Jeremy Lin’s The Key

Best article I’ve read about Jeremy Lin since forever.

Here are some excerpts:

It’s hard to argue when Rockets general manager Daryl Morey calls Howard and Harden “two of the Top 10 players in the league” (sorry Dwyane Wade, it’s true). Yet as good as Harden and Howard are, it’s even harder to argue that either is the equal of LeBron James or Kevin Durant. The Rockets aren’t a team that can roll out a Mario Chalmers at point guard and win a title.

The author sets the premise that a point guard is essential to Houston’s success. Not a point guard in name or an “energy” guy but a real ball facilitator.

As talented as Harden is, and as good of a passer as he can be, do you really expect that the guy who loves to play Hero Ball is always going to keep the ball moving?

These Rockets need a creative, pass-first point guard. They just happen to have that type of player on the roster — if only they use him.

I agree with this sentiment although, to be really “inch” about this, I think Jeremy is neither a shoot first or pass first point guard. It might be more apropos to say he creates open opportunities for his teammates like no body’s business.

McHale says almost all the right things about Jeremy Lin. Even if he does sort of dismiss that New York Linsanity run as something of a fluke. “If people hadn’t seen him that month, or five weeks, in New York, people would say that it was a heck of a rookie year for the kid,” McHale notes of Lin’s 13.4 points per game, 6.1 assists per game, all-82-games-played first Rockets season.

McHale’s belief — or lack of it — in Lin will go a long way toward determining Houston’s fate. Hakeem’s seen what Howard and Lin can be, telling Fox 26′s Mark Berman that the combination is “very deadly.” ESPN’s deemed the Rockets’ backcourt the best in the NBA.

My interpretation of this is McHale is the ONLY speed bump that could be throttling the Rocket’s engine this coming season just as he did during the past season.

Somehow, through it all, Jeremy Lin is back. Now, the Rockets just have to use him right.


Source: Jeremy Lin Needs to be Set Free by Chris Baldwin