Laguna Beach Sawdust Art Festival


As part of Ellis’ reward for being a good girl, we took her to the art festival in Laguna Beach right after school which has been about a month since she started attending.

Our first priority is to get Ellis off the pacifier.  Secondary priority is to develop a toilet using habit.  Third, and I didn’t realize this until after daycare started, is to minimize Ellis’ separation anxiety.




First, the good.  She hasn’t touched the pacifier since daycare started.  Because of the latent pacifier use, she’s developed a light case of cross bite in her bottom left jaw according to her dentist.  But, it should cure itself after her new teeth sets in.  So, success in this area is great.




Second, the bad.  The Sunday after Ellis’ first week of daycare was rather traumatic.  She pleaded with me not to take her to daycare.  And, when that didn’t work, she pled with me to stay with her at daycare.

Negotiation is used so far to get Ellis over the hump.  I’d make promises that I would take her to somewhere she wants to go after school if she behaved.  I’d promise I’d come earlier if she ate her lunch.  By end of the week, her fear mostly subsided.  But, her abhorrence for daycare is still apparent.




After reading up about separation anxiety, I learned that the child suffering from this has yet to develop the ability to handle being without her primary caretaker for even a short amount of time.  And, this usually results from the child not knowing when the caretaker will eventually return if at all.




I am negotiating with her other primary caretaker to find a way to develop the child’s ability to be without her primary caretaker from brief to longer period of time.

Because of these new developments, I’ve decided to treat the toilet training as a secondary priority.  However, Ellis has recently improved in this area.  She would use the toilet when prompted to.  Yet, she still has not use the toilet without the adult prompting her to do so.