Jeremy Lin Glad for Lower Profile

Jeremy Lin Glad for Lower ProfileA year ago, Lin was the focal point when the Rockets opened the season after they signed him away from the Knicks. But he struggled in his first full season as a starting point guard, and the Rockets have since traded for James Harden and signed Dwight Howard. That has made the team a contender and taken some of the burden off Lin.

Temporal error?  Houston signed James Harden BEFORE Lin’s first full season as starting point guard for the Rockets.

“Learning to manage and deal with expectations and which voices to tune out takes time,” Lin said at Rockets media day Friday. “You have to fail at it to get to where you want to get to.”

Moral of the story is to tune people out?

“From a personal standpoint, there’s a lot less pressure this season,” Lin said. “I’ve had such a wide spectrum of literally no expectations to having every expectation. Now it’s kind of going back down to some lower expectations.”

Yes, the silver lining to having a bad season is having lower expectations.  Gotcha.

Jeremy, I truly feel people’s expectations for you were too LOW.  McHale relegated you to a stand in the corner gunner role who’s only opportunity to dribble the ball is when you take the ball pass the half court line before dumping it off to Harden.  We know you can do better, much better, if you were surrounded by people who actually have higher expectations of what you are capable of.

Maybe, for this one instant, being humble is hurting you rather than helping you.

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