Balboa Park


A random Wednesday.  Significant other said she didn’t feel like going to work.  So, I suggested we go take a short road trip.  Somewhere we could take advantage of avoiding the weekend crowd.  And, we decided on Balboa Park.

Gussying up


Japanese Friendship Garden

DSC07635 DSC07618 DSC07613Turns out San Diego is sister city to Yokohama.  The garden is a symbol of their friendship.


DSC07660 DSC07651 DSC07641I want a Koi pond one of these days.  Might have to settle for a Goldfish pond though.




DSC07735 DSC07762 DSC07765a


Botanical Garden

DSC07822 DSC07820 DSC07805


Break Time

DSC07857DSC07850 DSC07998 DSC07842


Science Center

Just before the IMAX started


DSC07966 DSC07920

Adventures in Plastic


Dinner @ The Prado

DSC08061 DSC08066Yes, the food is as exciting as it looks.


Ellis’ appetite for exercise is voracious.  The first words out of Ellis’ mouth every morning is “take me to the castle park”.  The last words out of Ellis’ mouth every night is “take me to castle park, tomorrow”.

Speaking of appetite, Ellis’ palate was becoming wider but has since been dwindling narrower again.  She was eating a variety of fruits, meats and vegetables during most of May.  However, during June, she’s more appreciative of plainer affair like plain noodles and rice with occasional chicken but very few veggies.

On the other hand, her temperament is striking a good balance between asking for what she wants and displaying self control.  Case in point.  While we were at the Japanese Friendship Garden, we could see a children’s park on the other side of the hill.  She kept asking to be taken there and was visibly displeased when we told her to wait.  But, she was a good trooper through the entire time at the Japanese and botanical garden.