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In an effort to get Ellis over her fear of all things not sanitized and crittery, we decided to take her to Pet Expo, so she can take in all the different types of felines, canines, fishes and whatever else four legged wonders they have to offer.


DSC06008 DSC05873


Our first stop was the petting zoo.  Lots of farm animals for Ellis to pet and feed.  She already did some goat petting at the Irvine zoo.  However, she’s still skittish of animals probably because this place is more crowded with less sanitized looking surrounding.


DSC05913 DSC05890


It took a lot of prodding to get her to get close to the sheeps.  This petting farm has a lot of other animals from ducks to pigs.  But, she wouldn’t get close to them so no photo opportunity.  But, after we were through with the petting zoo, Ellis got excited because the pony ride was next.  The line wasn’t too long, but Ellis was hardly able to contain herself.


DSC05944 DSC05942


Once it was her turn to get on the pony, she let the stranger employees take her up to the saddle.  She rode very smugly.  But, after a few go arounds, one of the ponies started making some noise.  And, Ellis got spooked.  The handler had to let her off the pony and back into my arms.




After she returned from the ponies, we walked through all the exhibits mainly of rescue dogs and cats.  Ellis had shown interests in dogs and cats in the past, but she was a bit scared of the animals here mainly because there were too many at one time.  And, there were way too many chihuahuas.  Those are small but not cute.  Ellis doesn’t like their hyperness and high pitch chirping barks.  Nor do I.  Didn’t take any pics there as there were just too many people and had to keep Ellis close, so she’d feel secure.


DSC06025 DSC06023 DSC06014


Before we left, I wanted to check out the fresh water section.  I was prepared to buy some fishes as my tank is a bit sparse at the moment.  But, the exhibitors there were mainly showing off hard goods and hardly any live goods.  But, we did find the Southern California Aqua Scape Society there which I am a member of.  They had some small planted tanks on exhibit.




So, that’s all folks.  Hope you had a good time.  It was a tiring trip for all of us.  Lots of people.  We did see some funny shows.  A dog surfing show.  And, a dog long jump competition.  A nice place to take Ellis again maybe in a few years and perhaps when we’re ready to rescue a shelter animal.

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          the funeral was simple and heart felt. my late father in law… he was a difficult man… but the minister was able to speak about the good without discounting the bad. his words were very healing.

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