To Coit and Back: Garz the Hunter


As the plane was reaching descending velocity and altitude, a commotion alarmed the passengers from the back of the plane.  Not knowing what it were, I could only see them from the back of the plane trying to climb over each other to find their way forward.





A wall was formed to segment the front section from the rest of the plane, and only a select few passengers were granted protection behind the wall.






However, whatever was coming after them was no longer in the back of the plane but has penetrated the cockpit by puncturing the cockpit’s roof with its bare hands.






Before passing out, the pilot was able to level the plane by activating the auto pilot.






The plane’s descension was level but at very high velocity, and only those who were selected survived.






After the survivors arrive home, war has broken out on the continent.






And, the war front quickly spread to all corners of the country.






The survivors tried to regroup as they were told they were specifically targeted by the enemy, for they alone have the ability to defeat them.






And, the enemy has sent drones to seek them out.






The survivors defeats the drones sent to find them not knowing they were merely decoys used to lure the survivors out from hiding.






And, the hunter has picked up their scent.






Allies of the survivors from another town tell the survivors that they are targeted for their abilities, and the hunter is upon them.






And, to survive, they must escape to different town.






But, the warning was late.  The hunter, Garz, arrives and snipes at the survivors, and the allies engage the hunter in a futile fight in order to give the survivors a chance to escape.






The allies were outmatched and were quickly decimated.






But, the survivors were able to find hiding places among other allies one of whom presented himself as their mentor who were like the survivors possessing special abilities.  And, he will help the survivors hone their abilities.






In the new town, as the survivors were gathering supplies, they were spotted.






The mentor arrives in time to protect the survivors and held his own against Garz.






At least, for a short while, the mentor fought Garz evenly.






Then, mentor is quickly wounded and became incapable to continue the fight.






The survivors came back out from hiding in order to protect their mentor.






Garz ignores the survivors and chases after the mentor.






Turns out, Garz was after the mentor all along.






For among all those with special abilities, he was the strongest and most unique.






And, he had to be collected.






And, I awoke on the plane from where it all started.






To find a man, who was unable to be restrained, biting me.





  • Phonow

    you may have the beginnings of a great post apocalyptic science fiction novel. one day, pick this up again… and give it a go. iirc, frankenstein was inspired by a dream. (and opium??)

    i notice you have been busy creating new posts. love the aquarium trip. honolulu has a small aquarium– but i could spend all day in the jellyfish area. beautiful. and (lol) loved the little clip you added at the end of the aquarium trip. jump jump jump. ohh. :)

    • etane

      yah usually i would flesh it out some more but time restraint and lazy, and I’ve never had the patience to write a novel only short stories.. franketstein was inspired by: “Mary
      (Shelley) Godwin had a dream. The dream was a morbid one about the creation of a
      new man by a scientist with the hubris to assume the role of god.”

      I have lots more pics to post but no time… honolulu has aquarium… snorkeling. people can swim inside the aquarium. not sure how the corals are holding up. i think i saw on tv somewhere it said 80% of the ocean’s corals are bleached.

      • Phonow

        yes, warmer waters are destroying our reefs. warmer waters and an aggressive seaweed. they have clean ups–and are encouraging us to eat the seaweed… but not much you can do about warmer waters.

        haha i keep away from the ocean. so…. aquariums are as good as it gets. lol.

        there is a battle brewing over the “harvesting” of tropical fish — for the pet trade.

        ohh… bb game today. A quote from portal (haha) “Linsanity for Tonight against New Orleans…I’m hoping for a 30 point
        game from Jeremy Lin, in the name of YAHWEH the creator of all things.” nice that god cares about bb.

        • etane

          pfffft almost sprayed my coffee onto the screen… yahweh?

          i think most fish i buy are aquarium raised but a few corals i bought were farmed meaning they grew the corals in specific protected regions rather than chopping up native corals.

          yahweh… glad they found their own lin “sancturary”. it actually does bother me a bit that lin is an evangelical. i have no problem with any other christian sect cept the speaking in tongues kind and evangelicals.

          • Phonow

            portal gets weird…but i wait for gems like that, and a good old fashioned bannings.

            during my evangelical stage… my bffs were Pentecostal (the speaking in tongues kind) and i was a Baptist. pentecostals and baptists hate one another. my baptist bible sunday school teacher would devote his teachings to Why pentecostals were misinterpreting the bible, and my pentecostal friends would preach to me why baptists have it all wrong. dayum. hope one day, jeremy figures out that being a good person is good enough. there is no need for a chocolate jesus.

          • etane

            in jeremy case, i don’t think he need jesus to be a good person. he finds inspiration in scripture obviously and don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. that is not an evangelical only trait. not too different if i were to find inspirational quotes from ralph waldo emerson or mark twain. however, like in many asian churches, a lot of members don’t seem to care about the social/cultural/political implications their churches are involved in. psalms on the other hand is very in the know and is very defensive about his church’s evangelical position.

          • Llips don’t lie

            Even Jesus says you don’t need Jesus to be good. Idk which passage but JC always encouraged you to have your own experience with God, seek Him and find Him blah blah. It’s only the human church which urges you to find it thru them. And of course, give them 10% for the trouble. the bible is also a tremendously flawed book. Interpreted via so many different languages etc. Etc.

            I find the calls to donate so that he can present a big fat check (let’s do it for jeremee!) to jl on behalf of his church downright scary.

          • etane

            jesus said don’t worship him. but his disciples went ahead and made a church out of his likeness anyways. and the ones who tried to carry on his will were casted as the traitor and the prostitute. thanks dan brown.

          • Llips don’t lie

            Basically religion is BS

          • Phonow

            i know buddha said do not worship him– but did jesus?

          • etane

            buddha left his castle to search for truth, and he found the world to be full of suffering. and, the main cause of it was caste system perpetuated by religion.

            jesus was similar to this regard such as the flipping usury tables and such. quick google will find you a wealth of information where jesus declined to be treated the same as “father”.

            oh, and similarly, both buddha and jesus mysteriously became gods centuries after their death.

            further, mohammad has that “edict” where he said he doesn’t want any likelness of him recreated. I think what he meat was he didn’t want to be worshiped. but, as fundamentalists usually do, they took his words literally.

          • Phonow

            hi== llips & i are in arcadia post– come n play.

          • Llips don’t lie

            I think jay is sometimes conflicted. ..feel that there are plenty of voices (human lol) that compete for his attention about what to do / say, “from a Christian standpoint “. I actually think that some of the things he’d said were ‘encouraged ‘ ahem by others. Nothing sinister but to do good as they see fit.

          • Phonow

            there are catch phrases that christians use (parroting). like “thank you jesus, praise the lord,” or, “all glory be to god.” i don’t think someone encouraged his testimony, but rather, that is just the way he speaks. it is a natural “filler” in christian conversations.

            it is a useful tool to say something, while trying to think of something Real to say– better than saying Um……

          • etane

            well every sect think they are right and all the other ones are wrong. not sure why baptists have particular beef with pentecostals though. were they competing against each other as their churches were across the street from one another for how many souls they could “save”?

          • Phonow

            two sets of friends were fighting over my soul. lol.

            pretty much baptists (or at least the church i went to– mostly azns) were quiet and orderly– they felt that pentecostals were loud & unruly– and emphasized speaking in tongues too much. here’s a quicky list of differences:

            1. Unlike Baptists, the Pentecostals are seen to lean more towards the Spirit and Baptism of Holy Spirit.

            2. The Baptists sing mainly hymns and pray quietly. On the other hand, Pentecostals will sing and pray loudly.

            3. When the Baptists think that tongues and direct revelation are no
            more relevant, the Pentecostals still believe in things like mystical
            spiritual language.

            4. The Baptists believe that a faith has been saved forever once someone
            received Jesus Christ as the Savior. On the other hand, Pentecostals
            believe that one can lose salvation if the faith is not kept.

            5. For Baptists, once saved is always saved regardless of how he lives
            afterwards. But for Pentecostals, it is not like that and a person
            should have to lead a sinless life even after one is saved.

            6. Unlike Baptists, Pentecostals allow woman to become pastors.

            Read more: Difference Between Baptist and Pentecostal | Difference Between | Baptist vs Pentecostal

          • etane

            it seems infinitely more damning to attempt to leave a pentecostal church and risk eternal damnation. if i had to chose, i’d chose baptist because you just have to join for a limited time but the privilege is forever.

            for whatever reasons, lots of asians are in baptist churches but they don’t identify themselves as baptist but only call themselves christian. well, my baptist test is whether they do full immersion baptism or not.

            both churches were actively after saving your soul? i wonder if they have a soul to be saved quota and whether different souls have different soul values.

          • Phonow

            ahhh…. site is up again. love the new posting — the arcadia pictures are absolutely beautiful! Little LS is so photogenic. i especially love the 2nd pic down. Ms. LS about to call the board meeting to order.

            no, not the churches– two sets of high school friends– one group pentecostal, and the other, baptist. my good friend’s dad was the sunday school teacher for my baptist church– so he would slip in anti pentecostal propaganda in his lectures.

            haha. no, i was already “saved.” the two churches just wanted to make sure i practiced the right doctrine.

          • etane

            that’s my fave pic too. i took many pics that day with my very old kiron $20 lens and only a few turned out sharp. that one turned out surprisingly sharp and vibrant. the model isn’t too bad either. yah my site seemed to have been down. host said they were doing some updates. images for the aboretum blog post is wack. you can’t enlarge pic, can’t click to view high res. i complained to my host server but waiting for them to get back to me. i am in bed with a sinus infection so got lots of time wasting away doing stupid sh*t on the pc. and, you’re not saved according to the other church if you’re not practicing the right doctrine i thought. i think i mentioned this before my evangelical friends make fun of mormons. but, i actually think mormons are more normal than evangelicals cept for the baptism post mortum, underwear and polygamy bit.

            searching for reference regarding mormons vis a vis muslims, i found this quote “All who have died without a knowledge of this gospel, who would have received it had they been permitted to tarry, shall be heirs of the celestial kingdom of God… Thus, according to Smith’s 1836 teaching, any Muslim who was not familiar with Mormonism, but would have accepted it had they known about it in their lifetime, would be automatically saved in the heavenly kingdom.” this means more people would go to heaven if mormons would do less missionary work.

          • Phonow

            darn. sorry to hear you’re feeling sick again. hope you feel better over the weekend, and can have some time out n about.

            yes, i noticed i could not enlarge the photos. llips was concerned when she noticed your site was down after the thunder game. are you watching today’s game? lin is a starter who does not get to touch ball at all. boo!

            i don’t know… mormons are pretty weird. lol! meh… i guess they are all pretty weird. hahaha.

            Sweet little LS– lucky little girl– to have daddy’s big arms to carry her when she is tired. :)

          • Llips don’t lie

            May I ask why?

          • etane

            why wut?

          • Llips don’t lie

            Why u no likey evangel ist

          • etane
        • Llips don’t lie
          • Phonow

            hahaha. i saw that. occu is becoming my hero.

            i notice that good old donsmacau is starting to post his Nathan Gottlieb sock-puppet theory over at Portal. haha. what an interesting nut case.