LA Art District


It’s another one of those I think we’re out of places to go weekends.  We were here during the (blistering hot) summer, but Ellis didn’t come with us.  So, for the lack of something better to do, we brought her here.



It’s was warm and surprisingly comfortable by the time we arrived.  We got to canvas some parts of the Arts District that we missed last time and avoided some of the places we thought weren’t so interesting.  We also bumped into a not-so-dangerous biker gang.


DSC03632 DSC03635 DSC03716 DSC03727

There was an open air market on 3rd street.  And, they closed off the street to automobile traffic for the open air market as well as for the Shinola grand opening where we got to partake in some street food, music and games.  Salt and Straw was especially good.


DSC03702 DSC03701 DSC03689 DSC03658


Some obligatory walk about stuff resembling a museum pieces.

DSC03676DSC03686DSC03674 DSC03665DSC03663DSC03701 DSC03700


So what else is new?  I bought a new solstice tree yesterday, a 5 footer.  I care so little about this holiday but feel kids need their trees during holidays.  Also, got a robot vacuum.  My allergies is acting up less or possibly placebo effect.  Ellis now urges me to leave after I drop her off at daycare.  Probably a career move pending.  And, I really do miss you.





Nikon Kogaku 50mm 1.4 and, when outdoors, with BW +4 ND filter.