Paris 2


am jet lagged allows me to easily wake up and reach louvre before sun rise but to find the place closed until 7am.  could still take shots but only from a distance.  since touching down in paris, i’ve slept only 2 hours.  not sure whether it’s the excitement of returning to a beloved city or something else but sleep evades me.  as of this writing, i’ve slept a total of 14 hours during the last 3 days.  but enough about my lack of sleep and complain about something else.  during my last time around, i couldn’t jump off a boat and hit a bad restaurant.  haven’t been so lucky this time around.  maybe expectation’s too high.  a friend told me nothing is as good as what you held in esteem in memory or something like that.




what’s with white people’s fascination with the pyramid?  (yes i know a chinese designed this)




metal and glass just doesn’t mix.




neither does that red toy box




there’s a cafe to the left that charges 20 euro for an ouef with jamon plate




river seine… i’d cry a river




how many locks intended for eternity ended up in divorce or heartbreak?  the romance ends once you leave the romance de la cite




ile de la cite in the middle of seine




looped around the seine to head back to louvre to take more pics after killing some time taking pics of locks




finally up close




i found a similar image on google after i got home… i didn’t rip this off.  really




i don’t want to go into the louvre as heard it takes a whole week to walk through the entire museum




i don’t much appreciate gothic art




that’s art commissioned by the church with money they stole from sheeps




at least that’s my definition of gothic …




stores are still closed.  french are late risers.




capitalism’s phallic symbol.  inside that circle contains many designer stores from nazi uniform designer channel to commes des garcon that i actually used to like




round a bout off st. honore




veal at le chemise one of the only good meals thus far




pretty flowers smell good from a far so my optical olfactory tells me




le antenna




bohemian atmosphere here on left side of the tower.  there’s a rave on the other side.



underneath the antenna is the underpinning that is holding the euro up at a steady 114 to the dollar and rising.  last time i was here euro was at 135.  bush is right we do have a strong dollar policy yet dollar was near 150 to the euro when he was in office.  the camera is holding up fine.  manual focus takes a few seconds to set up before each shot but it’s easy to get used to.  learning how to take shots with the sony so as to minimize post editing effort.  some of these pics are straight from the camera.  i am getting better i suppose.  at least i hardly am happy without edit when i was using nikon.

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  • Phonow

    Loved the pyramid pictures–esp the google pic that you did not rip off. But, so many “Do Not Walk on Water” labels. What do the french have against jesus? ;)

    Eiffel Tower pic from below is awesome. It’s like looking into the mouth of a mechanical sea urchin.

    I thought that they were going to remove the locks from the bridge. Or, am I thinking of another bridge? Was there some sort of outcry to keep the locks there?

    My goodness. You’re keeping Chris-like-hours (the man who never sleeps). lol. Must be the Sony. :)

    • etane

      welll didn’t the french burn joan of arc after he saved france?

      the bridge on the interior are boarded off so you don’t see any of the locks there. maybe so that no one can put new locks on the bridge.

      i have more polyphasic sleep as of late. it’s not something i am used to but getting by.

      • Phonow

        never did see this movie, but it appears that bill and ted saved Joan from becoming toast.

        polyphasic sleep? never heard of it before. interesting. some people consider that their goal, and not a curse. if i could function with less sleep, i would embrace it. speaking of sleep, it’s 1:40 am… and i should get to sleep. :) Hope your natural sleep cycle kicks in again– soon.

        • etane

          just like how neo saved zion…

  • Andrien

    Yo etane, how have you been mate? Great pictures of my own city. You are very talented.

    • etane

      Hey Andrien. Welcome to my home where you can see your home. Hope the same hospitality your home gave me is also given to you while you’re at my home. So, you will partake in experimental food aka same old recipes cooked with international ingredients and get charged double for it. hahhaha… sorry just to rant on french fusion cuisine that i had while at paris. Hope you’ve been well!