Grand Canyon West


This is the second place we took off from Vegas to visit. So, according to all the reviews, this is the “fake” Grand Canyon. The real Grand Canyons are the North Rim and South. Grand Canyon West is just a marketing name. It’s really an Indian reservation occupied by the Hualapei tribe. Others call this portion of GC fake because, for one, it’s not actually part of the national park system and, two, it’s not really part of Grand Canyon. It’s private property. This means you pay more since it’s not tax subsidized.




I don’t believe the Hualapei is native to the region. Rather, it’s land granted to them after they already did their trail of tears march. And, they opened this place up to the public to help pay for their public utilities.



I traveled light and brought only a wide angle 28mm lens with me while forgetting that I could really have used the 21mm wide angle adapter which I left at home.  So, I had to bust out my phone to take some panoramic pictures to capture what the 28mm lens couldn’t.



With that said, I am in a pretty shitty mood right now. I left a door open and let someone I shouldn’t have let entered, again.


DSC05440DSC05444DSC05455DSC05473  Home IS where the heart is in whatever form it takes.


DSC05532DSC05542DSC05569DSC05581   At least, we could go see the ends of the earth together.



DSC05695aEllis’ first love