Beaches: La Jolla and Venice


Swung by La Jolla and wanted to visit their contemporary art museum for a few years and finally got the chance to swing through again.

DSC09955DSC09968View of ocean from inside the museum


The museum was a bit underwhelming except for a few pieces.

DSC09959 DSC09973


But, the beach, or should I say coast line, is very nice.  We walked on this pathway that wrapped around the coastline and took in the sun, the wind, the waves…

DSC09994 DSC09987 DSC09997 DSC00029


About the middle of the path was a dike used to protect the sandy beach, we walked on it.

DSC00011b DSC00012 DSC00024


We left, we walked some more, and we got hungry.

DSC00034 DSC00044 DSC00060 DSC00057Bon appetit to me.


A few days later, Ellis said she wanted to fly a kite.  Who da hell flies a kite these days?  And, where did she learn about flying kites?  But, we took her to a beach where we thought it might be neat to fly a kite.

DSC00091Just entering Venice Beach


After we arrived, Ellis heard music blaring out of store off the beach and instantly got into a trance.

dance playa


It was difficult competing against that annoying sound for Ellis’ attention, but we managed to get sand under her feet.

DSC00108 DSC00121Mine too

And off to kiting we go!  (Is kiting the correct verb form for flying a kite?)

kiting playa




After our kiting misadventure, Ellis wanting to play in the park.  It’s a park but also part of muscle beach where beefcakes come here to flex their muscles.

DSC00127 DSC00137 DSC00138Ellis took the opportunity to work on her balance


DSC00139 DSC00140 DSC00143I took the opportunity to work on taking photographs


DSC00149 DSC00162


Other notes:

At least during the day time, Ellis seems to be off diapers.  The potty training undies really work.  Now, if we could only get her to eat right while she’s at daycare.  Not sure why she wouldn’t eat at school.  She would only eat rice.  Is it food pickiness or separation anxiety?  Who knows.  But, after about two months, she still cries each morning we say goodbye.  Maybe she just misses me so.

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