New Years Day


Picked her up extra early on new years day to spend the day in Long Beach starting with a 45 minute boat tour, walked to Shoreline Village then off to the Aquarium of the Pacific.


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We started driving around 11am and arrived at Long Beach at 12pm.  We started our activities with a 45 minute harbor tour.  I wasn’t sure how Ellis would handle the ride as this is our first time on a boat other than Queen Mary, but that boat was stationary.  But, Ellis took in the boat tour gracefully.  No sea sickness, no getting impatient, and no running around and getting into trouble.  In fact, for the first time, she started asking repeated questions “What is that?, and What is that?  What about that?” as she uses her fingers to point at freight liners, the light house, sea lions and so forth.



She still has some dexterity issues.  But, they are ironed out after a full days work out.

Ellis’ eyes started getting heavy around 4pm pretty much right after the last picture is taken.  She woke up for about a few minutes as I was buckling her into the car seat after we returned to our car. She was very startled to wake up at a different location.  It seemed she really didn’t want to leave the aquarium, and she was very disappointed to learn we’ve already left the aquarium.  She didn’t wake up again until after we arrived in Garden Grove for dinner.  Apparently, she was hungry from her work out as she scarfed down a small bowl of chicken wonton noodles and even had some calamari appetizer.