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Ellis has been in princess mode for quite a few months.  So, where can I take her this weekend for pretend royalty?  Maybe a palace on the mountains?  Or, perhaps a villa by the sea while wearing a puffy dress with her favorite shiny shoes to match?


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The dress was definitely not my idea.  Ellis demanded something puffy.  I showed Ellis pictures of real princesses and not of Disney creations.  But, she isn’t interested in real princesses.  So, Aunt Mia tasked herself with the mission of finding THE dress for Ellis this weekend.  Find she did.  THE dress it isn’t not for me anyways haha.  But, it is for Ellis and that’s what mattered.


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Ellis had stopped drinking formula a bit sooner than optimal around one years old.  And, her appetite has never been very good especially with the limited variety of food she’s willing to try.  So, her weight has always been below the mean based on her age and height.  However, she’s starting to pack it on lately.


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At school, while she used to not eat most everyone on her plate, she’s cleaning it up on some days and eating more than half on others.  At home, she’s been non-stop snacking on fruits and cookies between meals while eating full meals.  It will be another two months before her next health check up, but I think Ellis should be in around where she’s considered not too skinny for her height.


DSC03455 DSC03478 DSC03499 DSC03500 DSC03502
Might be time to start toning down on her snacking before she becomes a life long snackaholic.  When I pick her up, she no longer feels waify with toothpick legs.  Instead, she’s starting to develop a solid trunk.  Clothing wise, Ellis outgrows her tops quickly but doesn’t seem to outgrow her bottoms.  She only recently outgrew her 18-24m bottoms but is already wearing 4T tops.   And, she’s only at 41 months.


DSC03514 DSC03520 DSC03547 DSC03557

At school, she’s still Jeckyll and Hyde.  In the morning, she is scared to go to school.  In the afternoon, she enjoys school.  After school, she tells me how much fun she has at school and can’t wait to go back.  Then, next morning, she doesn’t want to go to school again.  I guess that’s part of the on and off week experience.


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At first it sorta distressed me that she has yet to acclimate to school during the mornings.  But, as I understand it, it takes her between 30 minutes to an hour to forget about the scary stuff and start enjoying school.  And, most of all, I am glad she’s finally getting to work on her cognitive development without evidence of being too behind others.




Kiron 24-105mm outdoors and Nikon Kogaku 50mm 1.4 indoors.