Center Street Promenade


This street is part of Anaheim’s on-going gentrification project with urban cafeterias and hipster haberdasheries.  The area is still relatively new in terms of development, and that’s probably why the menu prices are not quite as exorbitant compared to what’s charged at the Packing House a few blocks down.  We partook our lunch at Pour Vida which I highly recommend for some central American fair with an pinch of urban saltiness.




Yes, it’s been some time since my last update.  And, I point to this single event:



While I was playing basketball, Mia was filming Ellis cheering me on with her poms poms.  However, Ellis was quick to be disillusioned that no one was paying attention to her.  She quickly dropped her poms and went to the playground.  Mia attended to her while I continued playing.  And, during this time, Ellis met another little girl who is about a year older.

The other girl’s name is Xiao Xiao.  She’s taller, more talkative and more mature than Ellis is.  And, she kept chasing Ellis around trying to get her attention while Ellis kept avoiding her.  When she finally did strike a conversation with Ellis, she kept asking Ellis if she knew about all the various Disney princesses, and Ellis felt a bit embarrassed that she didn’t know who they were.

And, the symbiosis of these two successive events probably made a big impression on Ellis as it marked a turning point to where she became enthralled with the way she looks because 1) she wants to attract more attention and 2) she doesn’t want to lose in terms of girliness level again.

We went shopping that weekend, and Ellis was insistent on buying really girly apparel and accessories.  The result of which is the following pics where we took across the street from where we had lunch:


DSC00592 DSC00584 DSC00583 DSC00586


In a way I hope this phase she’s going through which I think most girls go through when they go to high school, so she might be over this phase earlier than most girls are.  But, I will try not to impose my own values on her too much in order to let her explore her own little world.  Nevertheless, the unnaturalness of it all has taken picking out photos I like out of all I’ve taken a bit less slower.

Of course, there are other issues that has nothing to do with Ellis.  First, Windows 10 update has did a number to how my PC handle image files.  It’s become dreadfully slow thumbnail and jpeg images hence making it a real chore to plow through the hundreds of pics taken to pick out the few I really like.  Second, I’ve been sick on and off so didn’t want to spend my energy waiting for the stupid PC to load the thumbnails and image viewers.

But, anyways, I digress.  After we finished our lunch, we walked around Central street and visited a free museum.


DSC00626 DSC00622 DSC00621 DSC00617
Photos circa August 16 2016.

Lastly, I’ve invested a lot of time in designing, building and journaling my latest aquarium endeavor.  A sneak peak.