Game 2: New Role

Jeremy’s faith probably played a big part in how he has successfully survived his 2 years of brain damage while he was in houston. However, with that same aegis, can it still be instrumental in Los Angeles in helping him succeed as the Lakers point guard and in helping him answer Kobe’s challenge to him?

“you got to run the offense. I’m telling you to run the offense & you got to do it.” source.

Lin said he has to find his role with the Lakers. Before, while Lin was in Houston, mentioning him needing to find his role was code for the coach won’t letting him run point and, instead, is forcing him to play a new position.

However, now that he’s in LA, we have seen coach Scott let Lin play the point and Bryant is telling the media that he should “do it”. What is holding Jeremy back and deferring to his aegis of old of needing to find his role again?

Well, playing the point in Los Angeles is easier said than done when you’re playing next to the biggest star in the NBA during the past 10 years. If Kobe asks for the ball, Lin has to pass it to him. Yes, Kobe is asking Lin to challenge him. But, that is asking a lot from Lin. This is the guy, after all, who thinks he is prideful.

“I’m not humble. Pride is [the] greatest sin I struggle with,” he wrote on Facebook. “But I’d say as I get older, go through more experiences in life and face tougher obstacles, I realize that I’m more sinful and need God more than I ever imagined.” source.

Can Kobe ask Jeremy to be less humble when Jeremy thinks he is not humble enough?

Post game analysis by James Worthy and Robert Horry.

James Worthy:
-Nobody in starting five scored more than 10 points
-Kobe took shots because his team is lacking
-Kobe will take over regardless of game plan

Robert Horry:
-Teammates cannot establish rhythm when they have to defer to Kobe.
-Kobe is contradicting what he said about wanting Lin to orchestrate the offense when he doesn’t let him.

Jeremy Lin:
-Need to fix everything, offense, defense. Defense will help our offense.
-I need to figure out how to get going offensively. Need to find my niche and role. I am more assertive. Need to figure it out as fast as I can.
-Defensively, need to get on the same page and regroup.

Etane’s take:

In post game interview, Jeremy names two things that needs to be done about the Lakers’ current predicament. First, Lakers needs to tighten up on defense and, second, he needs to do some soul searching. Somehow, both Horry’s and Worthy’s didn’t mention these. Rather, both of these former Laker legends say Kobe is the problem. I am sure Jeremy is thinking the same thing. However, instead of saying so, he thinks the solution is continue soul searching as he had where his growth as a NBA player was stunted on purpose.

Jeremy’s problem as well as the Laker’s problem is highly mental. I do not believe Kobe is sincere in asking Lin to orchestrate while he is keeping the ball away from Lin, but Kobe’s “tough love” could be the silver bullet that can quickly jump start Jeremy back to his old tenacious self.

Aggressive Lin
Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers is defended by Jeremy Lin of the Houston Rockets

Passive Lin
lin passive

Lin, don’t think of Kobe as a teammate but as a someone competing against you. Try it for a game.

  • DJSlik

    horry right! guess i was too quick to think him a JLin hater!

  • DJSlik

    jeremy looks downright DEPRESSED in that interview. dayum. can’t even make EYE CONTACT. his mind just can’t be in the right place.

    • etane

      yeah. check back to my game 1 post. in one of the videos lin was grinning from ear to ear.

  • Love Lin

    its his contract yr, i sometimes personally need him 2 play selfishly.. how will the game be tonite? pray 4 him n the team, cant wait 2 see what kinda adjustment would be by Scott.. BTW, thx 4 all the pics n write-up 4 the 2nd game, awesome job..

    • etane

      yw. wish you can tell lin personally that you need him to play selfishly. he’s certainly not listening to the rest of us. haha.

  • Phonow

    I think it is time to bribe Jeremy’s preacher to give a sermon about “Playing for God: not Pride, but Joy.” Plus, if JL does not get a huge new contract, then there goes the tithing. [dear God, forgive me for what I have said]

    • etane

      Another aspect of this church thing is Jeremy did say he wants to enter the ministry and wonder whether that path forces him to not act cocky and demanding (pretty much like Kobe) whenever he’s in public (which is all the time when he’s playing ball) as he will have to lead his ministry by example.

      I don’t think evangelicals approve of tithing. They do donations.