Palm Springs Aerial Tramway + Mount San Jacinto


To get here, we left the city and drove two hours to the middle of no where in 100f degree heat. Then, we drove virtually straight up hill for about half an hour before we parked our car where a shuttle picked us up to take us to the tram station. The station is situated in Sonoran Desert.


From Shuttle to Base Camp

DSC09660 DSC09671

 At Base Camp while waiting for our Tram

DSC09754 DSC09756 DSC09760

On Tram DSC09683 DSC09685 DSC09725 DSC097455000 feet ascension to Alpine Forest

Arrived at Alpine Forest

DSC09766DSC09769 Arrived at Alpine Forest


Hiking Desert View Trail

DSC09776 DSC09801 DSC09804 DSC09809 DSC09830 DSC09841 DSC09858

Returning to Alpine Forest Lodge

DSC09871 DSC09929 DSC09914 DSC09935

Descending back to Sororano Desert