Getty Center


It’s been awhile since we went to Getty.  Been both busy and a bit under the weather hence the delay.  Thoughts that occurred during the time we visited Getty is a bit foggy at the moment.  But, I do recall two themes.  First is the transition for kids about Ellis’ age from merely wanting company to actually wanting to do something with her company.  And, that kids her age are always in transition of changing from one thing to another.


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What I see Ellis doing now is she’s always wanting to do something or to become someone.  She shows interest in just about everything as long as that everything is something she hasn’t done before and includes interpersonal interactions.  So, it’s a bit not to clear to me whether she’s wanting to learn new things or merely wanting to learn how to interact with people through learning new things.  Either way, I think it’s great that she’s been coming out of her shell.


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And, perhaps, saying she’s coming out of her shell is a bit of an understatement.  Sometimes, we’d walk past people, and Ellis will initiate salutations with strangers passing by while the adults with her are the ones left trying to figure out what to say to the strangers.  We have neighbors of 8 months who we never spoke to.  And, once their garage was open, Ellis ran in front of their garage and started playing with their daughter who is a year older than Ellis.


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Ellis was chatting non-stop with the neighbors.  They were commenting that they never met a kid who is so talkative and well mannered at her age.  And, daddy was trying his best to keep up with the conversation.


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So, yah, Ellis claimed she loved the Getty.  She liked the exhibits but loved the outdoorsy stuff more both the landscape and scenery, fresh air and sunshine.  California suits her.


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