Jeremy Lin Glad for Lower Profile

Jeremy Lin Glad for Lower Profile

A year ago, Lin was the focal point when the Rockets opened the season after they signed him away from the Knicks. But he struggled in his first full season as a starting point guard, and the Rockets have since…

How Faith Kept Jeremy Lin Strong Through Success and Failure

The Christian Post Film Review

Part of the movie’s charm, in fact, is its ability to balance the different facets of Lin’s personality, without bombarding the audience with trivia. Indeed, “Linsanity” spends substantive time exploring Lin’s Chinese and Taiwanese heritage, his relationships with his two brothers, and in particular how his faith accompanies and maintains him in each and every up and down of his basketball journey.

“Linsanity” is fundamentally not about how Jeremy Lin shocked the world by playing extraordinary basketball in February last year. No, it’s about a man who pours himself into his sport and in the midst of racial slurs, perpetually finding his talent overlooked, two professional teams releasing him, and an astonishing and unprecedented month in the NBA, chooses to find God over and over again.

I hope it’s not another “Battle Field Earth”.

At the red carpet…

How to Beat Miami’s Full Court Press

I didn’t know Tyson Chandler is Shandongnese!

The video might be a joke, but he actually makes a good point. With Jeremy double teamed by the half court press, Jeremy should throw the ball down court to an open man. The problem was there were no open man as the Knicks were busy standing around picking their noses instead of spreading the floor and making themselves open for a pass.

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