Griffith Observatory


This was an usual spot for me 20 some odd years ago.  But, moved away from SoCal for a few years then the observatory went through renovations and was close to impossible to find a parking spot near the observatory for a long time.  And, finally, after all this time, I was able to visit the observatory almost 20 yrs later.


DSC04767 DSC04771 DSC04805


What made it possible to visit the observatory this time around is there’s a new parking lot opened at the park near the bottom of the hill.  So, now we have to hike up from the parking spot.  It’s a slightly steep trek but didn’t take very long as we were able to cut through the road that snakes up the hill which awarded us with a lot of photo and vista opportunities.


DSC04850 DSC04870 DSC04943


While the renovation was going on, I often thought why the hell did the renovation take so long.  Realized why that is after entering the observatory.  They transported a science museum inside this building.


DSC04958 DSC04968 DSC04979


While we enjoyed the interior, we enjoyed the exterior too.  View from top of the building was fantastic and perfect place for a quick snack.


DSC04929 DSC04983 DSC04971


Ellis has been growing.  Not too much height wise.  Her body has slowly matured by adding more firmness to her otherwise waif frame.  Her ability to communicate with her teachers has improved so that she could understand simple conversations.  She’s accepting of more genres of music and styles of foods.

I was perusing posts from a year ago and read Ellis started expressing her likes and dislikes.  She’s definitely not short on opinions now.  No matter if it’s her fashion choice, weekend destination, or media selection, she’s both more open to new things but have developed definite preferences aka safe choices.  And, I hope to move her away from her safe choices, but it’s difficult to do this by myself