And now it’s winter through it all.. photoshoot

Experienced the usual winter blues hence the seasonal hiatus.  It’s been a whole season since my last update. The old clunker isn’t what it used to be.  Flu, cold, ankle tendonitis, plantar fasciitis. A few things going on.  And, as things build up, the harder it is to come back here and keep going.

Hired a photographer to take some family pictures.  We spent a lot of time fine tuning what to wear and deciding where to shoot for weeks.  Here’s some pics of us taking some pics the day before the shoot.

DSC06109DSC06113DSC06114Testing some indoor shots as backup location as it rained the morning of


DSC06060 DSC06053 DSC06062We spent the night doing last minute tweaking to what we’re going to wear clothing, accessories and make up wise.


DSC06161 DSC06165 DSC06169My hair and make up is ready!


DSC06171 DSC06175 DSC06176DSC06182Now, we are both ready!



Alice035 Alice048 Alice052 Alice063 Alice069 Alice075 Alice081 Alice088Final Result


DSC06213 DSC06196 DSC06190Behind the scenes