It’s two weeks before Halloween, but we are already celebrating.  And, we are the Addams family.  Yah, I don’t look the part because my striped shirt didn’t arrive this weekend.

Was rummaging through a recently opened Nordstrom Rack and found this black dress.  I am not even that familiar with Addams family, but, I knew this would be perfect for Ellis’ Halloween costume when I saw it.  So, that’s how I decided we should be the Addams Family this Halloween.


DSC02011 DSC01996 DSC01984  zoo


With the black lipstick, Ellis’ complexion does look spooky pale.


DSC02042 DSC02037 DSC02022 DSC01948

For this one week, perhaps Ellis is giving in to my taste in her wardrobe selection.  She still prefers pretty dresses and shiny shoes.  But, she was not resistant to my choices after I told her what’s more appropriate for the occasion.  Saturday it was the black dress which she didn’t put up any resistance to.  Sunday, it’s the fuschia purple shirt which she absolutely refused to wear weeks before.


DSC02629 DSC02572 DSC02563

The plaid really goes well with the farm slash pumpkin patch theme.


DSC02626 DSC02478 DSC02473 DSC02452


Her rhetorical responses are hilarious.  In order to convince me to take her to Ikea, her favorite place to shop, she told me our house was too empty.  At first, I was dumbfounded since our house is already filled with stuff.  Took me a few takes before I realize that was her way of “convincing” me to take her to Ikea.

I am amazed at how quickly she responds to my questions.  She’d have entire sentences to paragraphs prepared before I even finish my question.  And, her delivery is fast, articulate and, mostly hair balled just like the Ikea comment above.  But, though hair balled, it actually does make sense.  I hope she never loses this ability to say what’s her mind, directly, succinctly and with so much humor without even trying.

However, she is still very quiet around strangers.  It is very difficult to get her to open up to people even to kids in her own class.  I am not sure what the deal is as I can’t simply characterize this as unfamiliarity or insecurity.  Once at the park, she saw a boy on the swing next to hers.  She never met the boy before, but she immediately started calling the boy “big brother” (Not in the Orwellian sense).  She started chasing him around and kept trying to start conversations with him.

This was very abnormal for her as she has never chased anyone around before nor has she ever dared to start a conversation with someone she’s not familiar with before.  Yah, the boy even at about 5 years old is very handsome.  But, he was demure, didn’t reply to Ellis’ attempt at starting conversation, but he was enjoying the attention he was getting.  It was a joy to watch and to realize, at least some of the time, Ellis’ sociability with strangers seems to be something she can turn on when she wants to.

A year ago, Ellis was OCD regardling cleanliness.  She would not touch anything dirty.  She would not step on grass, touch fallen leaves or eat foods that is tainted by any kind of sauce particularly the darker variety.  She’s overcame touching leafy greens during last year’s Halloween, dove into fallen leaves around last Thanksgiving.  And, recently, she surmounted another milestone.  Level of her food pickiness has subsided quite a bit as she started eating a more balanced meals including meat and vegies.  Recently, she even scarfed down her portion of Jia Jian Mien which she used to call “Zhan Zhan” (dirty).




Two Weeks Later

Ellis again donned her Wednesday costume.  First, it’s a Halloween party at her daycare!

1 miles&ellis


She is still skittish about school on Monday and refused to part with her blankie which is unusual as she’s been more independent during the past few months.  Was able to get the blankie away from her for the shot above when I told her to take a pic with a classmate.  Her eyes has some evidence of fresh tears and redness from her giving up the blankie although temporarily.




In lieu of leaving the campus to go trick or treating, each class took turns visiting other classes trick or treating for candy.  And, afterwards, the kids sit down for activities.


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The ghosts and whatever an Adam’s family member qualifies as comes out at night.


DSC02881 DSC02896 DSC02908

Candy be damned.  Ellis *cough* I meant Wednesday couldn’t resist the groove.  She refused to stray too far from the DJ and the dance floor.




After we finally dragged her away from the dance floor, we drove home and walked around tricking or treating at neighbors’ houses before going back home which, after a few homes and at her protest, she was ready to go to bed or, at least, I felt she was ready.


DSC02948 DSC02945