I’ve read that children under three years old generally does not enjoy Disneyland much, and it’s more of an experience for the parents.  But, the parents end up disappointed because of the tremendous time, money and effort it takes to take children around the park, keep them from getting too tired when walking around, and keeping them from getting too impatient when in a typically long line.

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The experience was really on par in regards to expectations.  There were some things that were unanticipated.  We decided to go to DL before December thinking it will get too cold during that month.  It was cold all week, so we bundled “our child” up before leaving the house.  We arrived at the park about 11am and was greeted by the winter parade!  Ellis loved the parade and couldn’t keep her eyes of of it.  But, one thing that was apparent was it was deathly hot at about 90 degrees.  We had to unbundle Ellis down to her tank top.  I can’t imagine the effort the people in the parade are putting in to maintain their plastic grins as they are wearing full costume and make up.  It must be a 120 degree oven in there.

Another reason why we didn’t wait until Ellis is older to take her to DL is because it’s their 60th anniversary.  But, there really wasn’t anything special about it.

Ellis didn’t mind the long lines at all.  We talked, took pictures, and she was pretty much preoccupied the whole time.  After a few hours of walking around, she begun to sneak in naps when we are walking from ride to ride and during the lines.  So, it all worked out despite at least interrupting her sleep cycle a few times.  Either way, she was so easy to take care of during the excursion.  She even ate more than expected the nasty pasta they sell at the Plaza Inn.  And, she responded really well to the fireworks as she oohed and ahhed as well as moving to the music played when fire works were shot up into the sky.  At the end, she said, daddy is there more?  And, the next morning, on our way to breakfast, she sung “let it go… let it go…”.

But, what I am trying to do is to get more of everything in her head, her senses, her body and if it takes being a Disneydad then so be it.  Daddy is glad she getting to see and to hear the fireworks and to feel the fatigue from having fun.