The Broad and a bit of Disney Music Center


It’s family day at the Broad.  This means the second floor is full of kids doing arts and craft stuff while the third floor is filled with their regular exhibits.




We did half of the third floor first then went done to the second floor before we were done with the third because second floor activities opened a bit later and closed a bit earlier.


DSC05048 DSC05053 DSC05061 DSC05068


The family stuff on the second floor consisted of three activities.


DSC050711. Making necklace out of fabric


SY170422_BroadFamilyWeekend_0474 SY170422_BroadFamilyWeekend_0473-1 SY170422_BroadFamilyWeekend_0463 SY170422_BroadFamilyWeekend_04622. Photo booth with professional photographer on staff

 DSC050813. Drawing on the Photo booth pictures in the style of Keith Haring


DSC05087Wes Craven is more her style


We then continued where we left off on the third floor.

DSC05093 DSC05091 DSC05088 DSC05063


The Broad is of course built by Kaufman and Broad.  Recently, Broad (the person not the building) successfully funded a pro-charter Los Angeles Unified School District school board president.  I happen to be very anti-charter school.  So, naturally, I am ambivalent about the Broad.  It’s great he’s throwing money at building this museum.  But, at the same time, he’s taking money away from schools.


Anyways, we then left the Broad building to partake in a Marshmallow demonstration given by a restaurant right next to the Broad.  Afterwards, we swung by the Disney Music Center:



Fast forward a couple of weeks later, the weather got really warm, so we went swimming.  We got her a cute pink camouflage life jacket.


swim 1 swim 2


And, with the life jacket on, not only is she no longer scared of the water, she’s actively kicking and moving across the water as well.



Overall, it’s been a great week.  She was sad a couple of weeks ago.  Not only did she transition from 3 to 4 year old class, her mom just started Ellis at a new pre-kindergarten.  So, she had two classes to acclimate to at the same time.  However, she’s totally transformed this past week from a wilting to a blooming flower.

She’s really thriving in her new class and is loving her new teacher who she used to be scared of.  Her mood, mannerism, speed of learning new languages, English and Spanish, and math are both at their optimal level.  On top of which, she’s really brave in the water now.  Maybe we could get her to swim without her life jacket after a few months.