Peverley’s Defense is Dangerous

Some comments I made over at JeremyLintel about Patrick’s defensive methodology: Personally, I fear bev’s defensive style. I tore a few knee ligaments playing ball years back, so I am especially sensitive to Bev’s type of defense where he lunges…

Preseason Game 4 Rockets vs Referees

Quick notes of blown calls that, curiously, all went in favor for the Mavs. Q1 4:45 No call on Dalembert hitting Howard’s elbow on putback off rebound. Q1 6:24 Phantom foul on Howard against Dalembert when fighting for rebound. They…

Preseason Game 3 McHale vs Taiwan


The first most important thing I want to address is the plus/minus.  I hope this won’t become a trend where I start discussing plus/minus after every game.  But, I found it very awkward that Lin ended up with a -5…

Preseason Game 1 vs New Orleans Pelicans

Jeremy pointed out he needs to work on his lobs to Dwight Howard which is kind of weird to me. First of all, he excelled at throwing lobs to Tyson Chandler while he was in NY. And, he did have a 2 day work out with Dwight in Colorado where The Dream said they make a deadly combination. I guess Jeremy gave Asik too many easy to catch bounce passes last year and now it’s hard to break out of that habit.

Albeit, Jeremy did throw two lobs. One was about a foot too high to Dwight. The other was to Terence Jones who had awful positioning under the rim and couldn’t get any elevation. Seriously not sure whether Terence is trying to be a power forward or a small forward/shooting guard.

Overall, I think the espn highlight is very telling. Only Rockets highlights through the whole video. But, final score is 116-115 PELICANS. If I didn’t watch the game, I’d be terribly confused.

Well, Rockets were leading in points through 98% of the game. Perhaps this is a sign of A New Age in Houston where we have a lot of stars, a lot of high lights but not a lot of Ws? Let’s just hope the rotation implemented by McHale is only for preseason.

Rockets with Asik and Smith out of the game simply didn’t have the muscles in the paint to stop NO’s bigs while Dwight was on the bench. Rockets, A New Age and all, was more sparkle than blast off.

Note regarding Lin’s 4 TOs: I only saw 3 of them. One was legit where I think it was Davis who smacked the ball away from Lin at the perimeter. The other two were above the rims lobs that didn’t connect. One was too high to Howard. The other one Jones wasn’t ready to anticipate and failed to elevate.

Edit: the 4th TO was a travel call which I think is bogus.

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