Maryland Excursion

Most of my family immigrated to the US during the 1960′s through 1980′s.  My father’s eldest brother first arrived in Washington for college, transferred to U. of Illinois and settled in Chicago.  So, my father’s side of the family eventually followed to Chicago but ended up spreading out to most of North East region.  Whereas, my mom’s side of the family eventually ended up in California as my mom’s elder brother first settled in San Francisco, and the rest of her family followed.

That’s how my family got situated in both sides of the country.  However, because of my mom, I stayed in the West Coast and very rarely got to see my relatives who are on the East Coast.  With some vacation time coming, I planned to visit my father’s eldest brother to get to know them again for me as well as for my father’s side of the family to get to know Ellis and Mia.  So, this trip was as much as about getting a bit of rest and relaxation as well as getting to see cousins I haven’t seen in decades as well as some I am meeting for the first time.

My cousin, who I met for the first time during this trip, went to school and eventually started her career in Maryland, hence the rest of her immediate family relocated here.  And, that’s how we ended up here for vacation.  We spent our first full day at the nation’s capital, our second day at Brookside Gardens, our third day at the National Aquarium which is located at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, and we visited Ellicot City on our fourth day.  On our final full day, cousin David visited, and we spent the day in the yard.

Brookside Gardens

DSC08714DSC08703 DSC08783 DSC08740 People

DSC08733 DSC08702 DSC08745 DSC08686Butterflies

 DSC08745 DSC08675People and butterflies

The National Aquarium + Inner Harbor

DSC08861 DSC08857

First Floor _ Entrance

Second Floor _ Shallow Reef


Third Floor _ Mid Ocean

DSC08970 DSC08975 DSC08981

Top Floor _ Jungle

DSC09011 DSC09013 DSC09016

Segue to Dolphin Area DSC09140 DSC09131 DSC09124She put on an act as if the dolphin show was going on which we actually missed.

Going back down _ Deep Sea
DSC09084 DSC09082 DSC09073 DSC09059DSC09114


Ellicot City


DSC09195 DSC09210 DSC09215 DSC09223 DSC09234 DSC09267 DSC09303DSC09299Blurry pic but it’s the oldest train station in the US…

Pool PartyDSC09343 DSC09366 DSC09372 DSC09376 DSC09407