A Care Free Stroll in the Laguna Mountains then Lunch by the Beach


A combination of wanting to go somewhere local in lieu of the usual hour long destination and wanting to explore a mountain I’ve driven and biked pass countless times led us to the Nix Nature Center off route 133.


DSC02982 DSC02991


Before embarking on our trek, we explored a bit of the center’s touch and learn apparatus.


DSC03008 DSC03029 DSC03033


Then, we’re off.  We took a look at the map.  I wanted to take a stroll around Barbara Lake, but Mia was afraid that it might be too far for Ellis.  So, we started on Mary’s Trail.


DSC03036 DSC03037 DSC03046 DSC03063


Mary’s Trail is rather short and flat.  So, by the time we were done, we decided to keep going on the Gravel Trail heading towards Lake Barbara.


DSC03074 DSC03088 DSC03128 DSC03164


Finally, we reached Lake Barbara to find a dried up river bed.


DSC03175 DSC03176


We then made our way back to the parking lot then drove to the beach.


DSC03190 DSC03237 DSC03305 DSC03299Ellis devoured the entire bowl of Sapphire’s chicken soup


Ellis loves to sing and dance but is still deathly shy still would not utter a word in front of strangers.  There still seems to be a clear delineation between those who she would open up to and those she doesn’t.  I am not sure what I should do to help her along whether to provide her with more security or less.  But, at 3 years old, it’s not a big deal.  It might be to my own benefit that she had more social skills, so I’d feel better about her integrating into grade school in the future.

On a different note, I started going non-gluten again a few weeks ago.  The overall health improvement is tremendous.  I am almost convinced that sickliness and ennui experienced during the past few years is gluten related.  However non-celiac I am, there are other symptoms triggered by the ingestion and presence of gluten inside the body.  My inclination is Hashimoto Syndrome.

The symptoms have mostly subsided.  My physical appearance and measurable health diagnostics have all improved.  I feel like I can carry on with my life better now.  Time to renew strength into doing things better for myself and my family.