours (the man who never sleeps). lol. Must be the Sony. :)

    • etane

      welll didn’t the french burn joan of arc after he saved france?

      the bridge on the interior are boarded off so you don’t see any of the locks there. maybe so that no one can put new locks on the bridge.

      i have more polyphasic sleep as of late. it’s not something i am used to but getting by.

      • Phonow

        never did see this movie, but it appears that bill and ted saved Joan from becoming toast.

        polyphasic sleep? never heard of it before. interesting. some people consider that their goal, and not a curse. if i could function with less sleep, i would embrace it. speaking of sleep, it’s 1:40 am… and i should get to sleep. :) Hope your natural sleep cycle kicks in again– soon.

        • etane

          just like how neo saved zion…

  • Andrien

    Yo etane, how have you been mate? Great pictures of my own city. You are very talented.

    • etane

      Hey Andrien. Welcome to my home where you can see your home. Hope the same hospitality your home gave me is also given to you while you’re at my home. So, you will partake in experimental food aka same old recipes cooked with international ingredients and get charged double for it. hahhaha… sorry just to rant on french fusion cuisine that i had while at paris. Hope you’ve been well!