Been planning to come here for months.  As I parked my car I realized I left my camera’s SD card at home.  Good thing a Staples was nearby, so we could get an extremely overpriced 8gb SD card which was too low in capacity that led me to have to keep deleting photos to make room through out the day.

Other than that, unlike the Disney day trip, the weather is really much colder now.  So, choosing LACMA this weekend where we can at least partially hide indoors was why it was a consideration.  Until this day, I still don’t understand why the kid enjoys museums so much.  At similar age, I thought museums were boring.  Maybe it’s because I was with her.  *wink*


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Ellis has her own bed, but she has been requesting to sleep with me for the past few months.  She said it’s because she has bad dreams of “bad man” after her.  I try to console her and tell her that daddy will protect her.  But, that’s pretty much a lie as she spends most nights with her grandparents.  I hope it won’t be a lie for long though.

Ellis used to be OK with this but has since started acting out.  She’s pushing away daddy’s friends and only wants daddy to hold her.  This could be worrisome: Ellis has been very strong and resilient regarding the transitional situation about as strong as all the adults.  Of course, she’s not supposed to be this strong at this age.  Daddy is really grateful and sorry that you have to put up with the adults and hope you can stay a kid for as long as possible.

For now, daddy knows why you’re such a picky eater and why you are demanding your way when we’re either out and about or relaxing at home.  You want to be in control of whatever you could because so much is out of your control.  But, daddy can’t let you have your way.

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